Selena Anastasya/C4 Unintentional Noise
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Selena Anastasya/C4 Unintentional Noise
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C4 Unintentional Noise

Selena looked on with a stunned face at a very handsome teenager nearby. The man's body was towering in front of her. The foreign man wears a blue cloth on his right shoulder, he appears to be bending his back while holding his left leg which she has kicked.

Selena feels sorry for what she did just now. She immediately ducked down and apologized, "I'm sorry, senior. I didn't mean it, I-I guess..."

Not finished Selena apologized to the teenage boy, moments later and then from her side, a woman's voice was heard loudly yelling at her.

A girl, wearing a high school blazer, appears to be walking hastily towards Selena and the man who gets kicked, the look on the girl's face looking anxious as she asks, "Lucas, are you okay?"

The man called Lucas then straightened his back which was bent. The pain in his knee slowly began to not hurt anymore. He was just about to reprimand his junior, before he was then startled by one of his friends who pushed that student to the ground.

"How dare you hit your seniors! Search for death, huh!" The woman shouted with an angry face towards Selena.

Byanca then hard pushed Selena's body until the girl fell on the grass. Selena, unprepared for the sudden push, fell down with her right hand first.

Selena's mouth squealed under her breath when the throbbing pain she felt from her right wrist. When she looked closely, her wrists were red and bruised, her little finger was also stiff. Looks like she sprained her hand.

In pain, Selena tries to hold her right wrist as hard as she can, but her pale face and pain-stifle condition betray her une doing well.

Damn, my hand hurts! Said Selena wants to faint.

Lucas, who saw the new student fall, driven by Byanca, suddenly gets annoyed. This flirty woman likes to interfere with his business.

Lucas stared coldly at Byanca. His handsome face looks fierce. With bulging eyes, Lucas staring glanced displeasedly at Byanca, who has been clinging spoiled beside him.

Lucas let go of Byanca's hand roughly. With a terrible look he said coldly, "Get away from me. You're disgusting!" He said it without feeling.

Lucas walks up to the new student who kicked him just now. The girl's still holding on to her position, not moving on.

Lucas squinted, looking flatly at the girl. His tall body stood in front of Selena and kept on her knees. Although he knew the girl was in need of help, Lucas had no intention of reaching out to help Selena. The man yelled at Selena out coldly. Judging by the expression on Lucas's handsome face that looks hardened, it can be known that the teenager was really upset.

And the cause of his resentment was none other than the girl underneath.

"Get up! Until when do you keep sitting there new students. You don't know how to respect your seniors!"

Some curious students stole the lyrics to just look at the commotion. Because, this is the first time they saw the student council president of Cempaka school who was indifferent to talk a lot, and even showed real annoyance like today.

Selena frowned in dissing for a loud bang above her head. Even so, she had no choice but to follow that obnoxious command. Selena stands right in front of Lucas. As soon as Lucas pulled her hand, she didn't hold back her voice because of the pain.

"Akhh!" The pain from her sprained wrist left Selena shaking for a moment. Even a pair of clear eyes began to turn glazed. But Selena held back her tears from spilling. She doesn't want to be a joke on the last day of student orientation today. It's going to be a shame. She didn't want to be mocked during school here.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry, Senior," She murmured in a trembled voice. Because Selena realizes that she's wrong now, Selena is silent with her head down. Inwardly she suggested herself to be patient, do not let emotions and cause problems then become the center of attention. It was something she never wanted, not at all.

Lucas sharply looks at the girl in front of him who only has his neck height. He was angry and also very upset. During his schooling here, this time he was kicked by a girl, his junior anyway.

What an unlucky day he thinks.

Lucas is an accomplished student who is a role model at the school. Although a bit of a mischievous, said his uncle who is in fact a principal. But his name has become famous throughout the school because of the man's achievements so far.

Coupled with its high figure unlike most other students. With a handsome face owned by Lucas, the man was able to lure hundreds of girls to school. So it's no wonder that Lucas is liked by many teenage girls of Cempaka 01 High School.

Moreover, Lucas is a popular student council president and this is his second year in office. No one dared to make trouble with him all this time, and no one dared approach him.

And now, that popular guy, unapproachable kicked by a girl in his shin which makes Lucas's expression leak. The man complained shamefully and as a result destroyed his cool image that had been etched inside Lucas. How could he not be irritated?

"Follow me!" he commanded coldly, then turned to leave Selena his behind.

Selena, without asking much, followed her senior. She didn't know the man name and didn't know the man she had kicked. But, when she saw the blue cloth on Lucas' shoulder, she realized it was their student council president.

"What are you looking at. Go back to your places!" Ben shouted fiercely, and the students returned to their respective rows and whispers of new students because the unexpected incident had become the subject of their new chatter, the field that had been quiet became noisy like the sound of a bunch of bees.

"Shut up everyone. If you're still babbling like that, come forward and you'll talk here for two hours as punishment. Keep gossiping if you don't believe me!" Sisilia is the vice chairwoman of the student council, her body is tiny with a slightly cute face. But hers loud voice, thundering like a lion, very was a scary.

All the students were silent.

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