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C6 Mrs. Devlin

Skylar awoke to the sunlight streaming down her window blind. She stood up sluggishly from bed after throwing the duvet angrily on the floor.

She can't believe she let Vino talk her into accepting the job, now she is left with getting ready and going over to the Devlin's mansion to paint Mrs. Devlin. Not how she imagined her Saturday to be..

She smiled excitedly when she remembered that she had included a last minute condition which Vino couldn't help but accept. She quickly took her bath, dressed and went into her workshop at the basement to put her tools into the toolbox.

After putting the finishing touch to her toolbox, she dragged it up with her to the sitting room just as she heard the doorbell. Skylar smiles as she lets go of the box and walts to the door to open it.

In it stood Vino clad in a dark_washed denim and a white polo top which enhances his bulging muscles. A light brown strapless sandal adorned his feet which makes his eyes more pronounced. Skylar gulped as she opened the door wider for him pretending that he didn't affect her.

Unlike him, she was dressed in a blue pinafore denim trouser and a pink polo top. She usually wears this when she is painting because of the freedom it accordes her.

“Please come in! I'm almost ready. I just need a last minute touch to my makeup and I will be with you shortly ” Skylar said as she disappeared up the stairs.

Vino took the opportunity to study the room, he was shone into. The room was smaller than the bathroom in his penthouse and was unkempt. Pictures of Skylar and a woman which resembled Skylar who Vino guessed to be her mother were scattered around the room, as Vino moved to pick one up, Skylar descended the stairs with a scarf around her neck. Her bag was on one hand.

“I'm ready if you are, ” Skylar said to him, Vino nodded as he turned to walk out the door.

“Where do you think, you are going?” Skylar's voice stopped Vino on his track as he turns to look at her, surprise graced his brows as his face flushed with embarrassment.Skylar stifled the laughter that threatened to come out as she pretended to yawn

“What do you mean? I thought you said you were ready to leave ” Vino glared at her, running his hands through his thick black hair with annoyance.

“Yes I did but where are you going without the bag?” Skylar replied pointing to the toolbox which stood at one corner of the room.

“Pick it up and let's get out of here. We are running late and I hate lateness!” Vino mustered loudly, coldness laced his voice as he swift a quick glance at her.

Skylar pretended not to hear his tone of voice as she walked up to him. She stood glaring at him, annoyance visible on her face.

“How dare he thinks he can intimidate her with his look” Skylar thought to herself as she kept glaring at him “Well Mr Thompson. You seem to forget something?”

“What could that be Miss Evans? ” Vino questions softly as he lets go of her gaze.

Skylar smiles triumphantly as soon as she sees the defeated look in Vino's eyes “ That I'm your boss for today and you've agreed to be my assistant. Pick up the bag and meet me in the car. Don't forget to lock up my door ”

Skylar strode out of the door smiling as she went to wait for him in the car “ Revenge sure tastes sweeter when it is done at the right time ” Skylar said happily as she couldn't stop the smile from spreading across her face.

Vino stood glaring at the ugly looking bag which seemed to return the look. If only he didn't agree to her ridiculous conditions. He walked reluctantly to the bag to pick it up but the bag refused to budge as it was heavy.

Never being used to hard labour, Vino gave up hope of carrying the bag but rather resorted to dragging it out of the room which seems to be another challenge but he manage alright.

After successfully dragging the bag out of the room and locking up, Vino was glad that he was using the elevator, he entered inside and pressed the button for the ground floor but it refused to budge.

“Damn you!. Don't tell me you are not working too ” Vino cursed loudly as he punched the wall nearer to him in frustration.

“God damn it!. Fucking son of a bitch ” He swore vehemently as he resign to fate and drag the bag out of the elevator down the stairs..

Vino stood gasping at the number of steps he had to conquer before he could get to the ground floor. It would have been easier if it was only him but now with the bag is going to be a feast.

“Fuck! Fuck! ” Vino screamed, kicking the bag with his left foot. The bag stumbled down the stairs and stopped at the fifth. Vino smiled at his handiwork as he strode majestically down the stairs. He continued kicking the bag with his foot until he got to the last step. By now he was sweating like someone who has just completed a marathon race.

Vino checked the bag over for any dent but for being an ugly looking bag, it was as strong. Reluctantly, Vino dragged the bag into the car where Skylar was waiting in the car glaring at him.

“What have you been doing all this while? Can't you see we are running late?” Skylar screamed up at him as he took the steering and pulled the car out of the driveway after putting the bag in the booth of the car.

“I'm sorry, but the lift wasn't working, so I took the stairs ” Vino answered back as he turned to glare at her.

“The stairs? With the bag?” Skylar asked him shocked. Though, she wanted him to have a taste of his own medicine but that was too extreme and if she could remember vividly, there were twenty eight steps altogether.

