Selena Anastasya/C10 I Think... That Senior
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Selena Anastasya/C10 I Think... That Senior
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C10 I Think... That Senior

Erina ruffled Selena's smooth, droopy black hair. This girl is very cute and also beautiful. "Good then. If you have any problem, feel free to talk to us."

Selena smiled a little, "Thank you."

This is probably the first time she's known Cristine's other friends not as bad as Cristine's friends in junior high school. This friend is really nice to her. Willing to accept hers too even though they know how poor she is among them.

Selia stops her chat with Cristine. The amazingly beautiful girl it then also talking to Selena, "When you get hurt, I hear senior Lucas's own helping you? Is it true? How is he, Selena?"

Dara joined to talk, not wanting to miss, "Yes, the rumors spread very quickly yesterday. Senior Lucas has never treated his female friends as attentively as he did to you."

Selena was even more shocked, hearing the fake gossip spread. It was clearly Lucas's attitude that helped her yesterday was not sincere at all. But the girls at her school already have this kind of wild imagination towards her.

"Ya... If you don't mind the scary his cold stare, I'd be very grateful you'd take my place."

Cristine laughed out loud after hearing Selena's confession. If that's Selena's opinion, then that's the reality. "What did he do to you?" She asked a little curiously.

It wasn't just Cristine who curiously waited for Selena's answer, the other three girls anticipated her answer.

"He helped me, indeed," She tells coughing, awkwardly. "But... Being close to senior Lucas's is very... Ya, you know what I mean, it's like being near a tiger ready to go on a rampage. I don't know if I'm the only one who feels it, but senior Lucas's ... He's very oppressive. His aura, can really make someone scared," Selena replied honestly with what she felt while with Lucas yesterday.

"You're right." Dara agreed. "Although Lucas's senior was a prince at in this school. Who doesn't know his cool attitude when he crosses paths with women. I even heard other rumors when some of the girls who once expressed love for him were rejected with such cruel words and he even left without guilt while making a girl cry."

"But he so deserves," Selia said later. "With the handsome face he has, it is not a crime if Lucas's senior is being pretentious selling expensive. Plus with the fact that he is a student that the school and teachers are proud of."

During the trip, the conversation about Lucas became the girls' discussion until they got to school.


Lucas had just come from the teacher's office, submitting a proposal for new student activities this year.

Several extracurriculars for select students were opened that day. In the next week, these student councils will be preoccupied with recruiting new members at their clubs.

"I have finished tidying up the proposals for this year's club activities, Principal. You can see it first," he told the principal.

There are several club options that can be used as an option. Among other things. Volly clubs, football clubs, table tennis clubs, swimming clubs, band clubs, drumband clubs and other additions in the field of Junior Red Cross Youth (PMR) and scout club.

Training will begin once each club is filled with members. And training is done twice a week. For mandatory activities that must be attended by students in grades ten and eleven are none other than scouts club, the activity will be held every Saturday at three o'clock in the afternoon.

"Have you chosen to participate in any extracurricular activities, Selena?"

During recess, Cristine pulls Selena from inside her class to the girl's class. And that's where Selena is right now, sitting next to Cristine who's busy eating meatballs on the table.

Selena sipped her orange juice before then answering Erina's question. The girl came all the way from her class which was at the end near the eleventh grade. Just to join Cristine and hers other friends. Selia and Dara happen to be Cristine's classmates. The two girls are also busy with her food which is in front of Cristine's table now.

"Em... PMR?" murmured Selena unsure. Because the students were required to choose an extracurricular activity outside of scouting, Selena chose to join the PMR club because of her schedule that corresponded to her day off at the store.

And again, PMR activities only need to be attended once a week. So that's why Selena's willing to come.

But it was because of her choice that Cristine next to her turned frowned upon. When Cristine found out where Selena was going, the girl immediately grim-faced.

Because Cristine has chosen hers own club. Volly club and also swimming club. She thought she could pull Selena along with her, but after Selena explained why she refused, Cristine could only accept it.

"Woah... Really?"

Selena nodded.

"Then we should join the same group."

Selena seemed a little surprised, "Are you coming too, Erina?"

Erina grinned, her toodhed teeth visible as she pulled her lips up, "Of course. Then I said, we should be in the same group. I will introduce you to my friends, Selena."

Hearing this made Cristine very jealous, hers began to clench her lips.


It's been more than a few days since the embarrassing incident between her and his senior happened. Selena was waiting for what bad things she was going through because of her carelessness back then.

But after the last time she met the senior Lucas's in front of the medical room and his senior's words that he had forgiven her mistake, she assumed that his senior would not cause any problems to her.

Cause that's the senior didn't come to get revenge on her, Selena was finally able to calm down. She threw a long way to the back of hers head on the issue and is focusing on her new school now.

The new high school school year has started, and Selena has also got a new uniform, just waiting for the LKS book that she has not got, after which she will go to great lengths to maintain her grades and get a scholarship from school again.

The older sister who caused an injury to her hand on the field at the time often caused problems with her recently, but Selena chose to ignore the senior woman who is currently constantly bully herself.

Don't bother with that inattentive woman, her focus now is to study, study and continue to study until she graduates with satisfactory grades.

Selena was determined.

Unfortunately, that determination will waver as she gets a clear look at the life ahead of her that she will encounter.

But that later, at this time let Selena be happy with the dream she designed.

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