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C4 The Meeting

Skylar stroll into the Thompson's Art Centre the next morning tired and sleepy, she has tried to look her best this morning but the thought of her boss had kept her awake all through the night and now here she was feeling all grumpy.

“Good morning Skylar” Cynthia, the receptionist greeted Skylar as she slurred her response. Skylar felt like getting back in bed immediately.

“Waking up on the wrong side of the bed, I guess” Cynthia smiled, winking at her. Skylar offers her a sad smile. How can she tell her that the thought of Vino has kept her awake all night?

“Anyway, Mr. Thompson said to tell you that you should settle in your office, he has a meeting with you at noon” Cynthia said as she smoothed her dress in her small office. Today, she was putting on a lilac pencil gown with a v_neck line which enhances her busty boobs.

Skylar smiled at Cynthia as she walked past her into the elevator that will take her to the second floor where her office was while wondering if Vino had ever slept with Cynthia since she seemed bustier and the kind of woman Vino liked. Looking at her small C cup breast, which was enclosed in a flowery top and blue pencil skirt. She knows she has nowhere to be ever been liked by Vino.

Getting into her office, she sat down and sorted out files while she glanced at the door from time to time wishing that Vino would walk in any moment.

She can't believe she missed him since Saturday's night at the party, her hand involuntary went to her lips as she smiles wishing in her heart, if only he could kiss her again.

The door to Skylar's office opens and a young girl in her mid_twenties walks in glancing nervously around the office before finally locating Skylar behind the desk.

“Hi!” Madison called nervously, she has not been one to make friends easily but having heard from rumour that someone her age has just been hired Joanna Miliano she couldn't help being curious and hoping to make friends since all the people here were older.

“Hi!” Skylar replied back while watching the lady with fascination.

“I'm Madison. I'm the boss's secretary. Can we be friends? ” Madison blabber on nervously as she braced her heart for Skylar's response.

“Sure, Maddy. Can I call you that” Skylar replied smiling excitedly.

“Yes, thank you. See you later!” Madison rushed out of Skylar's office excited while Skylar smiled at her retreating back.

She was shocked and surprised that someone wanted to be her friend, she never had one, only business associates. Now that she has found one, she hopes to make the most of it.

The sound of the intercom ringing pulls her from her thoughts as she scrambles over to pick it up. She froze when she heard the deep voice of Vino sending shivers down her spine.

“Hello” Skylar called breathless into the phone. Hearing her boss's voice has left her speechless for a few minutes.

“Miss Evans” Vino acknowledged slowly, his voice taking on a soft tone. A quick glance from one of his business associates in the conference room made him sit up and return to his brisk tone “I need you to come to the conference room now. Madison will show you the way” Vino said and hung up as he sent his secretary to Skylar's office.

Skylar followed Madison who had just left her office a short while ago into the elevator, she stood rigid near the wall as Madison pressed the number for the third floor.

The elevator door dings and opens as they both walk out. Madison shows Skylar a room where 'conference room' was written on it before excusing herself to her office.

Skylar took a deep breath before pushing the door to the conference room. The room she opened was dark as the only light in the room was from the projector. A man was lecturing them as Skylar quickly and quietly found somewhere to sit.

The lecture lasted for an hour while Skylar made sure that she wrote all the vital points in her notepad. The light suddenly goes on making Skylar adjust on her seat to get comfortable but she froze.

“Miss Evans, would you mind getting off my lap now?” Vino's cold voice fans her neck causing Skylar to sprang abruptly to her feet while blushing from embarrassment. She couldn't believe that she had sat on Vino's lap for an hour.

“Why didn't he say anything?” Skylar thought as she avoided Vino's eyes after she was seated across from him.

“I bet he was enjoying it,” Skylar mustered to herself.

Vino smoothes his suit and adjusts his pants which have become hard from Skylar's ass before turning to look at his business associates who wouldn't stop laughing at Skylar.

“If only he was alone with her, he could have torture her just as she did to him” Vino thought to himself.

“No, you can't do that, she's your employee remember” Vino's subconscious counter back getting pissed off with him thinking that.

Vino shakes himself of the thought as he smiled at the men who were watching him curiously “ You've all seen the presentation. What do you think of it?”

Vino asked them, he eyes scanned the people before finally settling on Skylar. She has gotten past her embarrassment and was now sitting across from him with her head buried in her notepad.

“Miss Evans” Vino's loud voice caused Skylar to raise her head immediately as her eyes found his before glancing nervously around the room.

“Yes, Mr. Thompson ” Skylar replied as she gulped loudly while wondering why Vino had called her.

“What do you think about the presentation?” Vino repeated his question. He sat back, his head resting on the armrest as he focused his attention on her, his eyes following the movement of her lips as she spoke.

“I think, it's okay for a start but for me I will like to say since we are doing the art showcase as a charity function, why don't we have an avenue for young, talented artists with no funding to showcase their talents, in that way, the most talented one get to sign a contract with us while we make money from them" Skylar said as she nervously glances across most of the men in the room, they were speechless. Skylar reprimands herself for having spoken more than she should.

Vino sat up while speechlessly glancing at her. She's not only beautiful but has a brain just exactly the way he likes his woman but what to do, she's his employee. That's a no go area!

“Wow!! Miss Evans. That was a well deserved contribution. I'm impressed! " Vino said smiling, clapping his hands while the rest of the men joined in congratulating her.

“Yes, that is a very good idea Miss Evans. And the wheels in my head can't stop turning with the amount of money we will make from your little ideas" Mr Roberto falcone said smiling happily. He was a Spanish Art collector and one of the partners of the Thompson's Art centre. But he works mainly as Thompson's finance manager.

“Now since that is settled Miss Evans. I want you to look at her for young, talented artists who would love to showcase their talents On our talent hunt show" Vino said as he looked at Skylar waiting for her acceptance of the request.

“Yes sir, I will do that. I know the right neighborhood to go"

“That's okay then. Thank you gentlemen, this meeting is over until we have any other reason to reconvene. I will communicate that with Madison".

They all nodded as they stood up to leave, all congratulating Skylar on their way out. She has proven to be an asset to their company even in her first week at the office.

After they have all vacated the office leaving Skylar alone with Vino. Skylar stood up sluggishly carrying her notepad ready to vacate the office but Vino's deep baritone voice made her froze on the door, while turning slowly to look at him.

“Mr Thomson?” Skylar called slowly growing nervous.

“Miss Evans. I'm sorry to disturbed you but do you have anything planned this evening?” Vino's deep voice called to her as he fit his gaze on her.

Skylar gulped nervously. Different scenarios were on her mind wondering why Vino will be asking her that. Does he want to take her out on a date? Yes or No?. Skylar shakes her head to rid herself of such thoughts.

Vino watched with fascination as Skylar battled with her mind “ I'm sorry to inconvenience you but I have a dinner meeting with one of my clients and I need to go with a date but Camille is not available for tonight. I was wondering if you don't mind going with me ?"

Skylar's face fell as she looked at Vino with contempt. For a second there, she thought he was taking her out on a date but he's merely using her. She stroll out the room into the elevator after giving Vino a yes. She packed her things and went home to prepare for tonight.

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