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Selena Anastasya/C5 It's Hurt So Much
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C5 It's Hurt So Much

Not far Lucas took Selena away from that place. Actually, the man took the girl behind him away from the field. Lucas takes Selena to the school's medical room. The man stopped at the door of the school's health unit and called the woman he knew.

"Karin, are you inside?"

A girl of Lucas's age came out from behind a room inside the school's health unit. The girl looked at Lucas flatly, "What are you looking for?"

"Treat her. When you're done, have the girl come straight to the student council," he said briefly. Lucas walked sideways to the student council room adjacent to the health room.

Selena, who has been standing behind Lucas ever since, stared dazedly at Lucas' wide back.

"Hello, please come in." said Karin kindly. In contrast to her attitude towards the flat Lucas, Karin very gently told Selena to come closer to her.

Selena, who was daydreaming, immediately snapped in shock as a soft voice spoke to her. "Ah, I'm sorry."

"Are you sick? Your face looks very pale?" asked Karin attentively.

Selena showed off her flushed wrist, "It looks like I sprained my hand."

"Sit down please. Let me check it out," the girl told Selena.

"What's your name?" Karin asked in her soft voice.

"Selena... You can call me, Selena."

Selena extended her swollen right hand. Cause she nervous and scared earlier, she didn't feel the pain that much, but this time as soon as she started to calm down, the pain became unbearable.


Selena screamed in pain, and her glassy eyes immediately flowed through tears.

It hurts so much! Her inner self wants to cry out loud.

Selena's hand was only held gently by Karin but the pain caused her to faint.

Hearing screams from the next room, Lucas who was sitting in the student council room came back.

The handsome teenager immediately opened the door, the look on his face remained flat as soon as she saw Selena wince in pain while holding her hand, "What's going on?"

"She sprained hers hand." Answer Karin without looking at Lucas.

"Is it serious?" Lucas approached, clearly looking at Selena's swollen hand.

Karin shrugs off the idea that she's just an assistant to the doctor in charge of the school. And she is also a student who has an interest in the medical world. Faced with a situation she couldn't handle, calling her teacher to deal with Selena's injuries was the best option. So Karin gets up from Selena's side.

Karin first picks up ice cubes from the mini fridge in the wellness room, places them in a medium-sized basin, then picks up a small clean towel and takes it to where Selena sits.

"Compress it with cold water first so it doesn't get too painful, Selena," She told her. Selena nodded and thanked her.

After she finished preparing for first aid, Karin then saw Lucas, "Can you wait here, Lucas. And please help compress hers hands for a minute until I get back."

Lucas' eyebrows scrunched, "Why should me?"

"There's only you here I can ask for help. Helping someone who needs help is a commendable thing and it shows you still have a conscience."

Lucas glared at Karin, very annoyed at the advice from Karin who he thought was pretentious to be mature, "Noisy! You can compress it yourself ..."

"I have to go to the Teacher's room, call Mrs. Raisa to handle it." Said Karin was no less glaring and feeling the same annoyance. It's nothing new if she's always arguing with the handsome teenager in front of him. Because for Karin, Lucas was staining her eyes too much with the coldness that man showed.

Lucas, who did not want to continue the childish debate, agreed forcefully, "Hurry and go, don't be too long." he said with a loud snort.

Selena, who had been staring uncomfortably at the arguing of her two seniors. She felt that she had done something very wrong and could only burden others with hers current situation. Am I too spoiled? Selena's mind felt guilty.

Karin, who saw Selena's head bowed, began to scold Lucas again, "Don't put that creepy face in here. She's scared, Lucas!"

"What the hell is your problem? If you want to praise my good looks, don't hesitate, Karin. Don't be shy about it," replied Lucas half-mockingly and proudly of himself. To someone he already knows, Lucas won't cover up his true character.

And Karin, maybe the lucky girl, whom Lucas didn't blacklist the girl he hated in his life.

"Your narcissistic nature, it's really upsetting. If you weren't my cousin, I'd want to strangle you!" Without waiting for a reply from Lucas, Karin exits the room grumbling, leaving Lucas and Selena alone in the room.

Selena, who heard the door close, sat restlessly in her place. She didn't dare look straight at Lucas.

On the other hand, Lucas was still standing, his loud breath clearly heard in the room. Even so, Lucas keeps doing what Karin told him to do, helping Selena compress her hands.

"Give me your hand, " he said flatly.

Selena almost went into a seizure because she was afraid of Lucas, "I-I can do it myself, Senior. It's okay ..."

"I didn't repeat my words twice, give me your hand. Hurry up ..." Lucas insisted half insistently.

In the end, a terrified Selena snapped by Lucas, extending her hand forward.

"Akhhh...!" Her Screaming were restrained because Lucas pulled her hand un watchfully.

Lucas frowned unhappily, he really didn't know that the girl's hand was swollen badly. Realizing his carelessness, Lucas holds Selena's hand more carefully.

Without much to say, he began compressing the surface of Selena's reddish hand skin. Every time the cold cloth touches her skin, Selena bites her lower lip to dampen the screams.

Although Lucas thinks he's been wiping slowly, but still for Selena herself, every pressure Lucas puts on her hands hurts her hand.

But the quiet and rarely complained Selena was only able to endure it quietly. At least, for Selena, seeing the kindness of someone willing to help her is a precious blessing in her life.

"Thank you," Selena said clearly, and still sounded by Lucas. The man didn't answer, and Selena didn't mind.

In a closed room where there are only two people there, in addition to the sound of each other's breath, the silence that usually makes people uncomfortable, makes Selena and Lucas enjoy the moment enough.


Soon after that a grown woman came along with Karin. The adult woman who saw Lucas' presence in the medical room seemed to wonder. Fortunately, Karin who has full awareness and already knows the attitude of her teacher began to talk first.

"I asked Lucas for help compressing hers the swelling, Mrs. The picket officer today was standing guard around the field, so I was left alone in the health room," Said the girl explained softly. Mrs Raisa only responded casually to the explanation from hers favorite student. The grown woman then looked at Selena's swollen hand.

"It's okay, after two weeks of applying the pain reliever ointment, the swelling will disappear and you can move around freely. Make sure to take the medicine that I prescribe you too, " said the adult woman while massaging Selena's wrist. As long as the medical doctor was dealing with the wound she suffered, Selena did not realize that her hand was gripping Lucas' arm as an outlet for her pain.

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