Selena Anastasya/C16 Mom's Permission?
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Selena Anastasya/C16 Mom's Permission?
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C16 Mom's Permission?

Selena wasn't so surprised by Bintang who intends to enroll as a student council member. Because ever since that girl walked into the classroom, she's already announced herself with confidence that she won't be rejected. The confidence that one of hers friends had was beyond her imagination. She could not imagine how embarrassed she would be, if rejected outright by hers seniors.

"I just asked him a glimpse of his activities. But because I don't feel like I'm unsuitable, I'd rather just go to one club," Said Selena explained to her friend.

Suddenly, one of hers friends took a seat next to Selena. The shoulder-length haired girl was so enthusiastic when she asked about Lucas. Is that guy scary? Is Senior Lucas really such very cold guy? Is it true that man hates women?

On many of those questions, Selena very carefully replied, "Rumors about Lucas's senior, maybe there's a truth and it's not. You better look and talk to him to see if he's scary or not."

"It's impossible!" a cute girl shouts at the table in front of her, much to Selena's shock.


"Aw... you know, I'm going to Nana!"

"Can't not behave bars like that!" herssed Nana glaring. Hers hand is again ready to hit her cute friend if she does not control hers excessive enthusiasm.

Selena rubbed her chest in shock. That body, it can hit the table to make the pencil box scattered, it's amazing, right?

"Ai~ you may not know, if all this time none of the other female students dare to be close to Lucas seniors. Even if there is, they will not last long to simply talk to him."

"What about her female friends in the classroom?"

"There are many rumors that..."

Selena, who didn't want to get involved with the gossip, interrupted her friends, "Well, then I'm going to read this book before the doorbell starts," she said, holding up the geography package book before her eyes.

The implication is clear, Selena doesn't want to continue that discussion anymore.

"All right, all right, diligent student, just keep learning. Let's break up... Go back to your seats, guys." Dewi attentively pulls her friends away from Selena's desk. And the four girls started to continue gossiping about Lucas. Every now and then even Andre's name is heard from their chats. Which makes Selena shake her head helplessly.

Her friends have too much free time, right?


"Don't want to stop by, Ris?" Said Selena to her bestfriend.

Cristine shook hers head, "I have an appointment with the tutor today."

Selena sighed, "Weekends, if you're not busy, can I play to your house?"

Cristine remembers hers weekend schedule. Looks like she only has time to spare at night.

"After dusk, I'm at home."

"I was already working at the time," Selena said in a lethargic tone. But soon Selena flashed her smile to Cristine, "Next time maybe you have time, and we can play together."

Cristine felt guilty, "I'm sorry, Selena."

"It's okay. Treat me ice cream as an apology then."

Cristine nodded approvingly, "All right. You can choose as much ice cream as you want."

Selena laughed, "Go home. Be careful on the way."

"See you tomorrow, Selena," Cristine said before pedaling her bike home. Every morning, Cristine would come and get Selena to go together. Although Cristine was able to get her best friend behind her, Selena insisted on walking for health reasons. As a result, every time they leave for school, Cristine will put hers bike in Selena's house.

Selena looked on her rusty bike. Helaan's breathing sounded loud when she needed a few hundred thousand more to be able to buy a new bike.

"I'm home."

Selena went inside the house and saw her mother already sitting resting while watching television.

On Fridays, Lyana's hours are early. That's why when Selena came in, the girl was standing right next to her mother.

"Mom, have you eaten?"

Lyana was holding a remote in her hand and her sharp gaze was directed straight at the glowing screen in front of her. "There's fried fish on the table, spend it. After that go to grandma's house, bring the handlebars on the table there."

Selena slinged her bag tightly. To be able to taste the cuisine from her mother's hands is something she's always looking forward to.

"Selena's going to spend it all. Thank you, Mom."

"No need to scream, mom's not deaf!"

Selena was so excited that she didn't realize her legs were running towards the kitchen. The girl was so happy that her mother's nagging wasn't listened to.


On the way to her grandmother's house, Selena crosses paths with Indra who is none other than Andre's friend. If the man was there, it's certain that Andre wasn't far away either.

"Where are you going?"

"Oh, my God!" Selena was stunned. She immediately turned around, and found Andre's face right in front of her.

You scared the out of me! said the girl, who didn't hesitate to hit Andre's arm hard. Instead of being angry, the young man just briefly shakes and catches Selena's hand with no intention of stopping her beating.

"It hurts, Selena. Stop," he said.

"It's your fault! It almost gave me a heart attack. Can't you show up the normal way? What a pain in the ass!"

Andre laughs, his eyes curled as he was happy to prank Selena. "All right, all right, I'm not going to do it again. I promise."

"Hmp!" Selena snorted, but smiled as she continued her good-looking tally. Let's just say this guy doesn't change his attitude, doesn't having a normal friendship like this sound good.

But it's okay, she also can't be too greedy wanting a lot of things right?

With Andre being sometimes sane like this alone has made her grateful.

"I want to go to Grandma's house. And you? Why are you here?"

Andre put his hand in his pants pocket. He signaled through his eyes to Indra to leave first. "Voly practice."

"Ah..." Selena understands. The badminton court and voly are not far around here. So it's no wonder Andre showed up, too.

"Then you can go now. I also have to hurry to grandma's house."

"Weekends, you don't forget, do you? I'll pick you up straight home and ask aunt Lyana for permission."

"I'm going to have to ask you What are you going to do asking mom's permission?" asked a bewildered Selena. She forgot Andre's invitation which she agreed to without hesitation at the time.

An amused Andre then pokes Selena's forehead out loud, "You've agreed to accompany myself for a walk."


"No rejection," interses Andre quickly, "I've made sure you don't have a weekend morning shift. Don't break your promise, Selena," he said last time. Leaving Selena speechable, alone.

"I must be crazy to accept that man's invitation without asking this."


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