Secretly In Love With My Boss/C8 Doctor's appointment!
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Secretly In Love With My Boss/C8 Doctor's appointment!
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C8 Doctor's appointment!


In a gorgeous private restaurant with an incredible view of the city, two people were having lunch at an elegant table for two as they chatted mainly about business.

Opposite Rock was a glamorous looking woman, who seemed to be in her early forties. She was no other person but Nora Jones. She was a famous renowned actress and the CEO of Nora cosmetics. She was also the author of Hidden Secrets; The Heart of Man. This is a book that was as widely known as its author.

Mere looking at her, one could easily realize the type of person she was. Her appearance speaks class, power and fame. Indeed, she wasn't an easy one.

Even though Rock detested the idea of having a meal with the lady before him, he had to swallow his disgust and dine with her. It's for business purposes, after all.

"Cheers" Nora Jones raised her glass and smiled seductively at Rock. Her hand remained up as she waited for his response.

Sending a spoon of rice into his mouth, Rock hesitated a little and only raised his own glass when he saw her quirking her brows up at him.

"Cheers" Rock reluctantly said, clinking his glass against hers.

Nora Jones smiled excitedly, as she slowly took a sip of her wine, whilst her gaze remained on Rock.

"How about we go over somewhere more quiet and relax a little, huh?" Dropping the wine glass on the table, Nora Jones slowly stretched her hand and held onto Rock's, caressing the back of his hand in a sensual way. Every part of her body was teasing and silently speaking to him.

Rock was taken aback, he hissed slightly and quickly pulled his hand away from the woman. This act by Nora Jones irked him the most. As expected, she never ceased to amaze him. Her level of shamelessness was increasing day by day.

" You have been working so hard, Rocky. Don't reject this offer, I know you want it too." With confidence, her sugar-coated mouth whispered to him, her gaze piercing into his, teasingly.

"I'm sure you know that I'm married."

"It's not a new story, of course, I do." Nora Jones shrugged.

Rock glared at the crazy woman, "Then you must know that I love her so much and would never do anything to hurt her."

"I wish you could say the same for her." Nora Jones sneered with a roll of her eyes.

Rock felt waves of anger surge through him, "Pardon?"

"What I'm saying is, just let me give it to you for once, huh? I would definitely treat you well."

Rock finally had enough of the woman's bullshit. He dabbed his mouth with tissue paper, before throwing it on the table with force as he instantly sprang up from his seat.

Nora Jones was surprised, her sight following his movement.

"Now listen to me, woman. The only reason why I'm tolerating this nonsense from you is because of our business deal" Rock bent over, his eyes red with anger as he spat these words, " Speak ill of my woman next time, and I will not just have the deal off, but cut off that tongue of yours."

After saying this, he stormed away.

"hmm.." Nora Jones sighed, and shrugged her shoulders as she took her glass and sipped a little before dropping it back on the table. She looked out through the window and smiled.

"One day, you will find out yourself" She whispered to herself as she grabbed her knife and fork and began digging into her chicken breast.

Cutting a piece, she elegantly put it into her mouth and hummed in excitement.

"Time will tell..." she let out with a sigh, downing the contents of her glass at a go.

Meanwhile, Rock was so angry that he shouted at his driver to start the car when he got to the garage.

Alex, who was sitting by his side, just swallowed hard, but kept silent. He doesn't like dealing with this man whenever he is this angry.

As Rock crossed his arms, head placed against his seat and eyes closed, he couldn't help but ponder over what Nora Jones had said back there. He hated when someone said anything bad against his wife, yet, he couldn't help but wonder what she meant by those words.

Their love was so real, and he knew that his wife would never do anything to hurt him.

After a long thought, Rock could only see Nora Jone's allegations as words of jealousy. No doubt, Nora Jones was only trying to put a conflict between them so she would have her way with him.

But that's never gonna happen.

Rock knows his wife very well and he would never allow a crazy woman to jeopardize what they share.

With this thought, the man finally calmed himself down.

Talking about his wife, he remembered that they had an appointment with the doctor. She had insisted that they visit the doctor together so he would be examined too. She was waiting for him in his office and she must be worried by now.

He looked at the driver and said, "Step on it, Otis."

"Yes sir"

Rock looked over at Alex, who was literally motionless, "Have you gotten any reply from Mr. Romanus?"

"Not yet sir." Alex quickly responded, while Rock nodded his head.

