Secretly In Love With My Boss/C4 Our love our business!
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Secretly In Love With My Boss/C4 Our love our business!
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C4 Our love our business!


Junior is my little brother, and he has the habit of calling me at this hour, every day. So, do not blame me for not bothering to check the Caller ID. I was so used to it.

But, what on earth is happening?

With the phone still placed against my ear, I felt my soul suddenly travel out from this world due to the excitement from hearing my boss’s voice. I never expected it. It feels so wonderful and sexy in my ears and I would give anything to continue hearing it till eternity. I couldn’t stop imagining how heavenly it will fell like to listen to him while he went about different things that I didn’t care about just for me to hear his voice.

“Hello? Are you still there?” I heard his enchanting deep voice and almost gave up, my breath hitched as my heartbeat skyrocketed. Once again, I was so lost in my fantasy that I was startled by his deep voice.

Maybe I was just hearing things, I thought. So I decided to confirm.

“Ahh…” A yelp of pain escaped my lips, confirming that I wasn’t dreaming.

“Are you alright, Katherine?” His voice resounded in my ear.

Wait, is he worried about me? He’s worried about me. It feels like I’m dreaming.

“Katherine?” He repeated my name, sending out from my head.

“Y-yes sir” I stuttered my reply so he would stop worrying about me, but my voice came out muffled and I can’t tell if he heard me or not. I can’t believe that this is really happening. Just when I missed him the most, he decided to call me.

"Make sure to come to work early tomorrow, Katherine. You have to accompany me to a meeting tomorrow"

That was all my boss said before the call ended.

"Y-yes sir" I mumbled my reply even though the call had ended. Wait, he wants me to go to a meeting with him? What happened to Alex, his assistant?

"Ahhhhh" I screamed excitedly as I fell on the couch, rolling myself on the couch due to the uncontrollable joy that took over me. I know I'm being overly dramatic right now, but this is a rare opportunity. It’s an avenue for me to ogle at my secret love.

Gosh, I love that man so much and it's driving me crazy. However, I always make sure to keep my feelings at bay so it won't affect my work. He belongs to someone else which I wouldn’t dare to forget if I want to remain alive. Of course my life and that of my family is precious to me.

Hell, he is officially and legally married to someone! So he is out of the market!

But still, I just can't help it. I'm not going to cause trouble and I know my limit. But I can't stop myself from indulging for a little bit.

I just have to be careful of his wild and scary wife, Rose. She always visits once in a while and anytime there is a need for her to show up, she doesn't hesitate. I envy her so much, but I can't help but keep my feelings to myself. My boss and his wife are match made in heaven and I know that he loves her so much.

Of course I know that my short and bland self cannot compete with her tall and beautiful body, although she is shorter than my very tall Boss with 6'3, but her height is very ok and nothing like my pitiful height. Since I'm 5'5, I think she should be around 5'10. I'm only sure of my boss's height but not the wife's…hahah.

With my happiness overflowing, the hunger that I felt simply vanished and I had to force myself to cook because I want Hannah to eat when she returns.

I can't wait to tell her about this great news!

By the time my pasta was ready, Hannah had already returned.

"Mmmm, what is happening?" She squealed excitedly while sniffing the air. She impatiently threw her bag on the couch as she rushed towards the kitchen.

"My chicken pasta is happening, do you want some?" I decided to tease her, while following behind her.

"Of course, I want!" She smiled at me, before she took her seat on the stool closer to the counter. I smiled at her and shook my head. She loves my cooking, I know it.

I dished some into a flat plate and just as I was about to drop it in front of her, I felt that something was wrong with Hannah.

It was obvious, judging from the way her previously excited self was now silent and lost in a deep thought with her eyes fixed on nothingness.

I quietly dropped the plate before her, and slowly sat beside her. "What happened, Hannah?" She was looking so happy seconds ago, what made her mood to become so gloomy and sad?

"Kat, I'm heartbroken. It hurts a lot" She said, as she finally raised her lowered head to look at me with her teary eyes.

Of course I could see what was going on through her, I don’t need any seer to know so.

I sighed and pulled her into my arms, petting her back. "I have told you several times Hannah to stop doing this to yourself. We can only love them from afar"

I tried to console her. Every day, she’s always crying because her boss whom she was in love with was always having different type of girls. He wasn't dating anyone but enjoys having fun with them.

"But it hurts a lot, Kat. It is better that he has a permanent person than for him to be sleeping around" she sniffles.

"He doesn't even know that you love him, Hannah. He's a young and handsome man with needs. Our love is our business! We can't hold it against them" I decided to remind my best friend that's always carried away by her feeling.

"Whatever" Hannah whined after listening to the bitter truth from me. "It still hurts" She finally cried out.

"It's okay, just cry all of it out. That's what we have brought upon ourselves by listening to our hearts and I understand how you feel right now. It's how I always feel about my boss when his wife comes around. But your case is still better than mine"

"How?" She furrowed her brows.

I moved her away from my embrace and tilted her face up while holding onto her chin, I looked into her teary green orbs and said, "Babe, your boss is still very single and you can always make a move on him at any time. But my boss is already taken, forever!"

"Oh, that's true. Your case is worse than mine" She quickly agreed, wiping her tears away.

"You're crazy, just rub it on my face even more" I laughed.

"I'm sorry, Kat" She apologized.

"Don't be. Just stop the crying and enjoy this delicious meal that I have prepared for you"

"I'm jumping on the chicken first" She giggled, as she went and washed her hands, before grabbing the huge chicken lap beside her pasta. While I laughed. She never cease to amaze me.

I went and dish my own food as we started to devour our food.

"I'm going to a meeting with my boss tomorrow" I decided to tell her about my boss call.

"I'm so happy for you, girl!" She squeaks with excitement in her eyes. "You can now gawk as much as you want" She added, winking at me.

I just laughed but didn't say anything. I have no comment at all.

Because I know that all I'm going to do is ogle and work. Nothing more and no hope for something more!

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