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Fu Yunzhi opened his eyes. It was already late in the morning.

"I hope the kitten woke up first and didn't find him anywhere. It rushed into his room and grabbed his clothes, pulling at his clothes." Clouds, it's time to get up! Why are you still sleeping! You told the kitten not to sleep on the ground, but to sleep on the ground yourself! "

Fu Yunzhi had lost too much blood. Although he had awoken, his vision was still pitch-black. He could vaguely see the outline of the little cat rubbing against his body.

But even this outline made him happy. He smiled at once and took her hand.

"Don't! Yun Qi's hands are cold!" She shook him off mercilessly.

He smiled wryly as he slowly stood up while holding onto the wall.

There was finally light in front of his eyes as Fu Yunzhi looked at her with rapt attention.

The visual effect when blood loss was dizzying was very strange. It was like seeing a flower through a fog. Fu Yunzhi felt as if the Wishing Cat was standing under the sun at noon. The beam of light that struck down on her body was unbelievably beautiful.

She seemed to have been playing in the garden for a while, with grass and dew all over her body and mud on her cuffs. She was also wearing her own clothes, which she didn't like wearing when she wore one sleeve. She kept the other on her shoulder, shaking it from time to time and laughing out loud when she saw it.

The kitten was fast. Fu Yunzhi smiled and caressed her hair.

As long as I can untie the knot in Moran's heart and let her live a life without any regrets, I will be able to take back a piece of her soul that has been purified. Once all three of her souls and souls have been gathered together, you will be able to recall the past and know who you are.

It's going to take a long time, but I've been waiting for thousands of years, and I don't care about that. Cat, I must piece you together and let us start over.

Xiao Jinnan walked out of the bathroom, his upper body half naked and wearing a towel.

He started moving back to the master bedroom today. In terms of relationship, although he was strong, he didn't take the initiative. When he returned to the guest room after work, he found that Moran had locked the door.

"The key is here." Moran was standing right behind him. He shook the key in his hand twice and threw it out of the window without hesitation.

"I still have something inside." He hesitated for a moment, then said something that did not matter.

"I bought you a new one. Sexy Superman underwear, Peng Yuyan's the same. "

The corner of Xiao Jinnan's mouth twitched.

The mannerisms had always been like this. Although he didn't say it out loud, he had been secretly looking forward to it ever since he had eaten dinner. He finished his work early and went to the bathroom to take a bath.

Right now, he was wrapped in only a towel.

His hair had not dried yet, and drops of water rolled down his delicate collarbone from time to time. He had seen himself in the bathroom, although he had recently lost weight, but luckily his foundation was still there. By the way, he also used a few drops of aphrodisiac.

But Moran didn't even look at him.

She was reading.

She took a bath, too, and because the tattoo on her back wasn't working, she found one of his white shirts and put it on in a perfunctory way, gnawing on a red apple and picking at a book with her toes.

It had snow-white, crystalline feet and a bright red, glistening nail polish.

Indeed, it is as high as the feet of the heavens, and as high as the feet of the devils.

Xiao Jinnan was speechless, what were they doing? Fighting with each other, who was sexier?

He sat down on the edge of the bed and coughed again.

Moran still didn't look up.

Xiao Jinnan thought she was reading a novel. She used to like to read all kinds of dotcom novels. She was so happy, so numb with happiness, that she had to rely on the stories in the books to experience her grief.

And today, what Mo Lan was reading was actually a 4P Marketing Theory .

It was a basic work in marketing, given to him by Xiao Jinnan's teacher when he was studying abroad in the UK, and signed on the title page.

However, this book was still too difficult for Moran to understand. She took a PAD and read through almost every word for a few minutes, still not understanding.

"The theory of 4P marketing is summed up as a combination of four basic strategies, namely product, price, channel, and publicity. Since these four words are written in English as' P ', together with the strategy, the abbreviation is' 4P '." Xiao Jinnan pointed at the page as he explained to her, smiling, "Why, are you trying so hard now?"

"Ridiculing people again! Your studies are really good, what a great achievement! " Moran pouted.

"But I love learning dregs!" Xiao Jin Nan laughed softly in her ear, "Don't you know? I love the way you don't understand anything when you're in school. Oh, you're extremely cute. "

He reached out and scratched the soles of her feet.

She curled up sensibly and opened his hand, but kept her eyes on the book. " Go on, you want to call him stupid! "If you're smart, then teach me."

The smile in Xiao Jinnan's eyes was about to spill out. Most of her body was exposed to the outside. This was clearly an extremely alluring scene, yet she wasn't pretending to watch "4P Marketing". She was even pulling him along as if she was diligent in her questions.

She was always like this, seductive and unaware.

It was just like many years ago, when he first stepped into the Mo Clan as her tutoring teacher.

He had just turned eighteen and had never listened to anything outside the window. He had always been a young man who only knew the Book of Virtue, but she had mesmerized him.

He could still remember her eyes, beautiful as a deer's, and the look on her face that made him want to listen, but he couldn't understand it.

"If you really want to see it, I'll buy a Chinese version for you in the future. And the 4P was also a product of the 1960s and has now grown to 4C. " Xiao Jinnan replied perfunctorily.

He was getting impatient. Her beautiful body kept swaying in front of him, but she kept asking him what the word meant and how to explain it.

"But this is the basis of marketing …" Moran's eyes widened.

He didn't want to hear any more nonsense from her, so he closed the book and asked bluntly, "So what is Lan Lan trying so hard to do?"

As expected, Moran smiled slyly, blinked and said, "I think you've opened Gu Yi Yi. I'll be your assistant."

Xiao Jinnan looked at her for a while and suddenly asked, "Lan Lan, have you heard of the unwritten rules?"


"For example, if you want to be an assistant, you can first sleep with the CEO …"

He threw the book directly at the foot of the bed.

Moran was still too young.

When she and Xiao Jinnan got into the car together after a night of lovemaking, she decided to officially start her career. Someone casually said, "Lan Lan, there was something I forgot to tell you yesterday."

"Uh, what?"

"The position I've assigned you is that of an administrative clerk."


"As long as you have no education and no work experience, being able to directly work as a clerk is already an exception. Furthermore, you cannot publicly announce your relationship with me, otherwise others will say that I am a crony. "

"Xiao Jinnan, you bastard!" "You said an unwritten rule …" Mo Lan was enraged.

"Oh, your skills aren't good enough. I've been serving you all night."

Xiao Jinnan got off the car and shook his black suit. He looked so handsome that Moran wanted to strangle him.

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