Selena Anastasya/C12 Trauma Of The Past
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Selena Anastasya/C12 Trauma Of The Past
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C12 Trauma Of The Past

Selena is a quiet figure and doesn't like to hanging out. Cristine is the opposite, he is chatty, likes to be the center of attention, and also a hobby of changing boyfriends.

If Cristine's asked how many exes she's got. Cristine would answer with her cheeky seductive smile and say that she had forgotten, so many men she was dating, she had forgotten their names.

Despite the ugly nature of hes best friend was very much hated by Selena. But Cristine is the one who will defend her first, if anyone makes trouble with her.

Selena was moved and proud to her bestfriend, of course.

Selena ignores her best friend's stug, she hugs her heavy backpack, and approaches Cristine waiting for her at the classroom door.

"Did you get a new book, too, Ris?" She asked after she got close.

"Yups. It was so hard when I took her. Since Robin offered to help, I gave them to her. Look now, my bag is light." Cristine stepped down in a maroon-colored sash bag patterned with a hello kitty towards Selena.

Selena just rolled her eyes in response. While squealing Cristine kissed Selena's pouty cheek and then ran away, fearful of being hit. Selena is fierce, besides being irritable her punches aren't her sick play.

"Cristine!" Selena screams were loud in the 10th-grade corridors that seemed empty. Selena wiped her cheeks with an angry kiss from her best friend. She ran after her best friend who was already downstairs.

When she saw 12th grade and the door was still closed, Selena growled angrily holding back the emotion. Because if that door closes, 12th grade is still inside.

Cristine got away.

Even though Cristine's been running, she's still waiting for Selena at the school gates. With a happy look on her pretty face.

When she sees Selena with her face bent, Cristine starts begging for forgiveness and promises to treat Selena ice cream and meatballs.

Selena nodded in approval. And she's not angry anymore. It's so easy to make Selena forget her plight.

Besides Cristine who knows and is good at how to persuade an angry Selena. As for someone else who knows that is Andre.

Cristine sees the man who is now also looking at her, precisely towards Selena. Hers heart turned cold. She doesn't like Andre, she thinks Andre is a cunning man who will tarnish hes best friend's pure innocence.

Since Andre didn't mess with Selena, Cristine didn't do anything, and stayed by Selena's side as usual, keeping an eye on her best friend. But Cristine has a bad habit if she already hates someone, Cristine will clearly show it to that person.

As of now, Cristine was dragging Selena away when she saw Andre approach them.

Cristine, who usually smiles and is friendly, now turns cold-faced and then drags Selena in haste.

Andre, who wants to talk to Selena, stares back indifferently at Cristine who looks at him fiercely. He's used to it, and staring at Cristine with just as many dislikes.

If it was an anime, lightning-like flashes would be visible in both views. They were rivals, since childhood, to capture Selena's attention.

If Cristine wants to protect Selena sincerely and doesn't want to make her sick. So Andre didn't, he wanted to protect Selena and then let her destroy her naivety with his own hands.


Selena is in the room. She looked at her hand which had been bandaged off.

Selena's wrist is still swollen and her pinky finger can already be moved, because she has reasons to continue studying and locking herself in the room. Selena can breathe a sigh of relief, not having to get out of her room.

Selena reached for the ointment on the nightstand, it was the ointment Lucas had given her.

"Selena .... open the door!" shouted loudly from outside her room, shocking Selena who was sitting daydreaming.

"Why should everything be locked up?" Lyana glared angrily.

"I'm sorry, Mom." Selena's in fear.

"Mama's going out to your uncle. Clean up and cook," She said in a loud tone. Whereas without the need for the woman to scream, Selena heard very clearly every word she said.

"Hahh!" Selena sighed. Staring at her mother's passing with hopeful eyes.

If only time hadn't changed, how good would it be?

Lyana Anastasya is the biological mother of Selena, the 32-year-old woman. Her face is very pretty with pale white skin and long wavy hair. Lyana is the most beautiful woman in the village, who is out of luck.

If it wasn't for the coercion of Selena's grandfather who forced her to marry Lyana to her current husband. It's certain that Lyana will be the wife of the foreman in this village who is quite rich.

But because Lyana was afraid of her parents, Lyana was forced to marry Rayhan who was just a porter.

Because of the dissatisfaction of a few years of life with a deficient Rayhan. And a hard upbringing from his father; Raynar Raksa as a child, made Lyana hard-hearted and very disciplined in educating children. No doubt she will raise hers hand without any regrets.

And Rayhan is a submissive husband figure who pampers his wife. Even if Rayhan sees Selena being brutally beaten, he just stands there without the slightest interrupted to calm the anger of his wife.

The incident still comes to Selena's mind and it is an incident that has made her so afraid of her mother to this day.

Selena was in the fifth grade of elementary school.

His father just got back from the region. Rayhan got a job for two months in Bali. And when Rayhan came home, he brought a smartphone that started trending that year.

Selena stared curiously at the black square phone. She secretly borrowed it while her father was going out to pick up her mother in the garden.

Selena, who knew nothing, happily kept holding the phone in her tiny hands.

At that time Selena went to Novi's house, one of her best friends who was different from school. Selena was going to Cristine's place to ask how to use the smartphone. Unfortunately, Cristine is out of town with her family. So she decided to go to Novi's house.

Selena arrives there, in her best friend's two-story house; Novi is playing with her black Nokiu phone. She's having fun typing on that phone's keyboard. The loud typos of Novi's nimble dancing fingers on top of her always stunned Selena. Especially when Novi greets her kindly and hers finger keeps moving. She thinks it's so cool.

"Are you busy?" Ask Selena while sitting next to Novi.

Novi shook her head. Then glancing at Selena, her squint eyes twinkle as she looks at the phone in Selena's hand.

"Yours? When did you buy it? It's android, it's so cool, Selena!" Novi's screaming is crazy.


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