Seducing My husband/C5 Double faces
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Seducing My husband/C5 Double faces
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C5 Double faces

She washed the dishes while I cleaned the table.

"Can you give me the keys of my room?"

She asked suddenly.

"Huh!?" " I want the keys of my room. Actually I'm embarrassing sometimes inside my room so, I want to lock it from inside." She said shyly I am still in daze trying to understand what she means.

"I know you won't want me even I'm naked but I'll be embarrassed. " I think she still remembers what I told her that day. Why Nathan? Why are you so blabbering?

"Yeah! I'll give it to you." I can right!? Of course, the cameras are already there to monitor why would I need the keys. She won't be taking any man home. I'll make that sure. And she is so innocent, I just need to make her fall deep for me again. Its a matter of time. I'll conquer her.


□Writer's POV□

Aries smiled inwardly on her victory. She had finally made this man to stop manwhoring for at least 3 months. And she'll make sure that it's permanent.

She knows that he won't bring any slut back home as long as he don't want any other man in her room. And she finally got the keys of her room. He can't enter he'll helpless.

'Acting innocent in front of him will be fun. Husband, just monitor me you'll suffer the hell in these three months. ' she thought.

She washed the dishes. Cleaned the kitchen platform.

"Would you like to watch football match?" She asked him.

"Yeah." "Want some snacks?"


"Caramel popcorn?" She interrupted "accidentally "

"Yeah." 'This girl surely knows about everything about me.' He smiled.

Yeah she knew almost everything about him. Aries was happy that doing the chores of a month for Mike was paying. Though it's only to torture him.

They watched the match peacefully. After sometimes Aries fell asleep.

Nathan carried her in his arms. 'Damn! She's so small and soft.' He thought . His 6 feet self was enough to feel her as a small doll.

She's soft, that's true. He wanted to do something but for now he needs to win her heart. And to make her his willingly.

He wasn't sure that if he wanted to be her only but he was determined to make her his only.

'Typical men'... he can cheat but he can't let her cheat. Just thinking her with someone else, he can burn that whole damn man alive.


I'm just keeping this short for this once.

Sorry for that....

Feel free to give me advice ....

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