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C3 Skylar

I woke up very late the next day, as the event of the night came rushing to my head. I blush red as I remember the taste of his lips on mine. I rub my fingers across my lips as I close my eyes to savor his taste.

I open my eyes quickly when I remember Camille's word that he doesn't date employees. The tiny hope I had dies immediately. I stood up sluggishly from the bed and went to the bathroom to shower. Today being Sunday, I have promised mom that I will visit her today.

I dressed quickly in a yellow off shoulder gown with a nude sandals and walked into the sitting room to get my car keys. Opening the car door I got in and drove all the way to my mom's place.

I arrived at my mom's to see her in her flower shop tending to flowers. My mom is the only person on planet earth that is addicted to flowers.

Opening the glass door, the scent of flowers greeted me as I smiled, closing my eyes to savor the scent. I've missed this so much. My mom walk out of her office immediately she heard the door opening,

“Skylar darling, how are you?” She hugged me tightly, it's been ages since I last saw her and she hasn't changed one bit.

“Mom! I'm fine” I replied, hugging her back before I sat down on the couch beside her while she kept staring at me with surprise on her face.

“Mom! ” I asked her, smiling “What is it?”

“I'm just surprised you came to visit me today, considering that I've been begging you for ages now ”

“Whatever mom, ” I said, rolling my eyes as I stood up to go take a drink from the freezer.

“Anything new with you ” She asked me as she sip the drink I gave to her.

“Nothing new mom. Ha! Yes, I got a new job and the pay is good” I told her, smiling.

“That's nice then. What kind of job is it?” Mom asked me.

“Same old kind. I got a job as an assistant artist in a big company ” I replied shrugging “ What's going on with you mom?

“Nothing, just me and my flowers. Any new guy in your life now” Mom asked looking at me. I avoided her eyes as I wonder if I should tell her or not..

“Kind of” I reply after sometimes, she raises her eyebrows at me surprised silently urging me to continue. I scoff at her, did she think it will take forever for me to move on from Leon?.

“But he does not love me back ” I continued as I tried to avoid her eyes.

She gasps at me “ Why did you think so darling?”

“Because he's my boss and he doesn't do employees. So I've heard”. I reply trying to show her that it doesn't affect me in any way.

“Really?” Mom asked looking at me telling me with her eyes that she knows how badly I'm affected by it. She is the only person that knows me more than I know myself.

“Yes mom. Anyway, let's leave that, I miss you so much” I said smiling at her. I went to hug her. I'm so happy I came to see her today instead of sulking all day at home.

“Mom, guess what?” I said, smiling as I stared at her. She looked at me curiously

“What is going to be more exciting than you telling me that you are in love with your boss”

“Mom!” I exclaim, embarrassed with a slight pink blush on my cheeks. I can't believe she just said that.

“Fine. Tell me already, you know I'm not good with this your guessing game” She said as she went behind the counter to arrange the flowers.

“Okay fine, I will tell you. Vino kissed me yesterday at the party” I said avoiding her eyes, I wouldn't want her to judge me. I don't even know why I said that.

“What?. You went to a party yesterday?” Mom asked shocked with her mouth open.

“Yes but it's not that kind of party you are imagining mom. It's a company's party” I replied as she snorted at me. I stuck my tongue back at her.

“I don't know what to make of it since he doesn't do employees but I felt I need to get it off my chest. You know” I continue bitterly trying to make of the kiss we had. What does it mean?.

Mom came over to hug me as she whispered to me “ It's alright honey. I'm sure you will figure it out” I sigh heavily as I hug her back.

“Yes mom, I hope so too. I'm hungry mom, what did you cook? ” I ask her as I search around for a lunch box or something to eat.

“Go and check for yourself at home ” She waves me off to concentrate on her flower arrangement.

My mom's house is an extension of the shop not very far. A white bungalow with a small picket fence. She's so lucky that she stays in a safe neighborhood. I wouldn't want to imagine what could happen to her at night.

I opened the door and walked in as the smell of flowers greeted me . I shake my head, smiling mom and flowers. I'm really surprised she didn't name me with anything flowerish like Darcy, Lilly. I shudder from the thought of me with such a name.

