Sell Guman Thong in Thailand/C1 Senior brother perished
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Sell Guman Thong in Thailand/C1 Senior brother perished
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C1 Senior brother perished

A while ago, my senior called me and said that he was being surrounded by powerful and filthy things, and that his life was at risk. He asked me to come over and help.

Master only accepted two disciples. Although Senior Brother didn't follow the right path and was chased out of the sect, he was very good to me when he was young. Now that he's in trouble, I can't not help him.

After getting off the plane, his senior brother met him at the airport early in the morning.

Senior Martial Brother's name is Zhao Dawwei, he repeatedly said that he would have to trouble me if he saw me.

I said that we are from the same sect, there is no need for politeness.

On the way, he told me what had happened.

About a month ago, Senior Martial Brother met a beautiful woman and bought a few buddhist medallions from her shop. After a while, Senior Martial Brother became attracted to her and ignored his wife and family and went to her house to shoot her.

From then on, his Senior Brother would dream of the Ghost Face Infant every night. He said that he did not have many days left to live, and the most worried people were his wife and daughter.

I was surprised and hurriedly used a rune to open my eyes to take a look. As expected, there wasn't even a shred of yang energy left on senior brother's body.

The senior brother pointed at the top of his head and asked me, "Did you see that?"

I nodded.

Right now, there was a head of a ghost infant on top of his head. ghost infant didn't have any facial features, only two gigantic pupils that were hollow and bleeding tears.

When I said that the ghost infant was already rooted to the ground, half of her body had burrowed into senior brother's head.

The Senior Brother said that he must get rid of it and not let it harm his family. He also said that all of this was fate and it was a retribution for being too lecherous.

There were a few men who didn't like sex. I comforted my senior brother along the way and soon the car stopped in front of his house. It was a small, one-story house.

After my senior brother's wife and child walked out, I felt a sense of awe. Even I, who had been lacking in desire since I was young, reacted at this moment.

It's really because they have good bodies and wear less.

Senior brother's wife is called Xu Lili, daughter is called Zhao Jing, she was extremely warm to me.

When Senior Brother asked me at night to tell him that my daughter is still in high school and that there isn't much savings left in the family, he will definitely have a difficult life as a wife and child.

I hope I can stay in Thailand and take over his Buddha cards shop and take care of them financially.

I instinctively wanted to refuse, but when I saw how pitiful he was crying, I remembered some memories from my childhood and agreed.

The next night, I began to help Senior Brother with his preparations.

I took out the yin-yang sword and stuck it onto the yellow talisman, and then pointed the sword tip straight at the ghost infant above senior brother's head.

yin-yang sword, sword Yin and Yang, the next day, Shang, Absolute Soul Taste.

Amidst the sounds of the incantation, the ghost infant struggled and screamed. The senior brother bled out from his seven orifices and fell onto the ground, unknown whether he was dead or alive.

As the Sect Leader, it didn't take much effort for me to take care of an immature ghost infant, but my Senior Brother was heavily injured. After helping him lie down on the bed, I estimate that he will need a few years to recover.

I stayed in Senior Brother's Buddha cards shop at night, but didn't stay in his house. It was mainly because his wife's figure was too enchanting.

The Buddha cards shop was located in Bangkok, and had an area of about 60 square meters.

Upstairs, there was a small cubicle. The quilt was already placed on the floor and it was ready to go to bed anytime.

Suddenly, a voice came from downstairs, asking if the owner was in.

I went up to him and said I was the boss, what's the matter?

It was a Chinese, about forty years old. He said that there was a problem with buying a Guman Thong and asked if I could deal with it.

Seeing that he was pale and obviously lacking in yang energy, seeing that they were both Chinese, he decided to help him.

I said I can deal with it. What is the problem?

The middle-aged man's face lit up as he hurriedly said, "Come with me home first, money won't be a problem."

Along the way, the middle-aged man said that the Guman Thong he found were very evil and always controlled him to do something bad.

I know a little about the Thai Guman Thong, different from raising ghosts, the Guman Thong that they raise usually help humans do good deeds, how could they be evil?

"Where did your Guman Thong come from?" I asked.

The middle-aged man replied, "I took it over from a friend who stole the tomb. I don't know where it came from."

The middle-aged man's car sped me all the way across the city to the outskirts of Thailand.

I got off the bus in a small two-storey building. When the middle-aged man opened the door, my expression changed.

The room was filled with corpses. The stench of corpses filled the air, and both men and women had it.

I asked solemnly, "Did you kill all of this?"

The middle-aged man angrily argued, "I know you won't believe me, but I really didn't kill it. It was all that damned thing that controlled my body. It was the devil!"

Seeing his excited expression, I retrieved the yin-yang sword from my back and flipped the sword upside down in my right hand's side.

I comforted her, "I believe in you. Can you calm down first?"

The middle-aged man squatted down and muttered, "What's the use if you believe it? The police won't believe it. Do you know that I have been completely destroyed by this demon?"

With a grave expression, I said, "Don't say anything. It's coming. It's behind you."

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