Selena Anastasya/C6 I Forgive You
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Selena Anastasya/C6 I Forgive You
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C6 I Forgive You

Lucas, whose arm was gripped tightly, glanced at Selena's hand. His thick eyebrows seemed to frown, there was discomfort shown on his face when Selena did that.

It's nothing new for Lucas if he doesn't like intimate contact with the opposite sex. Due to reasons from his past that made him hurt and disappointed until now, Lucas has a hatred towards women who try to get close to him. Moreover, if the woman is a flirtatious woman and acts spoiled like Byanca. Lucas couldn't wait to curse such a shameless woman.

Selena is clearly aware of the intense stare Lucas is directing. After she learns that the man's arm is gripked, Selena begins to let go of her grip with her head bowed in shame. In her heart, the girl offered an apology to Lucas.

Unfortunately, due to the presence of two strangers around them, Selena chose not to say it because the feeling of shame dominated the beautiful girl.

Hopefully, her senior doesn't chop hers hand up because she dared to grab his hand carelessly! Selena said in her heart with pursed lips.

This is the first time she feels for herself how troublesome it is to find trouble with her senior at the beginning of the semester she just entered school.

What an unlucky day!


"Where are you going?" asked Lucas to Selena who had just come out of the medical room.

Selena, who heard someone talking, immediately turned to the back. She found Lucas standing in front of the student council door, staring at her. Did the senior just talk to me? Selena's inner wondering.

"Come here." Lucas swings his index finger calling Selena a sling around. The look on the girl's face looks confused, and somehow in his eyes it looks adorable. When Lucas realized what he was already thinking, the teenager frowned with amazement.

Since there was no one there, and there was only herself near Lucas, Selena thought the senior must have just talked to her. With her right hand with a bandage and she support, the girl stood before Lucas, "Senior Lucas called me?"

"Besides being here, who do you think I'm talking to?"

I'm just asking. Selena's grumbled clenched her lips to hear Lucas's cold reply.

"I forgive you," Lucas said abruptly.


"I'm not going to blame you for kicking me," he continued after seeing Selena not know what he meant.

"Ah, that's... Earlier, I'm sorry. I didn't know Senior Lucas was holding my shoulder. I thought... They...". Not continuing her words, Selena instead apologized over and over again, "Once again, I'm sorry... Senior."

Lucas furrowed his brows because he couldn't bear to hear the repeated apologies in his ear. She stretched her hand forward, giving Selena a pain relieving ointment for the pain in her hand, "Wear this until the swelling disappears."

Selena blinked, looked at Lucas's hand that was holding the white tube, then glanced back at Lucas with a frown on her forehead. Even so, she didn't refuse, with her left hand she took Lucas's gift, "Thank you."

Lucas put his hand back in his trouser pocket. His indifferent style made Selena blushed. For the first time, apart from Andre, she saw the handsome face of a man. Even though his senior just stood up and put on a fierce face, his handsome face did not diminish in the slightest.

"Go back to class." Tell Lucas to tone with his voice cold and deep. However, he still had a deep aversion and hatred for a woman. So even though what he just did was unusual, he didn't think much of it.

After he said the word, Lucas went back into the student council room. Leaving Selena sculpting in her place standing with her head down thinking about Lucas' recent good attitude to her.

Not like a rumor. Think Selena. Although she seemed indifferent to the surroundings, the school gossip could still be vaguely known. It also has to do with his senior just now.

If only by the time she walked into the school environment not crammed with loud whispers about the student council president, she would not have had a clear memory of Lucas's current popularity. She didn't know at first if the teenagers were is a Lucas. Because indeed, this is their first meeting in the sense of being able to talk face-to-face like that.

Lucas is the student council president. When the orientation period of the students first began, Lucas had a chance to introduce himself. And Selena just caught Lucas at a glance. That's why, despite a week of student orientation, this is the first time Sighshe's recognized Lucas.


Selena, who had no interest whatsoever and had been granted permission to be relieved of her duties from the last ceremony of the student orientation period, began walking back to her classroom.

Besides, what can she do alone here, when hers other friends are in the field. Returning to class is the right choice.


Selena, who had returned to her classroom, found no one in the classroom. Because indeed, all students in the tenth grade still hold the last event that indicates the orientation period of the students has been completed.

Even though the orientation period is over, it does not mean that these new students can sit back and relax in their seats. There are several formalities involving students and teachers getting to know each other. Each tenth grader must get a stamp or signature of the teacher's name on the paper they are holding.

She was given two days to get the signature, and Selena wasn't worried about missing out. Because the girl just planned what she'll do tomorrow after school. Especially getting stamps from teachers.

With that, Selena decided to enjoy her precious free time by sleeping on her bench. Selena gets a seat by the window, her classmates named Helmi.

Although Selena is the type of person who won't talk before she talks first, Helmi doesn't blame the temperament of her more silent classmates.

"What am I supposed to tell to my mom when I get home?" murmured Selena with her face tilted and placed between the arm folds.

Looks like she's going to need to talk to Christine to help her explain to her mother about the wound on her hand. Otherwise, if she doesn't try to explain, her mother can't believe hers if she's hurt.

Remembering that, Selena began to feel sadness in her chest. She really hopes her mother can come back cheerful and friendly like in her past memories.

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