Selena Anastasya/C15 Reasons For Refusing
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Selena Anastasya/C15 Reasons For Refusing
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C15 Reasons For Refusing

Lucas was in the student council room when the knock on the door from outside was heard. Without lifting his head the man said, "Come in."

Selena poked her head, peered through the crack in the open door into the room and found a teenager she already knew sitting there.

With nervous steps and cold sweat running down her back, the girl stood before Lucas. Although she guessed that the man knew of her arrival, it seems that his seniors are not yet willing to talk to hers. She did not know why she was told to come into this student council room by the man in front of her.

When hers classmates tell her about Lucas calling, she gets a cynical stare and an unpalatable whisper from the girls in the classroom.

She's not feeling well about that. Being called by Lucas who has a lot of fans from the school environment is not something she wants to experience. But somehow the story goes, this man can even remember it even though it Incident happened a few days ago.

"Senior Lucas, are you calling me?" asked Selena in a formal tone. However, this guy's not the guy she jokes about anyway, is she?

So other than that she doesn't have the option of being polite and formal, she can't talk randomly without knowing ethics, if she doesn't want to get into trouble in the future.

Lucas looked up, the ballpoint pen he was holding was placed on the table. "Why did you refuse a recruitment letter to be part of a student council?" the man asked directly to the point.

Selena was stunned. There's no way this cold man would call her just for this ridiculous excuse, right?

But it looks like the guy's serious, judging by his flat expression without that smile.

"I am..." Should she speak to tell the truth, if the reason she refused was because she didn't want to be bothered by the trivialities of hers activities while joining the Student Council. Roughly, when he's telling the truth, this man wouldn't possibly have killed her on the spot right?

Realizing her silly thoughts had just been made, Selena shook her head loudly, "I've joined the PMR club, Senior." she replied sounding logical.

Lucas raises his eyebrows, looking for lies from the little face of the girl in front of him. "Why?"

"Hahh...?" What does that mean why? Didn't she speak clearly?

"Then what if you join PMR club too?"

There's no excuse. Selena's inner confused.

Doesn't every student have his or her own right to join the club activities they want to go to. And she also has her own reasons for choosing to join the PMR club only.

She doesn't have enough time for that. Going to school while working in the past days alone has been a lot of time and effort. Especially in addition to this new activity. There is, will exhausted herself due to exhaustion with a lot of activities.

But other people don't need to know about it, do they?

"I don't have time to spare to join other activities." In the end Selena replied half-honestly.

Lucas doesn't like that answer, judging by the look on his hardened face. It was only this time that a student who refused a clear recruitment letter came on the recommendation of himself personally.

It's not without reason that Lucas personally wanted to attract Selena to be part of the student council. In addition, the uncle brought this girl up as a smart girl and a candidate for this year's scholarship. It was the girl's handwriting that made Lucas ultimately interested too.

Selena has very beautiful handwriting. During his time in school, perhaps it was the handwriting that fascinated him during his stay in this city.

He's been thinking about what position would be useful for this talented girl. But something he couldn't have thought would happen in his life, really came true after he met this girl too. A rejection.

"In one week of extracurricular activities, you only participate in one activity. Don't you think joining a student council is an honor?"

Selena sighed. If it was another student, it would be very interested to be a part of the student council. Especially with the fact of being able to meet Lucas every day. But unfortunately, what Lucas is talking about is Selena. A girl who doesn't like to mingle with strangers and doesn't want her life to be bothered.

"I'm sorry, I still reject Senior Lucas. I have a reason that does not allow me to be active in student council activities."

Got rejected twice, making Lucas ultimately unable to contain his patience. Being patient with a woman has already crossed his normal limits. If he doesn't feel irritated and angry, then Lucas is not his name.

"Get out!"

One cold greeting made Selena shiver. The girl bit her lip uncomfortable. However, she had no choice but to politely resign from it. "I'm sorry."

After Selena disappeared from the room, an angry Lucas began to frown.

This is the first time, he lost control just because of a woman. And that's something he hates so much.

"Uncle values

the girl too highly." Lucas said, pulling his mouth full of insults.

If it wasn't for the excessive praise of his own uncle, who was in fact the principal, Lucas wouldn't have thought of the possibility of him personally recruiting someone he didn't know enough.

But he lost to his uncle's persuasion. Just because the girl is smart and has beautiful handwriting, she loses her own judgment in judging someone.


"What's Senior Lucas talking about?"

Some girls immediately pull Selena up in a chair, and they swarm the girl with lots of questions that make Selena dizzy.

"We're just talking about getting into a student council club," Selena replied briefly. However, news of her refusing to enter the student council group will be heard later. Instead of hers friends accusing her of being a liar, it's better if she tells them what really happened.

Even if they know it or not it's none of her business, she still worries about her friends' anger if they find out from others that she has just rejected the student council president's proposal.

"You signed up? Then what's the answer? Just now Bintang were rejected on the spot by senior Ben because you know..." Dewi whispered in Selena's ear very slowly. Bintang is very keen to go after Lucas' seniors.


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