Selena Anastasya/C7 Don't Be Like This
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Selena Anastasya/C7 Don't Be Like This
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C7 Don't Be Like This

Cristine on the other hand seemed worried about Selena who she had seen having problems with her seniors. The beautiful girl stood restlessly on the sidelines and her eyes continued to be directed to the student council room.

Cristine doesn't know if Selena's gone to her class. Her little friend is now sitting alone at her desk. Waiting for the new students' last activity to be completed.

At exactly nine o'clock in the morning, the student council activity ended. To coincide with that, the bell rang loudly throughout the school environment, indicating the first break of the day had finally arrived.

Selena's got her body up. Hers head was raised when a box of milk and bread was placed on the table, "Andre?" She called in surprise.

A teenage boy a year older than Selena is now standing in front of the girl. The man has a height of 178 centimeters. Handsome face, white skin, pointed nose, and undercut haircut.

His school uniform looked untidy, with his alma mater suit draped over his shoulders.

Andreas Josephine, age 16 years old. A friend and at the same time Selena's own first love. And also a man that Selena wants to avoid being, but can't. Because it's useless.

Because their family's destship - especially with the friendship between their two mothers - made Selena often cross paths with the teenager.

Although she sometimes wants to stay away from Andre, Selena can't avoid confrontation from her feelings that sometimes still have little hope in this man.

However, as she finally realizes how the teenager's view of her, Selena - slowly - begins to close her love for Andre that once lodged in her heart.

"What is this?" asked Selena referring to the box of milk and bread on the table.

"From mom," said Andre indifferently. Actually, the milk and bread was Andre's own gift. But because of the extraordinary high prestige that makes the responsible teen forced to lie.

Selena, on the other hand, is too reluctant to accept it. On the other hand, she could not refuse the gift if he had named Andre's own mother; Maya. Hers mother's best friend and affectionate woman she called an aunt.

So by force, the girl took it. "Thank you," Selena said.

Andre tilts his head, staring intently at Selena who is now ducking. His hands had been raised in the air, wanting to stroke the girl's long hair, but didn't, because of the melodious sound coming from behind him.


The voice comes from none other than Selena's own best friend, as well as her arch-enemy. Cristine Rosalie.

Andre has no more reason to stand there. So he decided to leave. Without a word. Andre takes a detour from the table behind Selena. Go to the exit. His tall and slender figure disappeared from the classroom, leaving the cold in the hearts of both girls in the class.

"What's he doing here?" Cristine took a seat in front of Selena, "She doesn't bother you, does he?" She added later while laying down a plastic bag containing their snacks and lunch.

Selena shook her head, "He came to give me this."

Cristine sneered the indclearly. And Selena didn't ask any further. Because, it's nothing new, if Andre and Cristine have a grudge that she can't understand.

The two people who mattered to Selena in the past never got along one bit. Although she has tried to make the two make up, both Andre and Cristine are very reluctant to be friends with each other. So she chose to give up making them both get along.

For Cristine's closeness to Selena, it allowed the girl of Andre's age to freely be with Selena. That's why Selena's presence between the two, can in a Cristine's monopoly alone.

Andre can only go to Selena if Cristine isn't by the girl's side.

"That milk, Andre brought it for you, right?" guessed Cristine with a frowny face.

Selena nodded, not evasive, "Aunt Maya left it for me."

"And do you believe his words?" asked Cristine with a look of disbelief.

Selena fell silent. Vanilla milk in his hand was gone he drank, "I can't just refuse it, Ris."

Cristine put hers hands in the air, not wanting to continue a conversation she thought didn't matter.

"I brought you fried rice. It's still warm, eat it," said the girl while handing over fried rice placed in the sterofom.

Selena opened the lid, and the steam from the fried rice poured over. The aroma of chicken meat and vegetables made Selena swallow saliva. There's no question about it. In addition to the famous meatballs and chicken noodles in the school cafeteria, the fried rice is also a heavy meal that the students favorite.

"Thank you," Selena said sincerely.


While her best friend was eating, Cristine stared attentively at the bandages on Selena's hands. The girl almost forgot that her best friend was hurt. So he put his spoon on the fried rice that he had eaten for half. Then took Selena's hand, caressed her attentively.

"Does it hurt?" asked Cristine with a sultry face.

Selena looked up, a warm smile from her pink lips flashed, "It's okay. As long as I apply the ointment that Mrs. Raisa regularly gives her, the pain will go away."

Cristine bites her vibrating lip.

"I'm sorry," She said regretfully. Cristine's not loud voice can still be heard by Selena.

Selena froze, the rice she had taken back was put down as soon as the hoarseness of Cristine was heard.

"It's not your fault, Ris. Please... what's the deal with? Don't be like this."


"I'm home."

Selena carried her recently detached shoes, broke into the house. As soon as she opened the door, there was no one there. So she went straight to hers room.

Since her father entered the bui, it was her mother who became the backbone of the family. Feeding four people is not easy. At the time of the job the mother only had a fitting salary.

Although Selena is still fifteen years old, the girl has a part-time job in a shop that resembles a mini market owned by her neighbor. Ever since Selena entered her junior high school in junior year, she's been working there.

Selena has her own hours of work while she's at school. Luckily, her boss was very kind. Accept her as a child to be hired. Although the salary is not big, considering the mini market is in the countryside. At least, with the money, Selena was able to help her family's economy and also snack on her two younger brothers.

Selena just finished changing her uniform. Because her right hand is still sore and can not move too often, the movement of changing uniforms alone needs to waste a lot of time.

First of all, after she came home from school, Selena's going to go to the kitchen, cooking. After that did other homework before her mother came home from work.

It was two o'clock in the afternoon when the sound of the door being opened was heard. Selena, who was in the backyard, picked up a dry clothesline, hurriedly walked into the house.

"Mom..." Her call it slowly.

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