Seducing My husband/C4 Let's be friends
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Seducing My husband/C4 Let's be friends
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C4 Let's be friends

♧Tina's POV♧

It had been three days since I came here and did nothing except ordering takeout and reading some erotic novels. I can't live without them.

You can say I'm addicted. But you can understand it right!? Not wanting to be touched by anyone random till you find your love but to get control over your hormones.

I watch porn too but just sometimes as the words make me feel as if I'm the part of it rather than seeing some random couple doing it. They are hot that I must say. But apart from the maons and curses and groans I don't like it much. The voices help me cum. The voices are enough.

I don't dare to share it my mother because who does? These are forbidden boundaries that almost everyone croses and so did I. Teenage is the phase and it happens but I had a boundary that I myself set up. The boundary was called Nathan and is still there, now stronger because of the marriage knot.

I won't cheat, that's my principle and I won't let him because that's my revenge. I'll make sure to torture him to beg to me head over heels. I'll make sure he doesn't manwhore.

He called me ugly so I'll be a bitch in his life. Just to make sure he needs me only but can't get me.

While I was setting up my room, I saw four hidden cameras on each wall. I knew it was him. I pretended I didn't. Of course I need to make him grow big but not finding my hole to release.

I'll make the life a living hell for him.

I requested privacy but he invaded it. I'll make sure his privacy should be only frustration. I know he saw everything and heard everything that's why he was smirking.

I know he knows I'm virgin. I'll act I don't. I'll make sure to serve him with my different versions daily. He can see it, he can want it but he can't get it. Won't it be fun?

3 months, he can go anywhere and 3 months I'll make sure he won't even want to go anywhere.

Nathan you called me fat and you clearly told me that you won't want me even I'm naked. I'll make sure to make you turn on even I'm under the heaves of clothes.

I'll make sure you're hard by my voice only.

Then I'll see if I'm attractive or not. I saw you gulping only by seeing me in my tight wedding gown which covered almost all my skin.

I know I'm affecting you and as I bitch I'm going to show you my bitchness.

After all we are legally married, what am I afraid of? You deserve to see me, even it's through screen. I went to shower deliberately forgetting the clothes.

It's show time baby. I winked at him on my head. I washed my hair but didn't dry it. I want the water droplets to make its way on my body.

I entered the room wearing my undergarments and bathrobe. I can't give him the full view at once. Can I? Of course not.

I need to torture him bit by bit, slowly. I opened my bathrobe, revealing my skin.

Though I'm short I have perfect legs and curves. Hold on sweetie, your days of fun just begins from today.

I wore my clothes, yeah baggy ones because today I want to treat my husband a luxurious dinner as I want to have the keys of this room.

I know he has them. I'm not dumb. If he installed camera . He must have spare keys.

I went to do some grocery shopping after a while.

I picked the ingredients required to make Sahee Paneer (Indian dish) because its his favorite.

I decided to serve it with Indian Nan and for desert it'll be Red velvet cake. All his favorite.

How do I know? Because my 13 year old self did all the chores of his Best friend and my annoying cousin Mike to know what he likes and what he don't.

I guess he didn't know he is a jerk otherwise he would have saved me from him. He is annoying but he loves me.

I now question whether they are best friends or not.

Nathan is huge double faced. And I'll sure to follow it. You know like husband like wife.

I know there isn't any saying like that. I made it up. I went home and saw him staring me as I entered the house. I smiled at him and headed straight toward the kitchen.

I guess he had a great show. I am going to be friends with Nathan the great after all. I'll make sure to be his "bestest" friend ever.

I wore my favorite apron which was enough to make my curves visible.

I saw Nathan leaning at the kitchen wall.

"Want to eat some chips while I prepare the dinner?" I ask.


◇Nathan's POV◇

I saw her leaving the house as I came out of fhe bathroom releasing myself. I didn't know where she went. I was watching television as she enters with bags of groceries. So, she went for shopping. I didn't notice I was staring her.

She really does hide her figure well. I am happy that not everyone has seen it. It only belongs to me.

She smiled at me as she entered and then went to the kitchen. She really smiled at me. Her dimples were evident. Mine are good but her dimples had another level of charm.

I followed her to the kitchen. I leaned on the kitchen wall silently studying her movements. She wore her blue apron.

Tight! Her curves were evident. I fucking licked my lips without noticing.

She must have sensed my presence. She turned towards me while giving me a packet of cips towards me.

"Want to eat some chips while I prepare the dinner?" She asked.

She is behaving different today.

"Yeah! You know how to cook?" I asked not wanting the conversation to die.

"Yeah! I learnt it for someone." She said while lowering her head.

Babes, I know that someone is me.

"What are you preparing though?"

"Sahee Panter, nan and red velvet for dinner. Will that be okay for you? I mean it won't affect your health right!?" Girl you know that's my favorite. Why the pretense?

"No, it's my favorite. By the way, why are you preparing dinner for me? We can order take outs."

I really wanted to know why the sudden change of behavior.

"Can I talk about this while eating? I need to prepare." She asked and I left the kitchen.

After some time the dinner was ready. She called me, "Nathan dinner is ready."

It gave me a tingling feeling. How good it'll be to hear this daily.

We sat on the table while she served the dishes. There was silence for sometime and she then took the initiative.

"Can we be friends?"

"Huh!?" That was sudden.

"I mean you know we have to see each other everyday. We can be friends you know. Atleast we'll not quarrel. I don't like such things. I cry easily and we also need to pretend to be close. Being friends can help." I know what she meant.

She doesn't want to hurt her family and mine, that's why she doesn't wanna get divorce and I know she still loves me. Yeah we can be friends for time being. Until she is comfortable with me on my bed.

After some thinking I replied "yea"

"I know right, look you can do whatever you want, bring one night stands. I don't care. I'll hide you. And so can you. I promise I'll never get pregnant with another man. And you won't make another woman pregnant too. And if the family wants a child, we'll get for IVF, we won't be needing to have physically intimate." She was excited in the beginning but suddenly her face flushed.

Crimson red.

I want to taste it more then my red velvet.

"Yeah! But bring man when I'll bring a woman. Other times we'll be friends." Like I would let another bastard enter my house. What if that guy will not be a gentleman like Stephen?

She is naive. She slept unguarded that day. I woke up whole night to monitor her.

And if you won't sleep with another men , you won't get pregnant by them. IVF can't give the pleasure I'll give you. Don't worry you'll get it. 3 months you'll be mine.

"Done." She said cheerfully.

Just wait till I make you moan my name and mark you mine, only mine.

We ate dinner talking about food and other stuffs. She was telling me about her boarding school teachers and friends.

"But I want to request one thing."

" What?" I asked what she wanted this time. "Can you not call me fat again? You know it feels awkward and depressive." She said with puppy eyes.

"Then why do you wear such baggy clothes. Isn't it to hide fat, you fatty?"

"Well, I'm not fat I'm curvy" she said yelling.

"OK ok calm down . I'll not." I know that you are not fat. You have perfect D cup, round ass, small waist. How can you be fatty, you are sexy.

And you are virgin and top of all you're mine.

And how much I want to take it away and officially mark you. We can be friends for now but not until the next three months, my baby doll. We had our dinner.

Well, did I tell you? She makes delicious food. Just as delicious like her.

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