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Moran didn't know what Xiao Jinnan was thinking.

Because Gu Yiyi was the chief administrative officer, sending her to the administrative department as a clerk was no doubt sending her on her way.

What was wrong with Xiao Jinnan? She had clearly said for him to fire Gu Yiyi and replace her with him, but not only did he not do so, he even reduced her to Gu Yiyi's department and gave her a proper beating?

She looked at the work card on her seat. There was only one English name on it — blue.

In order to conceal her identity, Xiao Jinnan did not hesitate to help her save her last name. Although she was an expensive chairman, she never showed her face. Other than a few executives, the company's employees did not know her at all.

Mo Lan suddenly felt sorrowful, as if the empress had been stripped of her status and gone to reclaim the army.

"Blue, ten copies of this document, used for the meeting in the afternoon!"

"Blue, I will make a record of the details and hand it to Director Gu for him to sign."

"Blue, why haven't you counted the parking spaces this month? The property is pressing for more!"

'Blue... ',' blue... ',' blue... '

In the morning, Moran was ordered around like a maid. She could not even understand the commands, let alone the complicated and trivial tasks.

She stood in front of the photocopier for five minutes with the papers in her arms, examining them carefully for use by her two colleagues. They were moving too fast, and just as she was about to ask for advice, all she got was a look of disgust and a hastily departing figure.

Everyone seemed to be shouldering a sacred mission, their fingers were flying, and their feet didn't touch the ground. Some put the phone on their shoulders and said they were working on the phone, while they were also working on the computer.

No one had the time to help her.

"Big brother Raymond," Moran said to a fat man with a roll of his eyes.

Raymond was at least thirty-five years old, a typical middle-aged, oily man. Not only was he fat, but even his head was starting to go bald.

"Can you teach me how to use the photocopier?" Moran pointed to the document in his hand, smiling like a new intern.

"I'm busy." Raymond didn't even look up.

"Ah, does little big brother also like this brand of milk tea?" She looked at the cup of milk tea on Raymond's desk. "A lot of people think it's too creamy, but I think it's just right. I have to have a drink every day. "If it's not little brother, how about I bring a cup for you tomorrow?"

"Oh, so polite!" Raymond took a long sip of his milk tea and finally raised his haughty eyes to Moran. "What did you want me to teach you, a copy?"

Ten minutes later, when Moran happily took out a copy and handed it to the supervisor, Selina, the old woman threw the documents onto the table!

"I asked you to photocopy it on two sides, why on one side!"

Moran was startled. The moment she said that, the entire department could hear her clearly. "Clearly, the number of things that can be printed on thirty sheets of paper has increased to sixty! Do you know how wasteful that is! "

"How would I know? You didn't say. " "No," Moran argued. Raymond didn't say. "

"Hey, I didn't tell you to be one-sided! Don't put that shit on my head, okay? Tsk, this bunch of people even helped a donkey's lungs! " Raymond stuck his fat head out and purposely shouted to the surrounding people, "All of you be careful, this new beauty is a beauty. She knows how to bite!"

Selina said sternly, "Is there a need to say it in one way or two? Do you even have a brain? This is common office knowledge! Just how did you sneak into our Mo Gao? You don't even know this! "

"Why are you so fierce! At worst, I can just reprint it! " Moran's eyes reddened from the scolding. "It's just a few pieces of white paper, making a big fuss over nothing!"

Since she was young, she had never suffered such injustice! Let alone wasting sixty pieces of white paper, even if she wasted sixty pieces of Grandpa Mao, no one would dare to say no!

"Stop right there!"

Selina was so angry that her face turned pale. She quickly chased after him with her high heels, blocking Moran's path.

The administrative department had an open office layout. The photocopier was located on the far left, while the supervisor was on the far right. In the middle, there were more than 20 people in the entire administrative department.

Selina's wall just happened to block Moran's way in front of everyone's eyes. Forty pairs of eyes shot towards her.

"I made a fuss? Do you know how many companies there are in the world and how many departments and people there are in each company? "

It was like being a billionaire. You asked her how much money she had in her wallet, and she had no idea.

Selina cast a contemptuous glance at Moran. "Last year, the cost of office paper alone at Mokoh Headquarters exceeded $300 thousand - $300 thousand! If everyone is like you, then 300 thousand is not just 300 thousand, but 600 thousand! "

Moran lowered his head.

This time, he didn't dare reply.

She knew Selina was right.

It seemed like he had only used a few more pieces of paper today, but over the years, he had accumulated more and more. After a year, the wasted paper would become a small warehouse, and as a result, he had cut down an uncountable number of trees.

"Sorry, I'll pay attention next time." Mo Lan bit her lips.

"Humph!" Selina turned around arrogantly. "I don't know what kind of TV show the girls are watching these days, but they're stupid as pigs and lazy as donkeys, yet they dream about how the CEO can fall in love with them. Tsk, wake up! "

The crowd immediately burst into laughter and ridicule.

"Madam CEO, help me get a courier!"


"Madam CEO, the water dispenser is out of water. Change it to a new one!"


"Madam CEO, it's time for lunch. Hurry up and order takeout!"

"He's here!"

Mo Lan gritted her teeth as she silently placed Xiao Jinnan into a frying pan, both inside and outside.

F * ck off, your domineering CEO, I'm even the chairman!

8 PM. Xiao Jinnan purposely dismissed the other assistants, and went down alone from the CEO's office to the Administration Department.

With everyone gone, the entire floor was dark, and only one of the computer screens still had a faint glow of light.

A small figure was facing the computer.

Xiao Jinnan walked over with a frown.

In the silence, the slight sobs were especially noticeable, and Moran's shoulders twitched slightly.

She was crying.

She was crying, but she was still making forms.

Xiao Jinnan's heart ached, but he pretended to be calm. "Lan Lan, why aren't you getting off work?"

"I... I'm going to put this table of statistics in order and hand it in tomorrow. " Mo Lan wiped her tears and said calmly.

She did it for about two minutes, looking calm.

There was a grid that had seen a ghost. It was clearly a number, but once the mouse was released, it turned into a string of strange symbols. She had already tried it a dozen times and the result was the same.

She stubbornly pressed the keyboard. Return, fail, return, fail...

She stared at the screen for two seconds, then burst into tears.

It was as if a child who had been imprisoned in a kindergarten all day suddenly saw his loved ones and threw himself into the arms of Xiao Jinnan. With a loud cry, he cried!

"It's always wrong! The forms were always wrong! I was doing it all over the place, but it just wasn't right!

Jinnan, what should I do? I won't use a photocopier, and I won't fax... "Wuu wuu, I don't know anything!"

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