Selena Anastasya/C20 Don't Like This Place
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Selena Anastasya/C20 Don't Like This Place
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C20 Don't Like This Place

At nine o'clock in the morning on the weekend, Andre came to Selena's house. The young man looked fashionable in the clothes he was wearing. White long-sleeved T-shirt and navy blue denim pants. His tall and handsome figure is striking in the residential neighborhood.

Selena, who was out carrying rubbish in hand, was surprised by Andre's arrival in front of her house. Compared to Andre who looks neat and fragrant, the girl looks creased with her long hair rolled up originally.

"You're not ready yet?" asked Andre walking closer.

Selena stretched her arms forward, stopping Andre from standing close to her, "Stop there," she said with her face still in shock, "I thought you were just kidding when you said you were going to take me for a walk this weekend. Are you serious?"

Andre scrunched, his hands crossed to his chest, his face looking annoyed, "You think I'm joking?" he said not like, "I told you today I'm going to ask you out."

Selena sighs weakly. The mistake was to accept Andre's invitation without asking where she was going first. Now, when she feels tired from working the previous day and getting her day off on the weekends instead of resting at home, she should instead go out with this guy.

What the hell was I thinking when I said yes? Selena's inner frustration. Because it's already done, she can't just send Andre home. With the temperament that the man has, it can be sure that Andre will be very angry with her later. And making this man in front of her angry is not what she wants. Given his anger Andre is arguably incredibly scary.

"I have to take a shower first. If you don't mind, can you wait a minute?"

Andre did not immediately respond. His sharp gaze sees Selena from head to toe. It wasn't until a few moments that he was content to see, a grinned smile etched on his lips, ready to scoff, "What's the shower for? Just get out of the way. You're still beautiful even if you don't shower for days, Selena."

"Why if it's you talking, I feel like you're making more fun of me than flattering me?"

Andre chuckled. Without warning, he took the garbage package from Selena's hand. "Hurry and go. Don't take your bath for too long. I don't like to wait." he said arrogantly, pushing Selena's shoulder back into the house.

Selena almost cursed when the push on the shoulder she received sent her tumbling forward. "You don't have to push too hard, right? You think your strength doesn't look like elephant muscles?!" She said angrily.

Andre stares back at Selena's soft head. His smile is sincere when he feels happiness just because of their recent interactions. Selena's right. If only he hadn't had a fickle attitude towards the girl, maybe they'd go on like this. Joking with each other without any coercion.

Unfortunately his grumpy nature has been ingrained from birth. He's not the kind of person who can easily be patient when dealing with other people. The genes of his father made him have a tough attitude and no patience at all. But even so, if it's Selena, he tries not to be too harsh in his attitude. Because he knows that the hard attitude he has will only keep Selena away from him. Just like old times. Or like these last few moments.

Her weak Selena can't be roughed up. Because the girl has had enough of the violence of those closest to her. And he, must have a caring attitude in order for Selena to believe in him.

Andre stares at the ground beneath his feet as a faint shadow passes through his eyes. The desire and vile look was leaked he recalled his intention to approach Selena. Get the girl completely and then destroy her with his own hands. No matter how sincere he feels about loving Selena, he shouldn't feel sorry just for the love he feels for the girl.

Because love for him is only fake.


"It's here, get down," Andre commands while removing the helmet from his head. Selena followed behind him, took off hers helmet and handed it to Andre.

"Pool?" asked a astonished Selena. If Andre really wanted to take his swimming, he should have said that. At least she can bring a change of clothes. But she was skeptical that Andre would take her swimming together here. And even more improbable, she wants to swim with that guy.

Andre reached out, grabbed Selena's palm and pulled her up. "Don't just stand like a fool here!"

"Let go of Andre," Selena said, stressing of her voice, "You don't have to lead me. I can walk on my own."

However Andre ignores Selena's orders and pretends not to be aware of the girl's discomfort.

"Noisy! Just shut up and follow me," he said.

Selena watched around her, where a lot of people started looking up at her. Looks like those guys think she's having a fight with Andre because of hers struggle to escape Andre's death now.

"You won," said Selena relenting in the end. She looked at the hands of those who are now intertwined. If she remembers, hers physical contact with men during this time will always be Andre's man. Although she has often reminded this man in front of her not to be alone in hers behavior, her subtle warnings are never heeded. As if whatever she said, Andre didn't even take it seriously.

Selena was embarrassed to come to such a luxurious and overly bright place. It's as if she's been reminded that this glittering world has nothing to do with her. The contrast between some of the people she sees around, when compared to hers appearance, it is just like her existence tarnishes the beauty of the place.

Indeed, in addition to her modest appearance, the visitors she sees have a glamorous appearance as well as fragrance.

"Order whatever you want, Selena. And stop daydreaming, try to enjoy it, even though I know a crowded place like this makes you uncomfortable."

Selena raised her head and said, "You know I don't like this place, but still bring me here?" she asked. Andre's habit of this one really makes her have the illusion that the other side is pranking her. She doesn't like crowded places and is surrounded by people, Andre knows that, but instead of avoiding places she doesn't like when taking her for a walk out, this guy does the opposite.

Andre raised his hand, calling out to a waitress, "What am I doing for your own good, Selena. If you don't get used to a crowded environment like this, you think, living in a quiet place and rarely interacting with others is the right action?"


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