Seducing My husband/C2 Was I wrong!?
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Seducing My husband/C2 Was I wrong!?
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C2 Was I wrong!?

I first saw their foot. Her foot was covered with the wedding gown. My eyes trailed above only to see how sexy her figure was and how beautiful she was.

She has a beautiful hourglass figure. Breast of at least D cup with a round big ass. Procelain skin. Green eyes that I didn't noticed because of glasses.

Black hair neatly dressed in a bun.

Dimples forming at her cheeks as she smiles at her father and family.

I wasn't able to stop staring at her. She looked breathtakingly beautiful. The gown was getting complimented as she wore it. My black eyes locked at her green one. I gulped feeling my Adam's Apple up and down. Dam! She was ugly.

Did I take wrong decision agreeing her terms and making mine hastily?

But what's done is done. And she will be mine anyways. I will make her fall for me again. I want to enjoy her in my bed everyday.

But what about my reaction that. Can I go back at my words!?


"I will marry you but you have to agree on my conditions." Her eyeliner fully smudged.

Eww. Ugly.


"We won't get divorced. "

"OK " exactly what I wanted.

"We have to pretend to be loving couple in front of family."

"Yeah". Exactly bitch.

"I'll be taking the room downstairs since you live upstairs. You can bring anyone here you want."

"Ok" perfect.

"And you won't invade my privacy as well."

"Done." Like I would listen. Evem you are ugly, you are mine.

I must fix a hidden camera and mic today in the room downstairs. I made a note mentally.


"And !?"

"You'll not touch me."

The fuck she thinks that I want to touch an ugly bitch like her. This was my limit.

"Why the hell do you think that I would like to touch an ugly , fat and nerd bitch like you? Just stay a wife on name and your work is done. I don't even want to be seen as you and that's why I took the decision to keep this marriage secret.

I won't even touch you even if you are standing naked in front of me. Do you understand?" I highly pitched at the last sentence.

She was standing there unmoved and shaking due to my raised voice. Like I care.



Everyday!? I questioned myself. Wasn't it too much!?

Few days a month would be enough. Yeah she is my wife and her figure can make me do her more than once at least.

"Do you Mr. Nathan Anthony take Miss. Aries Williams as your wedded wife and blah.........." The priest was blabbering.

"Yes I do."

"Do you Miss Aries Williams take Mr. Nathan Anthony as your wedded husband and blah.........." The priest was blabbering again.

"Yes. I DO." she said without any emotion.

"Now, the groom may kiss the bride."

Exactly the point. Like how much I wanted to kiss those soft plump lips. My black eyes looked at her green ones. I approached to kiss her but what I got was her cheek skin as she turned her head being shy.

My family and her family awed at her reaction. But she smirked while she looked at me. The fuck she smirked at? She have feelings for me right!? I'll make sure to break the hell out of her today. Just you wait baby.


♧Aries POV♧

Mom sent me to meet Nathan before marriage alone. I was hesitant at first but gathered my courage.

The scene there was heart wrecking. I wanted to yell but I couldn't. It felt like something broke hard enough to make me silent.

He talked about breaking the marriage. But I couldn't. How could I? What reason was I supposed to tell my and his family? They think of him as a perfect son. I can't break their heart. I can't see him humiliated .

I somehow gathered courage to say no. But I have my dignity. I can't let that broke.

So, I told him my terms. But what I didn't expected that he was damn arrogant and self obsessed.

"Why the hell do you think that I would like to touch an ugly , fat and nerd bitch like you? Just stay a wife on name and your work is done. I don't even want to be seen as you and that's why I took the decision to keep this marriage secret.

I won't even touch you even if you are standing naked in front of me. Do you understand?"

He said that he won't have feelings for me even if I were naked in front of him. It was like a stab in my heart. I know that I was nerd but I changed at my boarding school. It is the best girls school ever. I made many friends. They changed me. Though I'm still a topper. That I can't deny.

But I'm not that innocent. I read erotica novels, watch porn. It's normal.

Yeah! Though I still have my first kiss and am virgin because I wanted and loved this bastard.

And I'm not going to give it to him now either. And not to any other man, I am not a cheap two timer like him.

He called me fat and ugly. Because of my baggy clothes and braided hair.

It's because I don't want to attract unwanted attention of any hooligans like him. My d cup and big round ass is enough to do so.

But I must take revenge of my insult with him.

When I walked with my father, I knew he was staring at me. HOOLIGAN!

When the priest told the groom to kiss the bride. His eyes were fill of lust. I hated it.

As he approached me, I turned my head pretending to be shy. Making his kiss land on my cheeks. It was enough to give me weird sensation.

But soon I gathered myself. Everyone was awed but he was looking disappointed, I smirked.

Obviously, I can't let him take my first kiss like that.

After the family lunch, I and he left for our home. He soon left after dropping him.

I placed the luggage at my room. Too tired to arrange it now. I drifted into sleep while thinking about how I wanted to share my first kiss with him passionately, and having my passionate first sex with him more aggressive and sensual that those they described in novels and showed in porns. But now, I don't.


Because there is only one sided love. Or was!? Will it fade? I don't know but what I know is that I'll never let my dignity down in front of him.

I woke up by some moaning in the living room.

He was making out with some bitch, in our wedding night. It hurts. I was staring at him blankly. How can a person change so much? Or was he always like this?

Was I fooled? It hurts...

"Wanna threesome?" He asked me smirking.

I feeling disgusted walked into the kitchen. He wants me to threesome. In dreams.

I don't know what to do. I feel humiliated. But I want revenge. I will make him pay for his each and every action.

I dailed a number and gave the address of the villa. I then went to the living room with a cup of coffee. They were still making out but the woman now was bare chested. Just wow! He was nibbling into her boobs. I hate it.

And I clearly knew he I was watching as he was smirking in between.

Well, smirk a little more.

Soon, the door bell rang. I got up to open it.

I soon entered with a one call guy. He was staring at me confused.

"Carry on with yourselves. I won't bother. I'm going with mine."

Yeah ! I came up with this. And I felt satisfied as his mouth clenched as I entered my room. Soon, I saw the girl leaving the villa stomping her foot as he humiliated her. And he was shooting daggers at me as he walked towards his room. I saw this whole through the keyhole.

I watched the man whom I called. I can tell by his looks he was confused. I can't let him leave too. Thankfully the walls of the rooms are soundproof. So Nathan won't doubt that I have done nothing.

I chatted a little with that man named Stephen. He's nice guy, just trying to collect money for his sister's operation. It was his first time as a call guy.

I sanctioned a loan to him. He was hesitating at first, but then I offered him a job as I got to know he is good with computer graphics. He can work at my branch and unknowingly I made a bond of brother sister with him.

I slept at the couch while he on the bed as he tall and I'm 5 feet 2 inches. Yeah ! Short.

I woke up next morning to send him out. I saw Nathan at the lawn. He was staring at me. I tried to be as messy as I could to let him see that I had a rough night.

But instead of being pissed, he was smirking.

What the hell!?

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