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I look around my dad’s office as I stare right at the transparent display case. It holds our family's heirloom, a blue diamond. My parents value this a lot and they keep it hidden from the family’s reach. I read through the internet one day and found out this diamond is worth about one billion dollars.

” Serena.” I gasp and turn around to see my older twin sister leaning against the door frame of my dad’s office.

She crosses her arms and stares at me.

” What you doing?” She asks as she smirks at me. Her Olive skin just got a tan. She wears ripped Jean shorts and a tank top.

I shrug and look at the family heirloom.

” The family’s heirloom. You shouldn’t be in dad’s office. And this is really important.” She points to the diamond.

” Read there are four of them. The red one is located in India. The black gem in London, and this blue diamond right in our house. And the last one is buried in some deep place in Africa. Heard it’s priceless and it was found deep in the depths of the sea. Hilarious right?” I ask and smile at my sister, Beverly.

” Stupid. Let’s get out of here. Mom asked me to call you for dinner.” Beverly says as she turns to leave.

I roll my eyes and take a last look at the diamond before leaving my dad’s office. I shut the door carefully as i follow Beverly to the dinning room. Mom already arranged dinner while dad looks busy on the phone. I take a seat close to Beverly who sits close to mom. I smile and inhale the aroma of the food.

” Don’t tell me that , Jacob. I paid you to take care of things, not mess around. Get me what I want or don’t bother calling me.” Dad yells.

And who the hell is Jacob?

I shake my head and begin eating. Mom looks at her husband as she stands up to stand next to him. Mom places her hand on dad’s shoulder and caresses him.

” What’s happening?” I ask Beverly in a whisper. She rolls her eyes and chews her food.

” I don’t give a flying fuck , Serena. Dad’s a business man and he’s doing what he has to do. Eat sweetie.” Beverly says and winks at me.

” Are you planning to attend the party. Todd.”

I giggle. Todd is my boyfriend. We started dating three months ago in college. He is so cute and really nice. Right now , we’re in the same sophomore year , including Beverly. Dad’s rich , hates boys and don’t wanna see us with the opposite sex. Mom just don't care. As long as we’re careful and in love, she’s fine with it. We barely go out. We barely party and barely have friends. Says it’s for security reasons and he’s trying to protect us from the outside world. Still don’t know what that means.

” I have to.”

” You truly love him a lot.” She whispers.

” He’s my first boyfriend and yes we’re in love. This is obviously our third month. I can’t just choose to not attend his party.” I snap.

She hums and nods as she drinks her water. Dad returns to the dining room with mom. They sit down and begin eating.

” Dad, are you okay?” I ask.

” Yes, sweetie. Just do me a favor and don’t go out to party if you’re planning to.”

Damn , how did he hear that?

His he aware I’ve got a boyfriend?

” So how’s college sweeties? Ready to storm this semester?” Mom changes the subject and i appreciate that.

” Of course.” Beverly replies and nods.


After dinner, I rush to my room to prepare for Todd’s party. Don’t try to go out tonight, dad’s usual slogan. I scoff and quickly strip my clothes to shower. After taking my bath, i tied my towel around my chest as I blow dry my hair. Beverly walks in as she closes my door.

” Really, Beverly. You could use some knocking lessons, seriously.” I tell her and walk inside my closet.

” I hope you’re not planning to lose your virginity tonight?” Beverly asks as she sits on the chair opposite the dresser.

I scoff and chuckle as i go through my dresses. There are tons of them. Don’t even know which one to wear. Todd likes it when I show a lot of skin. Most times I’m not comfortable with it , but being in love is stupid some times.

” Is there anything wrong in loosing my virginity, sister?”

She laughs. I peek my head out of the closet and glare at her. She rolls her eyes and looks back at the mirror. I huff and begin to throw dresses on my bed. I’m confused , i don’t really know what to wear.

” You know as your twin , i really care about you. Todd’s hot, yeah. You met him at frat and you know who he is. He likes women….”

” And that’s before. We’re in love and we’re fine with each other.” I snap at her.

” Love?” She sighs.

Beverly has been in about six relationships. None of them ever worked. Her first boyfriend, whom she really liked, dumped her for some other girl. I, on the other hand, really didn’t have time for a relationship. Todd was the only one who finally stole my heart.

” Beverly.” I walk out of the closet and tuck my strands of hair behind my ears. ” I understand that you’re my sister and you care for me.” I smile and sit on the bed running my hand down the dresses.

” Becareful, don’t want you to come crying to me.” She winks and gets up. She walks to my bed and sits down.

” Now which dress are we choosing tonight?” Beverly asks as she looks through every dress on my bed.

” This one.” She says raising up a peach colored short dress with just one strap.

” Thanks.” I snatched it from her and put it on. I return the towel to my bathroom before coming back to brush my hair.

I did my makeup as I smiled at my reflection. I step inside my shoes and pick up my clutch.

” Why don’t you come along, B?” I ask Beverly, staring at my reflection on the mirror.

” No, thanks, I’m good.”

I shrug and take one last look at my reflection before turning to look at her.

” Don’t forget to cover up for me and please lock my room door when you’re ready to leave.”

” Sure.”

I take a deep breath and walk out of my room. If I ever get caught, dad’s gonna get mad. No partying and I find joy in breaking every of these ridiculous rules. I always sneak out to party with my friends. I ain’t the type that usually obeys. I quietly walk to the back door as I open it. We’ve got numerous guards around the apartment and they are always on guard.

