Selena Anastasya/C19 Your Fault
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Selena Anastasya/C19 Your Fault
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C19 Your Fault


The so-called look aside. A young man he knew named Edo was standing by the seat. As she recalls, the man was not friendly at all with hers classmates. She was quite surprised to learn that it was Edo who called her name just now.

"What's wrong?" asked Selena with her flat face on an undying Edo.

Nana sitting in front of Selena opens her ears wide to steal the hear of the two person's unusual conversation behind her.

Edo scratches his itchy head, nervously engulfing him as a pair of clear black eyes look at him attentively. Although he is famous for his bad temperament. When dealing with a different gender like that innocent girl nearby, it makes him nervous too.

Gritting his acidic teeth, the man expressed his intention to meet Selena, "Weekends, would you not come with me to Dira Pool?"

Dira Pool that the young man referred to is none other than a public bathhouse with various facilities in the city. The tourist attraction is arguably very popular because of the korean-style restaurant that has just opened. Become to hang out place for young people who are very famous even today.

Selena was stunned. A little surprised by the Edo invitation. They are not close and cannot be considered friends either. But the invitation to take a walk was very strange according to Selena who was not used to it. Besides Andre as the man who once took her on a trip, it's because she's very close to Andre. But the one who's asking her now isn't Andre, not an acquaintance, but an Edo. Compared to the Andre she already knew, went with Edo? Impossible!

Selena anxiously pinned up her long skirt with a jitter. How should she turn down the invitation? She had never been in a situation like this before. And she felt bad if she refused.

"How is it?" asked Edo again starting to get impatient. In order to wait for the girl to accept his invitation, he tried to be patient, although in fact, patience is not a word that can be juxtaposed with his name. If it wasn't for him betting with his gangmates, he wouldn't be acting as silly as he just did with this girl.

However, as the lure of a pack of cigarettes and a set of porn videos awaited him after this was drooling in his head, he couldn't give up before successfully taking the girl away with him at the weekend.

Judging from the girl's shy demeanor, it was too impossible for his to be rejected. Even though he's known as a delinquent in this class, he's very confident with his looks that are no less handsome.

Wouldn't girls at this time feel happy if a boy like him came to get close?

Unfortunately, the girl Edo approaches is Selena. A girl who is anti-social and cannot just travel without the permission of her parents.

"Sorry Edo, I can't," replied Selena not daring to look up at her classmates.

Silence struck shortly before then a cry of disbelief came out of the young man.



Cristine nudged Selena's shoulder a little hard. "Listen, what did I just say?" She said with a glare.

"Ah, what?"

"Selena ... What's wrong with you?" Rebuked Cristine again, "Since earlier I've noticed, you keep daydreaming all the time. Do you have a problem?"

Selena shook her head. Her lips were pulled up as she smiled faintly at her best friend. "No, I have no problem at all."

"Then why isn't your mind focused?"

"It's just your feelings Ris." Said Selena denied, "You said you were going to a night camp with a student council member, right? So when is that?" She asked, changing the subject.

Cristine rested hers head on the dashboard of the bed. "I thought you didn't listen to what I just said," She said sounding annoyed.


"The plan is to hold at the end of March. This camp was held to welcome new student council members this year. If there is no more schedule change, Ben said it will be 3 days stay."

"I'll see you later."

"Must be Selena. I want you to come even if it's just a moment. Let me talk to the mother later, so you can come together to see me being appointed as a member of the student council."

"Let's hope I'm not on the night shift working."

Cristine picks up the peeled dragon fruit on a plate using a toothpick. Then eat it slowly before returning to talk. "Just try that moment you're willing to accept Lucas's senior invitation, Selena. We can be together."

Selena opened her mouth, accepted the fruit from Cristine's hand, ".

Selena opened her mouth, receiving a fruit from Cristine's hand, "I already refused." And it seems like senior Lucas is still pissed off with me about that. She continued in hers heart

"It's your fault!"

"My fault?" Selena asked, confused.

"Of course," Cristine squealed, hers hands folded in front of her chest as the pretty girl began to frown, "Just try not to do that part-time job again. You'll be able to go with me, Selena. Wasn't it the last time you told me you were going to stop working, when you entered high school?"

"Ris..." Call Selena helpless.

"But where's the proof. I was forced to take some private lessons to ease my boredom in case you were busy working. Once you get to work, we'll lose play time."

"Hey ... We've talked about this okay?"

Although Cristine knows that sulking at a time like this is practically useless. She still can't contain her anger at Selena who she considers to be reneging on a promise. Struggling with the private lessons she comes to every day makes her saturated and fed up. From the beginning, she didn't like to learn. Everybody knows that. But because of the decisions made by hers best friend in junior high school, she didn't have any fun playmates who could accompany her every day

That is why, when one of hers friends invited her to take a lesson that hers friend was attending, she was forced to join. Although the reason behind her willingness is nothing but to drive away the saturation of playing alone because in staying Selena works.


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