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C18 Name Label

In the 11th-A grade, Lucas sat in his window seat with Daniel, his cousin.

Since then, that handsome young man has been daydreaming. And Daniel who saw Lucas, so he's staring in the daze.

"You're not sick, are you, Lucas?"

Not getting a reply, Daniel fondly poked Lucas in the waist. It was only when Lucas started staring angrily at him that Daniel began to keep his hands off the young man's waist while grinning mischievously.

"I'm thinking of someone." Lucas said that Daniel can still be heard.

"That's not like you once thought of Aunt Renata at school."

"Not mommy," Lucas said while flapping Daniel's legs hard, irritated.

"No need to kick it right?!" exclaimed an angry Daniel.

Lucas ignores his cousin by turning his back. No intention of continuing to talk. Feeling sick of Daniel is sometimes amazingly stupid.

"Oh, come on. Don't sulk like that. I was wondering if you didn't tell me, Lucas."

"It's like I care," he said indifferently.

As his cousin and best friend at once, Daniel is well known for Lucas' infuriating nature. The young man in the cold stamp was none other than - in Daniel's eyes - a big man who liked to sulk. If Lucas had been like that, Daniel had his own attitude to make the handsome young man made calm and soft.

"I promise I'll buy you a gaming keyboard, Cooler Master Quickfire Pro. On the condition that you tell me what you're thinking right now. How is it?" said Daniel with his eyebrows raised.

Lucas grinned, "With Cherry MX Blue?"


That's how the deal between the two brothers worked. Lucas recounts his confusion when he met his younger junior at the time. The man recounts his absurd encounter with Selena, which after the incident, the girl's face he can't forget.

The embarrassing incident on the ceremonial field with the girl was the second most violent thing Lucas had ever experienced. That's why, when he was astonished by the strange behavior of himself who still remembers the girl in the last few moments, he couldn't stand still. There must have been something strange about him after the accidental kicking incident.

"You know the girl who made trouble with me in MOS?"

At the very least, the embarrassing incident has been known to many. So surely Daniel already knew about the incident.


Lucas nodded, "Yes, that girl."

"I've seen her in the alleyways of Dio housing," Daniel said later.

"Really?" asked Lucas in disbelief.

Daniel nodded, "I drove Dio home after we finished futsal. The girl came in the opposite direction from me on her worn out bike."

Lucas sifts through the word worn out bike and focuses on his imagination visualizing the encounters of Daniel and Selena.

"Is it possible that her house is there?" murmured Lucas unknowingly. Dio is one of his friends too. And he came to a friend's house a long time ago.

Daniel chuged a can of cola in his hand, then looked back at Lucas, "I still can't believe you remember a girl to this day."

"Do you think the sprained incident was intentional?" asked Lucas. He was also astonished by his brain which can remember Selena to this day. Although at that time he was a little disgusted, in fact he could still last a long time with the woman. Which is quite surprising to him.

Daniel looked at Lucas with a look as if his cousin was in a trance, "Why would that girl pretend to have a sprain if your face don't look good at all."

Even though at that time he couldn't see the fall scene directly, he could still guess what kind of horrible look Lucas was showing when he was watching his female junior.

Lucas's creepy expression alone could easily scare a cat into peeing.

"Do you want to die!"


Selena and the class president Fendy are in the teacher's room. The class president asked her to help him go to the academic room to take a name tag to share with each student.

"You hold this, let me take the box," said the man friendly to Selena.

Selena picked up a white paper containing the names of her classmates. "What am I supposed to do with this?"

"All you have to do is name your classmates, let them come forward with their own name tags. I'll hand it over later."

Selena nodded. Agree. The vice president of the class who used to be on duty today did not enter the school, as a result when the class president invited other class members - such as the class secretary - the girl named Devi did not want to. Because the teacher is giving the class secretary an assignment, so Selena is the one who is willing to help.

On the way upstairs, Selena accidentally sees Lucas with Daniel outside the classroom. Her two senior were sitting there with other men that Selena didn't know her name.

Daniel watches Lucas wave by his side even though it was just a girl they were talking about passing in front of them.

Since Lucas didn't mean to say hello to his younger junior, he acted indifferently when Selena and Fendy politely greeted them.

"Isn't that the girl who's making trouble with you?"

Daniel gives his friend a warning stare not to continue. But unfortunately, as if not seeing the look on Daniel's face, the man is still waiting for Lucas' answer.

Selena, who is not far from her senior, is just pushing her feet further and faster. To be clearly reminded of the incident in front of herself, she was very embarrassed to remember the incident along with hers seniors. Although the incident was a long time ago, she did not expect anyone to still bring it up.

"I don't know. No need to talk about it, I don't want to think about it anymore."

With Lucas' indifferent answer - which Selena could hear - the girl immediately brushed off the thought that Lucas, at least remembers her.

"Selena, watch your step." Fendy reminded in a surprised voice as he grabbed Selena's elbow which had just shaken. Luckily the girl didn't fall. Otherwise it's really embarrassing to fall in there right.

Selena cursed at her own daydreaming and thinking about Lucas at a time like this, "Thank you."

"Come on, you go ahead first," said the class president, telling Selena to walk in front of him. said the class leader while telling Selena to walk in front of him.


Selena stared at a name label with her name written on it. When she was done doing her job helping the class president, she took a seat in her chair again while putting the name tag on her left breast.


The so-called look aside. A young man he knew named Edo was standing by the seat. As she recalls, the man was not friendly at all with his classmates. She was quite surprised to learn that it was Edo who called her name just now.


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