Back at the company.

Katherine was typing away on her system, totally lost from this world. She needed to sort out a report before her boss got back. She knew that Rock would surely ask her about it, and there was no way she would be able to tell him that she couldn't get it done on time because of his childish wife.

She wasn't that daft.

The lunch was over, and even though she hadn't made any attempt to go and eat, she had yet to get her work done. She didn't even have the strength to eat right now, not after all the unnecessary work Rose had made her to do in the office.

Rose had practically asked her to clean the office, which was sparkling clean from head to toe.

"Why does she hate me so much?"

Adjusting her glasses, a sigh escaped her mouth as her hand continued to move on the keyboard, rigorously.

Katherine felt her heart flip with fright as she heard the footsteps that obviously belonged to her boss. She swallowed hard, her hand on the keyboard fidgeting and sweating profusely.

"He's back." she whispered to herself.

"W-welcome sir" she stuttered, when the man passed her desk.

She sighed in relief when he just passed without saying anything to her. It was better than getting mad at her. Her heart wouldn't handle it right now.

A few minutes later, Katherine watched as the couple left the office hand in hand.

She finally heaved a sigh of relief.

But she couldn't help the tinge of jealousy that filled her, they complimented each other so well.

Rock and his wife were like an exemplary socialite couple. Every single person wants to have what they have. Who doesn't know the best couple in town?

He even had the chance to chat with her even while he was in a meeting.

Truly, what the blogs were writing about them was true.

"Freaking perfect for each other!"

They were probably heading to somewhere important, and now, she would calm down and do her work without any mistakes.


"Darling, I'm so sorry for delaying" Rock finally said to his wife, as they sat on the back seat while Otis drove them towards Safehaven hospital.

When Rock walked into his office, his wife had immediately rushed into his arms, then he pecked her lips before she hurried them to leave.

According to Rose, it was almost time for their appointment with doctor Steve.

" It's okay, honey. I understand" Rose smiled at the man, as she moved closer to him, intending to peck his lips, but Rock ended up deepening the kiss. He wrapped his hand around her slender waist and gave it a gentle squeeze and that earned him a moan from her.

" Stop already, the driver is here with us." Rose smiled, as she forcefully moved away from the kiss, punching her husband's chest in a playful way.

"Otis, don't mind" Rock countered, while holding onto his chest.

"Just behave, honey." Rose said through clenched teeth.

Rock decided to let go, "Yes, ma'am"

The two walked into Safehaven hospital and headed straight to the fifth floor. Dr. Steve was already waiting for them in his office.

"Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Figo." With a broad grin on his face, the doctor welcomed the two.

"Thanks, doc" Rose smiled back at the man. She walked over to one of the chairs facing Steve's desk and sat down.

"How are you doing Steve?" Rock asked the man, as he walked over and sat beside his wife.

" I'm fine, thank you." Steve replied, taking a seat opposite the couple.

Steve looked over at Rock, "I know your wife must've told you. We have to run some test to determine if you have any health issues that prevent the two of you from conceiving"

"Oh, yeah. She mentioned it to me." Rock looked over at his wife, who flashed him a smile, which he returned before looking back at the doctor. "Should we start with the examination now?" he asked.

Steve was their long-time family doctor, and Rock trusted him so much. And besides, his wife had gotten examined, and her results were perfectly alright. It's only fair that he does the same to be on the safer side. They have been married for over two years now, and he would work harder if possible, to make sure that they produce their own baby like every normal couple. He couldn't wait to have a child with his beautiful wife.

"Yes, if you have the time, sir," Steve replied.

Rock stood up immediately, "Let's get started then."

The two men left the room and headed towards the examination room.

But unknown to Rock, the doctor was finding it difficult to breathe properly. Rock failed to notice how stiff the man was.

With only her in the room, Rose smiled as she took out her phone and began to chat with someone.

She would giggle, laugh out loud and blush at the same time. She was so into the chat, totally pleased with whomever she was chatting with.

When the two men walked back into the room, she quickly turned off the screen of her phone, flashing her husband a genuine but fake smile.

"The results will be out by tomorrow, and I will get a message across when it's out." Dr. Steve informed them.

"We'll be waiting." Rock replied, as he shook hands with Steve.

Rose smiled meaningfully at Steve before she stood up, as her husband led her towards the door.

When the two had left, the doctor sighed loudly before slumping on his chair.

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