Selena Anastasya/C9 How Is He?
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Selena Anastasya/C9 How Is He?
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C9 How Is He?

"What's wrong with your hand?"

"Ah ... Oh, this, accidentally fell, Brother." Selena replied in shocked voice.

The bandage looked half wet due to the splash of water that the mother had brushed it off. She's it was haven't enough the time to make the bandages change right away, Adam, who had noticed the bandages, began to raise his eyebrows.

Selena wanted to get out of there quickly, but it would seem disrespectful if she did that. Meeting Adam and talking intimately like this only makes hers feel anxious.

With the conditions between her and Adam that were like heaven and earth, she felt like a person who was very humble when she was this close. Even though the Adam she knew was a kind-hearted man, after all, that man was someone she couldn't ignore his existence.

Selena placed her sling bag in the employee's three-door locker, where it could be used to place personal belongings. Afterwards, she politely said goodbye to Adam for a vigil at the store.

Adam, on the other hand, wanted to pull Selena closer to see carefully the wound on her hand. But he realized in the middle of the road, that they were not close at all all this time. Selena will surely find himself strange because she's the one who suddenly changes attitudes to being a caring person.


In one of the villas in the city center. A chic-looking modern minimalist residence stands not far from the edge of an artificial lake. Large trees used as roofs for pedestrians lined up neatly along the way through the villas.

One of those villas is Lucas' residence. Along with her mother and maids, the teenager has lived there for almost three years, since he last moved to the city.

"Where's my mom?" asked Lucas to the middle-aged man who served as the villa's butler's head.

"It's in the young master's room," the man replied politely.

Although their ages are different, the middle-aged man has great respect for other teenagers. Due to Lucas' position as the eldest son of Samantha's family, the teenager became a little prince in the esteemed family.

Without a word, Lucas climbed the stairs to the second floor. The location of the his room is adjacent to the his mother's room.

A beautiful woman wearing a night dress appears to be sitting in a wheelchair. Hers gaze was blank looking out the window.

Lucas sighs lethargicly as he sees his mother again daydreaming. He knows what his mother is thinking right now. A long time ago, his mother's daydreams were not far from the man she loved. His real father; Arnold Bertram.

That's the reason behind his cynical attitude to an affectionate relationship between the opposite sex. Because he's been seeing with his own eyes how low a feeling of love a person has.

And his mother was one of the many who drowned in his love for men who did not deserve his sincerity.

"Mom..." Call Lucas in a soft voice. The man then hugs his mother from behind. Managed to blurt out the mother's daydreams.

"Lucas, you're home."

Her name is Renata, the thirty-seven-year-old woman is one of Lucas' most precious women in his life. And his grandmother too who now lives in Surabaya is another woman that Lucas can accept.

Lucas left a sweet kiss on Renata's cheek. He bent down, holding his mother's hand attentively, "Have you eaten, Mom?"

And answered by Renata wiht the gentle hum of the woman's pale lips.

"I'm going tomorrow to Nathan's house. There's a school activity that requires me to work late at school, Mom. Is it okay if I leave Mom with Daniel here?"

Renata smiled. Sometimes, Lucas's excessive attention to hers makes her seem to be a child again. Every time her life needs to be closely guarded and monitored. But she understands Lucas' to do that concerns for her.

So even though she felt burdened, she could not resist at all with the overprotective attitude of the hers child to proteck her.

"It's okay Lucas. Mom's going to stay with Daniel while you're gone."

"That's good," Lucas replied happily. The teenager then kneels before his mother, attentively massaging the paralysed mother's leg.

"What about your school today, Lucas? Is everything all right?" Renata rests her body as she feels comfortable with Lucas' massage on her feet. In fact, it is clear that her paralyzed legs can not feel anything anymore, but the beautiful woman behaves as if her legs seem normal.

Responding to a question from his mother, Lucas raised his eyebrows. He was then reminded of what happened this morning. The girl really dared to kick his leg.

He knews that girl is named Selena.

"Everything was fine at school, Mom." Lucas replied lying. He didn't tell the mother about the embarrassing incident. Because for him, it was a shame.

"Study diligently during school. Don't fight like you used to." Renata said to advise him son.

"That was in the past, Mom. Now I don't dare cause trouble. Uncle going to kick me out of school if I give him a headache." Lucas said with a frowny face. He was reminded of his uncle's message that prohibited him from causing trouble.

If it wasn't for his position as student council president, he might be back as a punk with his old friends.

But now that's not possible.


The next day, Selena went to school with Cristine. As always. The two girls had additional friends while on their way to school.

The three new girls selena knows are Erina, Dara, and Selia who are friends of Cristine. And it just so happens that her third house is not far from the road to school.

Every morning, Selena and Cristine have a new habit. To be precise, Selena follows that new habit from her own best friend. Waiting for the other friends to go together to school. As a result, the time Selena needs to travel to get to school is more advanced. If usually Selena was in class half an hour before the lesson started, now it was five minutes before the lesson started.

"Selena, are your hands okay?"

Selena, who has since been silent, began to turn, turning to the sweet girl in front of her, "Ah, yes. My hands are getting better," She replied awkwardly. If that's it her, her it'll take hers a while to adapt to her new environment. It's very different from Cristine. Her best friend it has an innate attitude that is very easy to get along with strangers. So no doubt, compared to Selena who has Cristine as her only best friend, Cristine on the other hand, has many friends to play with besides Selena.

Erina ruffled Selena's smooth, droopy black hair. This girl is very cute and also beautiful. "Good then. If you have any problem, feel free to talk to us."


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