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C1 Intro


"Look the boy over there. He is going to be your husband when you'll be 20." Brady told her 13 year daughter as she pointed to a 18 year old boy.

And at that time, the girl going through unexpected changes of both body and mind stared the boy who was a few feet away from her. He was about 6 feet tall, slightly tanned skin, muscular. He looked handsome even he was at distance.

She wanted to meet him. "Mom, can I meet him?" She asked not even trying to hard her eagerness.

"Of course! honey" She was having a weird feeling with each step she took towards him.

"Hello, Nathan." Her mom greeted the boy as soon as they reached the dining area of their garden.

"Hi, aunt Brady." His voice was deep which made the girl attracted towards him. He had a gentle smile. He was actually really handsome.

" NATHAN " the girl mumbled.

"She is Aries." Brady introduced the girl to him who was busy staring at his eyes.

"Hii! Aries." Nathan greeted her as he put on a gentle smile hiding an emotion which was barley noticeable. The way he smiled and called her name, made Aries heart flutter in another emotion.

"Hii", was only she could say.

Williams and Anthony are one of most powerful and influential families of the country. Williams were owner of the biggest Jewelery chain in the country while Anthony's owned the most successful construction company.

Aries Williams, the only daughter of the William family among 2 cousins and 1older brothers. She was cherished the most by his grandfather Mason Williams and the whole Williams as well. She is 13, rounded chubby body due to hormones . She has procelain skin. And she is an introvert but smart. She doesn't like to socialize and likes to read giving her enough time to be overpass children of her age.

Nobody dares to bully her due to her appearance because she has an influential background yet no one wants to be her friend also. And she don't mind that. She has Jason her brother, 19 and Matt her cousin, 19. Mike her cousin, 18 is also there but she tries to avoid him whenever he's around because he's a headache to her.

Mason Williams and Steve Anthony had been friends since military academy. Nathan was Steve's only grandchild.

And hence he was spoiled with love since birth. He was competent, handsome and perfect in everyone's eyes. Both Williams and Anthony liked him. And he was the best at hiding his true self. In short he was arrogant yet gentle, playboy yet sophisticated.

Mike is his best friend.

The moment Nathan saw Aries, he was trying very hard to hide his irritation. How was he supposed to marry such an ugly and nerd girl who didn't even know how to talk.

But then he realized she seemed naive enough to fool. On the other hand, Aries felt a strong connection towards him and was happy that she will be spending the rest of life with him.

--------- ♡Chapter 1♡

◇Nathan's pov◇

"Make sure to give me the results this month Mr. Smith. I need that contract under our company. "

I said as we wrapped the meeting. It was half past seven and almost the whole office was empty. I walked into my cabin only my see my new assistant sitting in my desk in her panties and bra.

She gave in only in two days of joining. Such a whore, I smirked. She didn't even lasted a week like previous ones. Well I can say that she has a sexy figure and I do need to relieve my frustration of the 3 hours long meeting. I won't mind having her under me for a day.

"Nathan." She wishpered seductively as she approached me. She broke the first rule of the contract. Don't call the boss by his name. Well, she needs to be fired but only after punishment. I picked her up and placed on the top of my desk.

I closed my office. It is soundproof but I don't anyone to catch me fucking this bitch. After all, I'm still "innocent ".

I opened the hook of her bra and threw it without knowing where it landed. I grazed my right hand around her bare boobs and my left hand to slide down her panties. She is wet already, what a bitch.

She is weak.

I don't have a mood to extend it now. Just releasing my frustration would be enough.

I unbuckled my belt just to take my dick out not even bothering to open my clothes. I thrust my dick in her pussy without any hesitation. She moaned my name. I must say that here insides are warm. But she is weak, a total turnoff.

I thurst in and out many times and took out my dick as I was about to cum.

I sit down at the chair making that bitch kneel down in front of me.

"Please me" I say ordering her to make me cum.

She bent down and took my dick on her hand and started carrassing it. She then put her tongue swirling the tip with it. I groaned out of pleasure. She then took it inside her mouth and started licking and sucking it.

She is experienced I must say. I pushed her head inside as I was on the climax. Suddenly my phone rang. I picked it up. She still doing her job. "Yes ....Mom!?" I said trying to sound normal.

" Are you okay?"

"Yeah. ....Just ......a small ......headache. ah!" I said as I climaxed.

"OK. She is back from boarding. The marriage will be arranged within one week."

"OK" I said before cutting the phone. The bitch is still doing it. I pushed her up.

"OK, we are done here."

"Nathan", she said while trying to hug me. I stopped her in the way.

I gave her a blank cheque of my personal account. "Fill your price and collect the your resignation letter and recommendation from HR tomorrow. " I stated

"But why? I love you." She said almost crying.

Love, I smirked. Bullshit. You just wanted my dick and money.

"Because you broke the contract by calling my name. You must be educated enough to read the contract I guess." I dressed up and came out of the office.

I sat in my car about to head home. She is back my mom said. That fatty is back.

It was expected anyway the sooner the better. Just wrap these things up and it's over. I can be on my own and control her.

Why to control her? Because I don't want anything mine to belong to others. Whether it's useful, useless, beautiful or ugly.

I drive Williams knowing my whole family is there as my mom texted me. They are sure in hurry. I went inside to see everyone was sitting on the living room. And that fatty was in the corner in her baggy clothes. Must be hiding her fats. She has eyes on her books with her specs head down, not even bothering to get in. He hair tied in braid with oil. And

face mask covering her face and neck.

Eww... I won't even bed her.

I noted that.

I greeted everyone and sat down. I noticed her stare to me time to time but I don't bother. I knew she fell for me badly since we met. She was shy and timid and that's what I was looking for. I somehow convinced them to keep this marriage secret as it can cause harm as we had many envious rivals.

I wanted to protect her. What a joke! The wedding will take place in two days in a small church. And with the presence of trusted family members and employees.


It's 2 hours since the wedding and I'm lying in bed by a woman naked by my side. I don't know her name. She took the initiative and I took her home. Last night was passionate.

After all it was my "Batchelor " night. I heard footstep coming towards my bedroom.

It was too late to react as the door of my room flung open. It was her. She saw me with another woman. Like I care!

"What's going on?" She shuttered.


"Can't you see?"

"...." she was trying to fight back her tears as she tried to wipe them with her baggy sleeves.


She was a mess. Ugly as hell. "Want to drop the wedding?"

I asked not even bothering about my family. After some moments of thinking she said, "No."

"OK, then don't tell anyone about this." I said without thinking. I knew what I wanted.


"But, what?"

"First send her out." I forgot about that bitch.

I gave her money and threw her out.

After half and hour of discussion we came to the conclusion.

Now, I don't have to pretend in front of her also and she will even help me hide all this in front of my family.

I am now at dressing room. Mike my best friend is with me.

"I am happy that you are marrying my beautiful sister." I smiled.

Beautiful he said. Hah! Fat and nerd. Yeah! Beautiful.

I went to the church ignoring his comment.

I am standing waiting for her. Her father Mr. Jacob is walking with her towards me.

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