“Obviously, yes. I had to since I'm your assistant for today ” Vino replied shrugging. He knew he had overstepped his boundary by forcing her to accept the job but must she be this wicked? And even after everything, he still finds her dangerously breathtaking. What's fucking wrong with him? He needs to fuck Camille relentlessly tonight.

Skylar ignored him. She knew what he was trying to do. He's guilt tripping her and she won't fall for it. Never!. She glares at him before turning to stare out of the window appreciating the green vegetations.

“Wow!! Can you see that? ” Skylar exclaims excitedly “ the beach look so inviting ”

Vino scoff as he watches curiously “ what's there to be excited about. Even a little child knows how a beach is ”

“Well I'm sorry I don't know. Can you please stop a bit, I want to feel the sand under my feet, I heard it very softly when you walk barefoot on them” Skylar pouted her lips at him, her hands already going to her sandal strap to remove them.

Vino cursed softly as he glanced at his watch which tells him that they were more than late. Gosh! He hates lateness “ Five minutes, that's all I can give you ” Vino replied parking the car. Skylar went flying out of the car into the beach giggling and smiling like a child while Vino watched her, fascinated by her carefree attitude and beauty.

If only he could go against his principles, he could make her his woman “ No, where are all these thoughts coming from?. He has never wanted anyone to be his woman, so why now?”.

Moreover, he's contented with having flings and Camille as his mistress. Maybe he could try talking to her if she agreed to be one of his flings, he will gladly date her though he doubts she will agree. She's one stubborn, breathtaking woman he has ever known.

Vino pulled the car into the Devlin's mansion and stepped out of the car carrying the bag with Skylar beside him. After her little escapade at the beach, he had broken another of his rules by going against the speed limit and drove them here.

They were ushered into the mansion by Mr. Devlin's valet who helped Vino carry the bag into the living room. Mr. Devlin was in the living room waiting for them.

Vino immediately apologized on seeing him “ We are very sorry for being late, there was a late minute emergency we need to take of ”

“It's alright Mr. Thompson ” Mr. Devlin said as he motion the valet “ show Miss Evans to the master's bedroom ”

Skylar stood up reluctantly “ I'm sorry, Mr. Devlin but can my assistant come with me? You see I'm new to this thing ”

“I doubt that Miss Evans. I can't be in the room with you ” Vino blatantly refused. How can he bear to watch the nude of another man's wife? No!

“Sure, why not?” Mr. Devlin shrugged nonchalantly “ he could, don't worry there's a glass gleam. You won't be able to see them but they can see you ” Mr. Devlin explained when he saw Vino's unwillingness to go in with Miss Evans. Skylar smiled as she turned to walk out with Vino beside her sulking bitterly.

They were shown into the master's bedroom where Mrs. Devlin was waiting naked and smiling proudly as Skylar sat down in front of the large canvas and began to paint.

Vino stood on the other side of the glass imagining what's happening on the other side of the glass. For the first time in his life, he felt blind and helpless.

“Hand me the brush ” Skylar's voice jolted him out of his thoughts as he turned to see her outstretched hand. He rushed to unzip the bag and took out the first brush his hands could find. He handed it to her wordlessly.

“This is too dry. Dip it in water and bring it back to me immediately ” Skylar glared at him as she shoo him out of the room. Vino reluctantly took the brush from her and went in search of water.

Vino handed the brush back to her as she smiled at her thanks “You are enjoying this, aren't you?” Vino asked her, his face beaming with annoyance. When he agreed to be her assistant, he didn't know she planned to keep it up until the end. Still, he's beginning to regret forcing her to accept the job.

“Of course ” Skylar smiles sticking her head out of the glass “ Why won't I ? How many artists get to have a billionaire for an assistant ” Skylar laughed out loud “ I think I will need to include this in my portfolio. Don't you think?”

Vino glared at her. The nerves of this girl. How dare she say that to his face “ Enjoy it while it lasts ”

“ Of course. That's exactly what I'm doing. I'm trying to make use of it until the very end” Skylar smiled as she went back to her painting while Vino walked to the extreme end of the room and sulked.

Two hours later, Skylar was seated in the car while Vino drove her home complaining of her hands and legs which were paining her.

After the painting was done, Mr. Devlin wouldn't stop complimenting her, he transferred the money to Vino's account immediately. They left the house after she had warned them severely not to touch the canvas until it had dried.

She hoped they would listen to her. She was glad that they liked it but she couldn't risk going back there again and she doubted Vino would ever agree to be her assistant again after what she has put him through today.

Vino pulled over at her house as she stepped out of the car. “ Thank you for today, Mr. Thompson. Have a nice rest!” Skylar smiled and walked up to the elevator.

“Miss Evans” Vino's playful voice stopped her before she could step into the elevator, she turned to look at him.

“ I hope you remember that I'm your boss from Monday ” with that he pulls out of her house. Skylar rests her head on the wall, scared. What has she done!

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