” Victor.” I walk to the guard at the gate. He’s one of the little minions I got here. He helps me escape every time and he doesn’t tell me ‘No’.

He’s kinda the youngest and he’s cute.

” Why tonight? Your dad’s in a bad mood today.”

” But you’re not planning to tell him, right?” I whine and pout my lips. That always works.

” I know, but…”

” Come on Vic.”

” Urgh… fine.”

I mentally exclaim as he presses the button to open the gate.

” Be careful out there princess.”

” Sure thing prince. Thank you.” I wave at him and quietly rush past the gate.

My phone chimes and it’s a text message from Todd. He is parked down the road as usual. I open the back door to his Maserati and slip into the back seat. My two supposed best friends squeal when I entered the backseat.

” Oh my God. fuck girl, we’re going wild.” They squeal as the car speeds into the night.

” Where’s Todd?” I ask looking at Dawson who’s driving. Matt sits in the passenger’s seat. They are both close friends to Todd.

” He’s at home. Setting up, he’s got a surprise for you.” Matt tells me.

” Wow, surprise? What surprise?” I ask and turn to look at my friends, Summer and Bree.

” Surprises aren’t meant to tell. Just breathe chicken.” Dawson says. I smile and cross my arms as I lean into the seat.

” I’m obviously getting drunk.” Summer mutters as the car pulls to a stop. The outside is covered with different cars from Todd’s fraternity. College isn’t resuming until next week and people are still around.

We step out of the car as I shut my side door. Todd owns this frat house. He’s popular, rich, and really handsome. I’d bet a thousand times that a lot of girls would kill to swap positions with me. We passed through the sweaty bodies outside as they handed us red cups. I give mine to someone else as we stalk to the couch at the end of the house. Todd sees me and he smiles before pulling me into a hug. He kisses my cheek and I blush. You know most times I ask myself how I got Todd to date me.

I might be pretty and from a rich family but all that doesn’t really matter. This is college. Todd’s got the looks, the fame and the brain. He’s everything every girl would wish for, and we’re yet to have sex.

” God I miss you so much.” He whispers against my neck.

I giggle and bite my bottom lip.

” I miss you more.”

” I can’t wait to show you what I wanna do to you.” He whispers. Goosebumps rise on my skin as I breathe in sharply.

” Come on guys, get a room.” The guys says. We laugh and sit on the couch. Todd carries me from the couch and make me sit on his lap.

Drinks occupy the table and we throw our heads back to chug down the shots. I don’t really drink, but meeting Todd changed my life. I basically don’t fancy drinking but hanging out with Summer, Bree, Dawson , Matt, and the crew , you gotta drink or you’re a chicken. Todd takes me to the dance floor as we dance till my feet ache. I’m literally tipsy and if I drink anymore , I’ll be falling down kissing the floor. Todd wraps his hands around my waist and leads me upstairs. He’s yet to show me the surprise.

We walk down the hall and he stops in front of this familiar door I’m used to. His room. He opens the door as we walk in. Todd locks the door and gently presses me against the door as he claims my lips. I gasp and kiss him back and wrap my arms around his neck.

” Wait Todd , what’s the surprise?” I breathe out.

He sighs and brings out two tickets.

” I wanna ask you to come with me to Las Vegas this weekend and have some alone time with me.”

No way.

” But first…” He says and keeps the tickets on his table. He carries me and sits me on the desk. He stands in between my legs and runs his fingers through my hair.

” I wanna taste that juice between your legs.”

Wait, what?

He wants sex in exchange for a weekend in Las Vegas?

” Really, Todd. We're gonna have sex before we go to Vegas?” I ask him.

” No baby, I think we’ve waited for too long. Let me feel you Serena.”

I sigh. Two and a half months and he’s already tired of waiting. Bravo. I get down from the table and adjust my dress.

” I gotta go Todd. Don’t want to sneak up on my dad.” I kiss his cheek and stomp out of his room before he stops me. I rush out of the frat house as I take a deep breath.

I walk down the street and hail a cab. After about a seven minutes ride, the cab stops a few feet away from my compound. Nobody loves being caught. I walk to the gate and whisper Victor’s name. He’s always at the gate but yet I didn’t get a reply.

” Victor.” I whisper again. He didn’t respond. Where has he gone? It's just 10:pm and he should be right next to the gate.

I grab the spikes of the iron fence and jump to the other side. That was a bit difficult because I almost broke my ankles.

Everywhere was unusually silent and it’s totally weird. I look around my dark compound and there’s no Victor and then something catches my attention. Blood. There’s blood on the ground.

I hurriedly walked into the house and shut the door. I turn around slowly and I almost pass out. My clutch falls off my hand as I gasp. This must be a nightmare. This can’t be real.

” Mom, dad…” I run to their bodies on the floor as I crouch next to them.

Blood oozes out of their mouths and none of them are responding. The living room floor is covered with the bodies of my father’s guards and blood. I touch my mother’s chest as tears slide down my cheeks. This can’t be happening. Who did this? I see Beverly in her own pool of blood too.

” Beverly.” I rush to her body and fall on my knees and touch her neck. Her eyes are wide open. I feel her pulse and place my ear on her chest. She’s not breathing.

They are all dead.

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