Selena Anastasya/C13 Punishment For Mistake
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Selena Anastasya/C13 Punishment For Mistake
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C13 Punishment For Mistake

"Yours? When did you buy it? It's android, it's so cool!" Novi's screaming is crazy.

"Have a Father. I'm just borrowing for a second. But I don't know how to turn it on. Look, it's dead." She said while telling Novi. Novi took the phone in Selena's hand, she fiddled with it. And when she finally didn't know how to use the phone, Novi gave up. Then she suddenly proposed to his brother for help.

Selena nodded approvingly and she was left alone there, with Novi's old phone in her hand, Selena playing a puzzle game.

Since Selena was used to being alone and forgot not to check the time, it was half an hour when Novi left her on the terrace.

Selena has finished playing that game and is level 4 in the rankings. She saw Novi coming from inside the house and smiled broadly at her. Selena was a little suspicious but didn't ask.

"This phone died earlier, the battery ran out, so I borrowed charger phone my brother's have to charging it." Novi said telling her.

Selena just nodded. She reached for cellphone which was already on. Bright light reflected into her eyes and a photo of her beautiful mother was on the screen, made Selena smiled. She was very admiring and loved very much her mom.

Novi poked Selena's hand, her head turned, confused.


"I want to show you something. But this is our secret, are you curious and wanna know?" Novi whispers quietly into Selena's ear and she is amused by the tickling whisper.

Before Selena said or refused. Novi took the phone in hers hand. Selena just lets on even if she doesn't like it.

Then there's the sound of women and men talking. Selena pounced and turned left and right, looking for a voice that suddenly appeared.

Novi sets the sound silent on the phone. With a nasty laugh she handed the phone over to Selena, she was stunned and her face blushed in shame, her ears hot and her hands trembling.

In the video, a woman and a man are naked, they hug each other tightly and their lips stick together. The last time Selena saw her cellphone was during the scene where the man tugged at her lips tenderly.

Selena was so shocked by the video she saw that she unconsciously threw the cellphone on the floor. The cell phone immediately turned off.

Selena's hands are sweaty and her face is filled with regret and sadness. It's as if what she's seen just happened to be a sin she doesn't deserve to know right now. Not yet.

"I want to go home."

Before Selena left she turned around and stared intently at Novi.

"Nov, next time don't show me anything like that again. It's disgusting." Then Selena hurriedly left.

After that incident Selena no longer borrowed her father's phone. Because she has feelings of guilt in her heart, Selena is nervous and scared. It's like she's sinned against her parents. She wanted to admit it, but fear dominated her more, Selena being a dilemma.


That night after Lyana had just returned from Burhan's place; Andre's father. Lyana's face looks terrible. The violent expression is very visible on her beautiful face. And the look in her eyes as she looked at Selena, as if she wanted to chop her own daughter to death.

Selena is styled with Lyana's red eyes, terrified and her skinny body unknowingly trembling.

What's wrong with her mom? ask Selena in her inner circle.

Lyana went towards the kitchen and took a stick of teak wood that is usually displayed near the kitchen. Selena remembers it was a stick from her grandfather to learn every time her mother did problems in her childhood. Lyana often told her his childhood stories. And the punishment of using a stick, is a warning so that the mother remembers and obeys. The goal is not to repeat the same mistakes.

Selena's tiny eyes continue to follow Lyana's every move. When she saw Lyana holding the stick and looked angry at her. Selena has a desire to escape from there.

"Take those pants off!" Said Lyana with amgrily voice. Selena who was standing in front of hers was already shaking in fear. The little girl dutifully took off the leggings worn and the oversized thin T-shirt covered half the girl's thighs. With her hands shaking she kept pulling down the shirt awkwardly to cover her exposed thighs.

"Do you know what a shame you've done to our family? Answer me, Selena!" Lyana snaps very emotion. Her face hardened with anger.

Selena fell silent by bowing her head. Hers hands clenched on her left and right sides. She had an inkling of the mistakes she had made at Novi's house at the time. Besides, she doesn't remember doing anything wrong.

"I'm sorry, Mom." As the sound fell from her lips, a loud blow was received by Selena in her calf. Selena gasped, her fragile little legs instantly bruised.

"Hmphh!" Selena looked with her eyes wide open, the sound of pain stuck from her throat as the shock of the blow made her gasp.

Tears streamed straight out of Selena's eyes, streaming down the cheeks and falling onto the girl's chin.

It's a shame when she's accused of incompetently educating a child caught watching adult porn. When Lyana recalls the rebuke from her relatives as well as the scornful glances of the neighbors she encountered, the more inducing her unstoppable anger.

Selena tries to escape from the stick that hurts her, but her body is pressed bent over the table, her small hands firmly remated by Lyana's big hands. Lyana's sharp nails stick to the skin of Selena's hands and pierce the tender flesh of her hands.

"Mom, please... I'm sorry. It's hurts!" Selena cried with pain her body.

"Argh ... It hurts, mom!" screamed Selena gasping for breath, her breath was heard rushing between the tears and the pain that swept through her body.

"You're an embarrassing child. As a child already watched indecent videos like that!" Then the split on Selena's back grew.

Selena's cries of pain were mingled with the angry voice of Lyana's screams. Every curse was engraved in Selena's ears, lodged in the mind of the smart it girl and caused a lifelong fear that could not be lost from the girl.

"If you're already curious about something like that. I'll just marry you off. You heard, bastard!" And the staff landed hard again on the lower right waist near Selena's stomach. Makes her look up with her eyes wide open, as if her stomach had risen up her throat.

It hurts, it hurts!

Her stomach churned like she was being stirred, then she vomited bitter bile from her mouth, staining Selena's jaw and the floor beneath her.

"Stop .... Selena is sorry .... I'm sorry, Mom~"

Hers low voice was blocked her crying. Selena painstakingly squeezes a sentence of forgiveness, but Lyana won't listen. "School ... Selena wants to go to school." Even if she doesn't know the meaning of her mother's words, the word married sounds bad in her ears right now.

"No need to go to school. It's useless, you motherfuckers don't have brains!" Lyana keeps whipping the stick into Selena's body. Hers calves, back and buttocks are already starting to numb. Selena couldn't stand the constant pain she felt.

"I'm sorry, Mom. Please~ Don't... Don't hit me again... No repeat... Hmph!" Selena crieds with trembled voice.

In the end, the beaten-up Selena begins to lose consciousness. The girl's head was drooping limply and her powerless body slumped down on the cold floor.

'If you're still embarrassing me, I'm going to break your leg, you're deformed and you can't go anywhere else. You heard me, Selena!" The last time before Lyana stopped, she threatened her daughter while throwing the stick to the floor, then she left the living room leaving Selena with a shaky body.

Before Selena fainted, she forced herself to nod off and promised to remember the her mother warning and would never repeat the same mistake.

Doesn't embarrass her family.

I promise ... I promise you, mom.


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