I kick off my shoes and walk barefooted to the kitchen and dish out fried rice and salad for myself taking it with me to the dining, I sit down and take a spoonful of it into my mouth.

“Oh! Yummy!” I said smiling to myself. How I've missed mom's cooking.

“ I see you are enjoying yourself ” Mon smiles as she stands in the doorway to the dining with her hands folded across her chest. I didn't hear her come in, guess I was preoccupied with my thoughts.

“Yes mom. I've missed this so much” I said to her as I take another spoonful of rice into my mouth.

She walk in into the kitchen and sat next to me watching me curiously as I rush the food hurriedly “ be careful else you cho___” she couldn't complete her sentence as I went into round of coughing and fanning air into my mouth

Mom stood up as she came over to rub my back before handing me a glass of water. I took a sip of it and relaxed“ I told you to be careful. I don't know why you are rushing the food” she said after I had calmed down.

“I need to be home early. I need to clean my room and pick my dress for work tomorrow. I don't want to be late” I replied as I took another spoonful of rice into my mouth but this time I chewed it properly but swallowed it. I don't want to choke on it again.

“That's great honey!. I see you are getting better in the ' cleaning' department ” Mom smiles as she emphasizes the 'clean'. I roll my eyes at her, not a bit affected by what she said. It's not my fault that I don't have enough time to waste cleaning my room when I have someone to do that for me.

“Mom! You know I don't like cleaning ” I replied sticking my tongue out at her.

She laughs and watches as I take my plate into the kitchen to wash them, I stack them neatly in the dish drain to dry while I wipe my hands with the kitchen towel and go out to bade my mom goodbye.

“Mom! I got to go ” I called to her. She walks out of her room just as I grab my bag and turns to walk out of the door.

“Okay honey. Take care of yourself ” Mom said, pecking me on the cheek and waving at me while I walked over to my car which was parked in front of the flower shop.

“And Skylar” Mom called out to me. I paused as I was about opening my car door.

I turn to shoot her a questioning glance “ Yes mom”

“Go get your man. I'm sure he loves you too” Mom said smiling. She's talking like Vino is an ordinary man I can get not my boss and a fucking billionaire. How does one get such a man?.

I shake my head at her and enter into my car. Backing out of her driveway, I drove home with the thought of one man on my mind. Vino Thompson.



I plunged into her one last time and came undone in her hands. I stood up exhausted as I went into the bathroom to clean myself up.

Walking back into the room, Camille was fast asleep as I walked out of the room into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. I took the coffee and went into my study to get some work done before tomorrow.

Sitting down on my desk, the files were opened before me. I blink twice as I stare into the blank sheet in front of me, thinking of what to write on it. I gave up and took out my phone, my fingers hovering on the dial call while I contemplated on calling Skylar.

The taste of her lips has been on my mind since yesterday still now. She tastes just as I've imagined “ Get a grip on yourself Vino. You need to submit this proposal to the board tomorrow ” I scolded myself as I shook myself to get rid of the thoughts of Skylar. I forced myself to concentrate on the file in front of me.

Picking up the pen which I had discarded before. I try to write something down. The sound of my phone ringing made me abandon the work completely since no meaningful word came to mind. I picked up my phone to see that it was Mr. Ernesto calling.

“Hello. Vino speaking ” I called into the phone immediately I picked it up.

“Hello, Mr. Thompson. I need a favour from you” Mr. Ernesto said going straight to the point. That's one of the things I like about him, he doesn't waste time with pleasantries but rather goes straight to the point.

“Okay. What do you need sir?” I asked him with a hint of curiosity in my voice wondering what he might want since this is the first time he's asking for my help.

“I need to borrow an artist of yours for a week or two” He replied as I went silent on the phone.

“Why? Do you have another art centre to paint?”

“Yes, but it's in Mexico. I need Miss Evans to paint a mural for me since I'm impressed with what she did here” He replies as I frown, running my hand through my hair..

“Okay,” I reply reluctantly as I stroll to the window looking out to the ocean across the street “ I will speak to her tomorrow and get back to you”

“Thank you,” Mr. Ernesto said and hung up. I slumped down on the chair. Emptying the already cold coffee in one go I stood up and walk back into the room to get another round of sex before retiring for the night.

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