Selena Anastasya/C17 Don't Hate It
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Selena Anastasya/C17 Don't Hate It
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C17 Don't Hate It

Actually, the village where her younger brother and her grandmother lived is still one place where Andre lives.

If Selena happens to stop by grandma's house, she'll meet Andre there. In the kindergarten. The direction of the road that was passed to get to the grandmother's house happened to be in front of Andre's housing complex. Then it's customary, if Andre and Selena meet there by accident. Moreover, around the complex, there is a public field that is usually used as a place to exercise every afternoon.

By the time Selena walked across the street to her grandmother's house. Marco, who was on a mango tree with Erick, saw the beautiful girl's arrival with a happy expression.

"Sister...!" Call the boy excited from the top of the mango tree.

"Marco, get down." Selena waved her arms in the air, telling the two boys on the tree to approach her.

Marco was fostered from a young age and lived with his grandparents who were in fact Lyana's birth parents. After her grandfather's death, it was Marco who was responsible for taking care of Lina's deteriorating health. The younger brother did not want to live with his parents even though Rayhan asked his own son to move into the main house.

But Marco subtly rejected the proposal.

Although Marco was thirteen years old, her young brother had already carried out the task of managing the fields inherited from his grandfather. Sometimes Selena will come to help if at home she doesn't have a job.

In his spare time, Marco has his own activities after school. The boy began to look after the fields now planted with corn and beans as an additional livelihood.

Despite his young age, Marco is not the same as children his age. Thanks to their grandfather's upbringing, the boy became strong and hardworking.

Erick followed his best friend down with the mangoes he had picked into the house.

Selena is no stranger to the boy - who once said he would marry Selena when he was growing up - who is in fact the older sister of his own best friend; Marco.

"*Noona...!" called Eric in a loud voice.

By the way, Marco's best friend was an out-of-town kid who came to the village because of his father's work. Eric's father was a doctor who served in the subdistrict. For some reason, Marco and Eric were able to get to know each other and declare themselves best friends with each other. And the boy's been living here for about half a year. His house is in a luxury housing complex -for ordinary people- in his village, where the complex is also occupied by Andre.

*Call for older women for men in Korean.

The korean-Indonesian boy insisted on called Selena with a call from his country.

"Hey Erick, how are you?" asked Selena, rubbing Erick's head, whose hair was very soft.

"I'm good. I'm fine." replied the boy enthusiastically, "Noona, *Appa just took me to Banyuwangi. Next time, can I take Marco with us on our vacation? I want to take him to all the recreation areas there. Very nice, very beautiful. Can I, Noona?"

*Father's name is in Korean.

Selena glanced at her younger brother, "Okay. If it doesn't bother Appa Hyun, just take Marco."

"Yeayyy... You hear that Marc? Noona let you come with me," Erick told Marco. Obviously the boy was there too, of course he could hear clearly the permission of his older sister just now. But this stupid *Park Junsu is really naïve.

*Korean name Erick.

"What are you carrying, Sis?" asked Marco on the white hamper food in Selena's hands, completely ignoring Erick who started raving about his holiday trip a month ago.

"Fried fish and japcay. There's rice inside too, it's still hot. Take this to the kitchen and bring Erick to eat, Marco," She said, handing the meal to her younger brother. Without further ado, Marco pulls his best friend to go with him.

"But Noona... Hold on a second, Marc. I want to have a chat with noona first..." Erick who still wants to talk to Selena doesn't want to be taken away from there by Marco. As a result, a pull between the two boys took place.

"Noisy! Let my sister to grandma's room," Marco said while dragging the arm of his best friend who did not want to part with his older sister.

Selena laughed cutely at the adorable behavior of Erick and her young brother. Only at this moment, she will realize that Marco is the same as the boys in general. Hers younger brother would act like he was young. And she's grateful for that. Erick's visit to their village was a blessing she was very grateful for.

"Selena, is that you?" a loud voice from the direction of the room makes Selena practically walk there.

"Grandma... Stop. Just lie down, there's no need to wake up." the it girl hurriedly stopped the middle-aged woman - who was sick on the bed - from getting up to just approach her.

Lina smiles weakly, her wrinkled lips arched small as soon as she sees her granddaughter coming. "It's been a long time coming?" She asked softly.

"Just now, Grandma. Mother brought fish soup for grandma, then I'll bring it here." Selena's reply was just as gentle.

Lina then comforts herself, leaning against the headboard, "Your mom's at home, Selena?"

"Yes, Grandma. Gibran's a little cranky, that's why I didn't bring him here."

"Is he sick?"

Selena shook her head, "No... Emm, a little unwell." For the past two days, her youngest brother has been crying a lot.

Listening to those fickle answers there must be something wrong with his grandson there. She also longed to meet Gibran, "Bring your youngest brother here, Selena. Grandma misses him." Said Lina meant it.

"After this I'm going straight to work." Answer Selena with a contrite look. After she finishes feeding her grandmother, she'll go straight to work.

"If you have time to spare. It doesn't have to be now."

"Ah, all right, Grandma," replied Selena clumsily. She thinks her grandmother told her to take Gibran today. She doesn't have time to go back home.

"What about school?"

Selena sits on a bed near Lina's feet, skillfully, the girl massaging her grandmother's feet, "School smoothly. My new friends are also kind and friendly."

"That's good." Lina observes Selena's now-bowed face. Like this, she was very similar to her mother when Lyana was a girl.


"Yes... What's going on, Grandma?"

Lina strokes the back of Selena's tender hand, "Never hate what your mother has done to you."

Selena smiled, "No way. What are you thinking? How could I hate mother?"

Lina fell silent, didn't say much anymore. Perhaps, Selena is different. Her granddaughter, she hopes, has no mother-like nature. She may have failed to bring her daughter back to the way she was. And that's been hers lifelong regret until now. Let her beloved daughter change attitude to be like her hard father.

"Grandma wants to eat. Please, bring me the fish soup your mom just cooked, Selena." She can only hope that Selena will still be a girl like this. Kind and meek.


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