Selena Anastasya/C2 My Father, In Prison?
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Selena Anastasya/C2 My Father, In Prison?
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C2 My Father, In Prison?

Selena sits very anxiously with her youngest brother; Gibran, on the porch. She's been there since she was waiting for her mother's return, which this morning went into town with Andre.

Gibran, a two-year-old baby boy, dutifully sits on Selena's lap, the adorable baby's clear round eyes staring curiously at her older sister.

Selena, whose eyes were slightly veiled from crying all night, ducked down, kissed Gibran's forehead affectionately.

"God, please... Proteck my family."

She placed her chin on top of Gibran's innocent little head. Selena is very worried thinking about her family's condition which is now in a big disaster.

If only she could help. Surely Selena is willing to give anything to make her family look happy, without this kind of unrest. But Selena is aware of her weaknesses now.

After all, what could a student like him who had just graduated from junior high school do?


There's nothing Selena can do, other than just pray for her family to always be okay.

When her father said goodbye to the woods as usual for work, her father - unlike usual - suddenly came home late. It wasn't until one of his neighbors brought the bad news to their house, that Selena found out that her father was being taken into police custody downtown.

At the time, Selena, Marco and her mother were in the field. His neighbor, who was also one of the victims of illegal logging arrests, came to tell the terrible and sudden news to her mother; Lyana Anastasya.

The neighbor told her that the father had been sent to the police station. Neither Selena nor the mother could hide their concerns and anxieties about the bad news. Without anyone's support, Lyana has to deal with her husband's problems entangled in a case alone.

Besides Rayhan who still has empathy and willingness to ask his friends for help, Lyana is the opposite. The adult woman does not have many friends who can easily help her distress. Otherwise, how could Lyana's very beautiful and refined figure have to struggle to work in the hot sun?

Besides the best friend that Lyana has the only one, she doesn't have anyone to count on. As a result, as soon as news of Rayhan's arrest spread to all the people in the village, Lyana was forced to ask her best friend Maya, Andre's mother.

Unfortunately at the time, Maya and her husband were not home. There's only Andre and Dina that Lyana already knows living with her maid in that house. After obtaining Maya's permission, Andre is willing to take Selena's mother to the courthouse in the city.

The sound of the motorcycle being turned off made Selena jolt up from the daydreams. With Gibran in her sling, Selena stepped up.

Lyana had just come from downtown, where her husband's trial was over. As soon as she walked into the house, Lyana ignored Selena who was silently motionless at the door.


Selena sees her mother who appears to be in no condition, she realizes that the problem is getting worse this time.

What's going on? her inner state is sad.

She rarely sees her put on such a desperate face. No matter how destitute their lives were, her mother would never bow her head, never put up such a desperate look.

For Selena, Lyana's formidable figure is what she's always seen and etched deep into her mind. Until the end... The figure she considered tough, began to show weakness in front of her. Selena began to feel unprecedented fear.

But maybe it's just her instinct to think disaster is coming to their house. And she hopes her sharp instincts will go wrong this time.

Andre was just about to leave when Selena's panicked voice was heard later, stopping him from riding his motorbike.

The teenager who is one year older than Selena is still sitting on his motorbike. The teenager also glanced at Selena who was hurriedly approaching him.

"What?" asked Andre with an indifferent expression and a familiar voice to Selena.

But Selena doesn't think Andre's attitude is unusual. She asked nervously and hugged Gibran tightly in her arms, "How ... How the result?"

Andre raises his eyebrows, waiting for Selena to finish her speech with her sharp but gentle gaze for the girl.

"My father ... How is he, Andre?" asked Selena again with a stutter but Andre could understand it.

"Declared guilty and sentenced to one and a half years in prison." Andre replied straightforwardly and didn't cover anything from Selena

However, this girl has a right to know about her father's condition.

Selena is stunned, she unknowingly frowns, her lips tremble as the girl asks again, trying to make sure she returns, "My father ... in prison?"

Andre didn't answer, he just looked at Selena with her face now very sad, the angle of the pretty girl's eyes reddened and filled with tears. Ready to shed a cry.

But selena stubbornly didn't let her tears fall. Crying in front of Andre is like showing this guy hers weakness. Selena doesn't want that. Stamped as weak girl by this man again.

"If you want to cry. Just cry, I won't laugh at you, Selena." Andre said in his soft voice. He reached out, wanting to grab Selena's face, but the girl - as usual - stepped back, avoiding Andre's reach.

Andre's hand can only reach for the empty air and his soft eyes disappear, replaced by a creepy cold look.

Selena didn't notice the sudden change in expression from Andre's face.

Before the girl went back inside the house, she sincerely thanked the young man in front of her.

"Andre, thank you very much. I'll go inside the house first."

From the beginning Selena had no intention of offering Andre to stay.

All this time, even though Andre was the one who always helped hers, she heard what Novi had to say to her at the time. Selena is more afraid of Andre now, than impressed at all the men's acts of kindness.

'Selena, Andre doesn't really really protect you. You've got to see that guy's real face.'

Andre didn't go right from there, he waited a while in front of Selena's house. When he saw Selena was inside the house, he turned on his bike and left.

Only the wind knows what he just told himself.

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