Selena Anastasya/C14 It's My Fault
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Selena Anastasya/C14 It's My Fault
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C14 It's My Fault

Rayhan, who had been standing outside, rushed into the house, carrying Selena's limp body into his daughter's room.

"I'm sorry, Selena." Whisper Rayhan near Selena's ear. Guilt infects his feelings. So much so that even the grown man couldn't help but notice his daughter in a scary bruise.

Warda, who had just arrived with Cristine, froze to see Selena limp and pass out in Rayhan's arms. Cristine's mother then stepped into the house holding her daughter's hand, following Rayhan's steps into Selena's room.

Cristine hugged a brown mini teddy bear tightly on her chest, her round eyes flushed and glazed, ready to cry loudly.

"Mother~" Cristine's call began to sob.

Warda grabs her daughter, taking her closer to Selena's small mattress. And she sits the sweet girl next to Selena who has passed out. Even though the girl is unconscious, the sore moans of her tiny lips are still audible.

Warda sheds a sad tear. Seeing Selena's delirious state in bed, makes her unable to, and at the same time feel sorry for her.

"Mr. Rayhan... Selena can treated at my house first. Let me help treat heal her wounds," said the grown woman it with a trembling voice and her pair of eyes sincerely pleaded with the man beside her.

Rayhan nodded, his eyes swollen from helplessness, in these circumstances, he could do nothing. He grabbed Selena who kept in fear and carried her daughter in her arms. As a result of the man's inadvertent carelessness, he hurt his own daughter to this end.

I'm sorry, Selena.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

She had just turned eleven, when Selena received her punishment for the first time. From a mother she believed would never hurt.


"I'll leave my daughter at your house, Warda. Until Lyana calms down again. Later, I'll pick Selena up myself." Rayhan said while kissing Selena's forehead softly, then he left reluctantly from Cristine's house.

"Mother. Hiks... Selena... Please. Huhuhu..." Cristine still cries out in tears as she hugs Selena's restless body on her bed, trying to calm her best friend.

That night Selena had a fever due to injuries all over her body that she suffered. In her sleep, the little girl would mutter sorry to Lyana.

Cristine, who was sleeping next to her, held her tight and broke down in tears.

That night she promised to take care of Selena, so as not to feel any more pain, as she is now.

Almost a month later Selena was at Cristine's house. Her tiny face was tremors, her eyes filled with fear. When she sees the phone, Selena will cry out loud and roar in pain. Even though that time her wounds were healed.

When Lyana tried to carry him. Selena increasingly hugged Warda tightly and her hand grabbed Cristine's hand, as if it were the only hand that would never hurt her.

However, when she saw Lyana's hand almost touching Cristine's hand, Selena began to struggle. With tears streaming down her, she grabbed Lyana's hand and asked her mother to take her home immediately.

Selena fears Lyana will hurt Cristine, like how she hurt herself.

Lyana hugged Selena attentively, and fondly stroked her daughter's fine hair. Act like he didn't do anything to his own daughter.

Selena immersed her face into her mother's shoulder, hiding her sore eyes from the world.



"Sister," Call Marco again.

Daydreaming Selena immediately snapped as her shoulders were patted from her right side.

Hers head turned, "Marco..."

Am I daydreaming again?

When Selena remembers it the stick that hurt her body so badly. The girl will continue to remember events from her childhood.

It wasn't just a reminder of her mother's fears. But now, it's also a warning to Selena, that she should always remember the threat and also the fact that it's the source of her fear that she's feeling right now.

Never embarrass her family, don't disappoint her parents and always obey her mother's every word.

"Sister keeps stirring hers food. Look, it's been like porridge," Marco pointed to the rice on the plate with her chin.

"I am confused by the work to come. Do you want to eat? I'll take it."

Marco shook his head, he went into the kitchen to pick up a chainsaw in his father's toolbox. As he entered, he saw her elder sister staring dazed from the teak stick on display in the dining room.

The little boy then sighs guilty. Although he did not see the incident firsthand, he had heard about her elder sister being beaten to death by his mother. The incident was widely discussed because his older sister was caught watching indecent things with her friend.

Despite being honest with him, he didn't believe in it. His older sister was so shy, everyone knew that. Committing despicable acts like watching an adult movie, is not the nature of his older sister. But unfortunately, other than him, no one believed in his older sister.

"Have you started working at Uncle Burhan's place?" asked Selena to her younger brother after he saw what Marco was holding.

Two days ago, Maya came to her house and told her that Andre's house was being renovated. Since Marco is the only man in the house, Maya asks Marco to come help.

Although Marco is still in elementary school, he can already work and make enough money to share with Selena.

"Yes, it is. Do you want to come? Aunt Maya keeps asking about you, sis. Auntie says you don't go there very often."

Blame Andre for bothering me! Selena's inner grumbling loudly.

"Mom was there, right? So I'm going to take care of the house today. Tell Aunt Maya I'll be there next week, Marc."

"I'll tell Aunt Maya. Then I'll go," Marco said. Before leaving, he kissed the back of Selena's hand politely.

Only to his older sister, Marco will turn meek. This is very different from his attitude towards people he doesn't like. Marco will show it clearly.

In Lyana for example, where Marco would behave that way to his own mother.

"Be careful at work, Marco," murmured Selena as she watched her young brother leave. Which Marco certainly can't hear.


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