Selena Anastasya/C11 Obsession
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Selena Anastasya/C11 Obsession
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C11 Obsession

The bell rang loudly throughout the class for a break.

"All right... Until here's today's lesson. Don't forget to do your homework. See you next week," said the teacher while cleaning hers briefcase.

Before the teacher left, she glanced at Selena who was sitting in the front seat number two by the window, she said, "Selena. Please collect the classmates' notes and take them to teacher's room."

Selena immediately stood up and nodded as her homeroom teacher told her to.

Selena is the current class treasurer. The task of collecting notes and assignments is usually the class president's assignment. Unfortunately, when she helped her homeroom teacher with the books in her hand in the parking lot a few days ago, her homeroom teacher appointed her a janitor. Whether it's a blessing or a disaster, Selena isn't proud at all.

With her face bent she carried a pile of books in hers hand, her still aches a little trouble carrying the books. Even though she knew she was in trouble, no one would help her. Her friends are too busy with each other's business.

Grade 10 is upstairs, and the teacher's room is downstairs. Selena had to go down a two-tiered staircase to get there. It's exhausting, she's tired, seriously.

Selena walked alone with the books in hand, past 11th grade. She shrinks his body as much as he can into the invisible, wants it that way, but it's impossible. Because the people she met were not blind.

Especially when she's past grades 11-B. Selena's going a little fast. She doesn't want to deal with those annoying things that always him off.

"What a hurry?"

Her prayers were not answered. Upset!

Selena glanced only at the man in front of her whose legs had been outstretched. She shifted sideways, past the man's long legs. It didn't work. Her arms were caught, Selena frowned disliked, she glared fiercely at the man who is now grinning at her.

Andre, who was stared at by Selena with his round eyes exaggerated, began to laugh happily. Not knowing Andre, who saw Selena's face like that, wanted to pull the baby girl's fat cheeks swollen.

"Move Andre, I'm in a hurry." Selena said with an exasperated face.

"I don't want to." Andre replied refusing, his hands crossed across his chest and a sly grin still lingering on his lips.

"What do you want?" Selena asked quickly. It seems that she doesn't like to hang around with Andre for long.

Andre did not care about the impatient look of the beautiful girl, with a grin on his lips he said, "Nothing, just wanted to see you."

"Andre, don't you see I'm busy? If you don't have to do with me, let me through." Selena said irritably.

"Okay, please pass, on condition, how about this weekend we go?"


"Looks like you're not in a rush. I can hold you until the break is over, that way ..."

"Argghhh ... Alright, alright. It's up to you. So now move aside!" Selena agreed reluctantly.

This man in front of her is an upperclassman and also her best friend. Andre is the eldest son of his mother's best friend, because of how close her mother and Andre's mother are, she has a distant relative with this man.

They have known each other since childhood, their first meeting arguably left a deep impression on Selena's mind until now.

When Selena remembers an embarrassing incident from her childhood, she hopes that the book in her hand can hit Andre's head. It's a shameful memory, very embarrassing for her.

As long as Andre was around him with a mischievous grin on his lips, the thing that crossed Selena's mind was always hitting this guy.

Selena couldn't stand being teased over and over for her past events. She wanted to forget the embarrassing incident but Andre always reminded her on purpose.

Seeing the stupid grin in front of him, irritated Selena even more.

"You forced!" cursed Selena, kicking Andre hard, then running angrily.

Andre chuckled and Selena still heard his laughter.

"Just look, if Selena looks at another man, you can afford it!" shouted Indra who appeared behind Andre.

"Impossible. I know Selena very well, she wouldn't dare." Answer Andre sure. Hid eyes stare straight at Selena's figure, a burning obsession he doesn't hide.

Until Selena had disappeared, Andre turned his gaze and stared sharply at the class below, precisely to grades 11-A, his eyes colliding with a man he hated down there who had seen him and Selena all along.

'You don't know. Alvin from 12th grade sent Selena a love letter. It was a blast yesterday, even though Selena refused, you know what that means, right?"

He knows. The girl he's been guarding is being targeted by another man. No problem, anyway, it's not just this time Andre's dealing with guys who like Selena.

As for Lucas.

Andre clenched his fist furiously. When he heard of Selena's accident during the student orientation period, he was already very angry and wanted to hit Lucas which caused Selena to get hurt.

Although Byanca encouraged Selena, it was Lucas who caused it.

Byanca's business, he'll let it go this time. He still needs that fox lady to scare Selena.


Just hearing his name, Andre's already very angry. His instincts say that the asshole is going to mess with his and Selena's lives.

Andre won't stay silent.


The last lesson is over, it's time for the students to go home.

Selena smoothed the books on the table and in the drawers. The bag feels very heavy. She just got a new textbook, and there are 10 books with a thickness that is just enough to overload the bag.

Selena saw the stitches sticking out of her school backpack. That faded blue backpack she had been wearing since she was in 7th grade in middle school. Because Selena took good care of it, it was still worth wearing, even though she had sewn many times.

Selena sighed softly. When she remember the financial condition of her family, her heart sank.

"Yoo... Why are you daydreaming over there? Get caught by the devil, just know the taste! "The loud sound from the direction of the classroom door made Selena lift her head which had been lowered earlier. When she saw that her best friend had come, a warm smile appeared on her tiny lips.

"Risss ..." She called enthusiastically.

That's Cristine coming her class, her best friend. This best friend has a very beautiful face, with a tan-brown skin color. Even though Cristine was only 16 years old, she was tall and slender. Having waist-long hair, with a tiny ribbon accessory that pinches her bangs, Cristine looks very cute and charming. Round face, sharp nose, small and thick lips, fresh peach color.

The contrast between the two, apart from their different skin colors, is also their opposite nature, they are inseparable friends.

Cristine was taller than Selena, only three centimeters apart.

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