Selena Anastasya/C3 Incident At School
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Selena Anastasya/C3 Incident At School
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C3 Incident At School

In a Glantangan village in Jember, there is the only high school in the area.

The best A accredited public school, has a beautiful environment with several trimbesi trees or also known as rain trees growing around the school area. Some of them are even used as shelter for students when they arrive at the time of return.

A plaque reading SMA Negeri Cempaka 01 with obsolete writing is affixed to the front entrance of the school.

The building with a land area of 5000m2 it has several complete facilities.

The small mosque is located on the left near the parking lot and the building that says BK room is the only building adjacent to the mosque.

In front of the BK building is the teacher's office and the principal's office.

The school has a box-shaped and multi-storey building, the left wing of the building from the front entrance on the lower floor is a classroom 12-A to grade 12-D, at the far end of the stairs on the right there is a special toilet for teachers. And on the right wing of the building there are grades 12-E, school cooperatives, science laboratory rooms, computer rooms, cooperatives, student council rooms, UKS and others.

The school building on the upper floor starts from the front, there are grades 11-A through grade 11-E. Following behind the building is grades 10-A through grade 10-E. And the student toilets are right behind it.

In the middle of the school building, there is a ceremonial field.

Today is the moment when a new student is running his or her last Student Orientation Period (MOS).

It can be seen from the innocent faces of the new students who now use various decorations from hats made of plastic balls and necklaces from candy. Not to be missed, the hair of the female schoolgirls in two, left and right locks. As well as scribble moreng on both cheeks with a red and white color that symbolizes the national flag of Indonesia.

The students were marching in groups according to their classes. In front of the new students, there were some seniors who were doing instruction and things - other sucks - for the new students.

Selena Tsabina, age 15 years old. Including the new students standing in the scorching sun, in the 10-B grade group.

Selena has a thin body as high as 158 cm, her skin color is yellow langsat typical of Indonesian women. She has beautiful, round eyes with clear dark slicing, as well as shoulder-length straight black hair. Her face looks sweet with a glimpse; comment Dewi's new friend. A beautiful compliment according to Anggun as the pimply woman stares long at Selena's oval face during their first meeting.

Due to Selena's shy nature, she often bows her head at all times. Selena doesn't like to talk about things she doesn't think are necessary and the girl finds it very difficult to hang out with friends around her.

In fact, even during recess, Selena would simply choose to be in class or go to the library through the back street and spend her rest there.

Selena is like that. From a young time she was not very good at talking, and seemed afraid of strangers she had just met.

But if that person knows Selena very well, the difference in the girl's nature is very different.

Who would believe that the girl's good looks and innocence, there is a mischievous and mischievous nature that is able to irritate those closest to her. Including cristine, the best friend.

Who would believe that behind the girl's kind and innocent face, there is a mischievous and naughty nature capable of irritating those closest to her. Including for Cristine, her best friend.

Unfortunately, ever since Selena started high school, she and Cristine started being in different classes. Hers best friend was in 10-C this year. Although her classes are next to each other, it doesn't help assuage the nervousness Selena feels. Because since she was in elementary school, Cristine was her classmate all this time.


"Selena, has a caterpillar in your hair."

Selena ignores the noise behind her. The girl remains standing with her back straight in place, indifferent.

Soon the sound was heard again.

"Selena the skirt you're wearing is hollow, your panties look. Wow, it's red, it's a picture of a giraffe anyway." And a annoying giggling voice is heard in the back, but Selena, continues to ignore the deeply disturbing scorn.

My pants are plain and color gray! Can you shut the up! Selena said in her heart. But her face remained flat as if she wasn't bothered.

But her annoying friends won't let Selena go. It's as if before the quiet Selena turns angry and makes an embarrassing fuss, the girls behind Selena won't stop pranking her.

"Bi, in vain you're teasing that country girl. See, how she ignores your scorn. Stop, don't be shy." Reprimanded another girl who thought that Selena was too scared to choose to pretend to be deaf.

Bintang, who was standing behind Selena, chose not to listen to her friend's sn other. Boldly, Bintang began mocking Selena even more outrageously.

"Selena do you know Darwin's theory, you know that?" The whispers of the Bintang is right in the girl's ear, "I didn't believe it, but when I saw you I believed the theory. Your face looks the same as a monkey hahaha..." She added later with laughter followed around her. For her attitude, some of the students turned to them, precisely Selena who had chosen to remain silent.

Being the object of innuendo on the first day of school, is not what Selena wants. Because she can no longer bear to hear Bintang banter from behind her which makes her sultry.

Selena has a desire to turn around and punch Bintang cranky mouth which irritates her. Seriously she can't stand it!

Just watch out! Selena thought angrily.

Suddenly her right shoulder was pressed by a strong hand, Selena who was already emotional and thought that Bintang was the one who came back to disturb her then turned back and kicked the person hard right in the leg.


Loud shouting and profanation pierced her ears. Selena was shocked, by her eyes wide open, her flat face looking pale, and her heart crackling in panic at feeling guilty.

Damn! What did I just do?!

"What are you doing. Damn it!" The sound of the sound groaned in pain. The handsome man holds onto his kicked leg, which is now throbbing in pain.

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