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C6 Alex shows up?


"Sir, we are here." Otis, informed the man that seem to be dozing off in the back seat with his eyes tightly shut, as they approached Figo, Inc. He quickly killed the engine of the car as he rush out of the car in order to open the door for his boss.

Rock whose eyes was closed while he leaned against his seat, slowly opened his eyes and sighed before stepping down from the vehicle which the door was already open.

He buttoned his suit before taking a step towards the tall and mighty building that always had people gasping in shock. Even those that heard the name alone gaps in awe too, that's how powerful the legacy he had built is. His only regret was that his father wasn’t here to see how far and how well he’d done. Rock who always thought that his father was his role model felt that the man would've been very proud of him if he was alive. He would’ve been happy to see that what he’d started had grown beyond imagination. Rock had made sure to take his father’s business to the next level. He didn’t relent at all, and now, his hard work has been paying off as the company had had an exponential growth over the years, going further to become one of the leading companies in New York.

Pulling his thoughts back to reality, he looked at the ring on his ring finger, a smile immediately emerges on his gloomy face. Anyone that’s conversant with the feeling of true love would immediately determine the secret behind that quiet act. Though it was subtle, still, one could understand how proud he was to wear that expensive silver ornament which indicates the symbol of his love for his woman.

Alex was surprised to see his boss who was standing one place while caring the ring on his finger. Of course, he understood every thought going through his boss’s head right now. He has worked for him long enough to understand this difficult facts about the man. But what he couldn’t just understand was how a powerful man like Rock could be so devoted to his wife, his love for the woman was extraordinary. It was as if he couldn’t live without her as she was the center of his world, his life. But the woman on the order hand?

“Hmmm….” Sighing deeply, almost as if he was regretting something bitterly, something he knew would swallow him when it comes to light, he slowly approached his boss.

“Sir” Alex called out, bringing the man out of his head.

“You made it back on time.” Rock tilted his face to the side to look at his assistant, while flashing him a slight smile that was barely obvious. “As always, you’re reliable and trustworthy. How did it go?” Rock asked, as he moved towards the entrance of his company. Alex naturally followed behind him.

Alex felt those words pierce his heart like a needle. He often wonders what this man would do, or how he would feel when he finds out what has been going on behind his back. However, he would make sure that that day never comes. Swallowing the thoughts that was obviously laced with fear as they swirled in his mind, he decided to focus on his duty.

“Sir, everything went fine. Mr. Romanus was pleased with the documents and the idea you presented to him and he requested to have a meeting with you as soon as possible.”

“Mehn…fair enough. Just go ahead and schedule the meeting.” Rock commanded, feeling pleased with the news. While he failed to notice or pick up the subtle fear in his assistant’s voice. Well, he trusts Alex with everything in him and knew very well that he wouldn’t betray him. Yes, Alex wouldn’t betray him in business, but that doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t in other aspects.

"Good morning, sir" Unending chants from his staffs rings in his head like a bell, while he tried his best to reply the ones he could. Well, he was in a slightly good mood today.

He could slightly hear so many people gasping at the sight of him even though they were trying their best to conceal it, but the look of admiration especially from the ladies couldn’t be denied. Well, what do you expect, Rock wasn’t just rich and influential, but irresistibly handsome too. So, every woman would of course want him to have them as his woman. But that would only remain their wish, cause, he was already taken and he was extremely proud of his woman. She’s the only one that deserves him.

His admirer’s eyes trailed on him as they walked straight towards the elevator as Alex quickly pressed the CEO’s floor which was located on the 30th floor. .

"Alex, how is my schedule like today?" Rock decided to ask the man beside him, which he wasted no time in replying.

"You have a 10:00am meeting with the board members, and after that, you have lunch meeting with Nora Jones, and-"

"Can I skip the meeting with Nora Jones?" Rock sighed loudly, cutting Alex shut. He obviously don’t have the appetite to stomach that woman's flirtatious character. Although she knows that she can never get him no matter how much she tried, yet, she would never pass the opportunity to shoot her shot. It has now like a routine. But, heaven knows that rock Figo would never cheat on his lovely wife.

"No sir, you can't. You have to have lunch with her." Alex persuaded his boss, knowing very well that he could actually do it. But Nora Jones was someone they couldn’t just drop so casually, the deal with her was very important.

"I will just endure it for now. As soon the deal with her is over, I will get rid of her." Rock concluded, while gritting his teeth in irritation. Just the mere thought of that woman irks him. He just hope she behaves herself this time.

Rock momentarily zoned out again, as Alex went ahead to list the rest of his schedules, and he could feel that it was really packed judging from the way it was taking eternity to finish. His mind was occupied with other things as Alex continued to mention the things he would still remind him later on.

The ding sound from the elevator indicated that it was time to get off and he wasted no time in stepping out, heading towards his office.

"Good morning, sir" A chant came from his secretary, and of course, he just went straight to his office without paying her an attention.

Katherine was already used to his boss’s reaction so she wasn’t affected by that action at all. She wasn’t expecting too much anyway, just a chance to stay quietly by his side was enough for her. She wouldn’t even try to trespass her boundary even in her next life.

Rock unbuttoned his suit as he sat behind his desk.

Few minutes later, a knock came from the door before it was pushed open after he’d let out a ‘come in’ with his deep voice that sounded mesmerizing in his secretary’s ears.

"Sir, here is your coffee." Katherine, announced as she walked over to the desk and placed the cup on it.

She waited like she was waiting for an order to go out. Well, she just wanted to make sure that all the man’s need for her was satisfied. But seconds passed without hearing anything from the man, it was as if she wasn’t visible in the room as he went ahead to discuss things with Alex. So, she decided to make herself visible.

“Sir, is there any other thing you might need?” Katherine asked, and that succeeded in getting the two men’s attention.

"That would be all for now, Katherine. You may leave" Rock finally looked up at her and said, stretching his hand to grab the cup.

Katherine felt her cheeks heat up as she headed for the door, after mumbling a 'yes sir’

She was rejoicing within her, she was sure of what she’d seen. The man’s domineering orbs had briefly glimpsed into her soul for a second. Piercingly. She was sure that her legs would’ve given up on their own if he’d exceeded that second. As she walked back to her seat, she felt her heart pounding radically in her chest.

She paused for a moment and slowly gripped her chest as she looked down at it. “Just calm down, nothing would ever happen.” She cautioned her heart with regret. But that didn’t change anything as her stubborn heart continued to thud in her chest.

“It’s of no use talking to a fool like you” Katherine sighed to herself as she went back to work. But then, she suddenly paused when a strange thought crossed her mind.

“Since Alex suddenly showed up, what now happens to our appointment?”

Katherine felt a bad premonition as she asked this question to no one, but herself. Something feels wrong with the appearance of Alex, and she could feel it….

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