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Wishing the kitten to wake up feeling a little crowded around it.

She smiled and said, "Yun Qi, are you sleeping with me?"

"That's right." Fu Yunzhi laughed as well. "Did they push you too far?"

"No problem, I like it when you lie with me." She said, "Yunqi, if we were really like husband and wife in the mortal world, farming together, feeding chickens together, and reproducing five to six children, how great would that be? "Ah, no, I like eating fish. We should live in a fishing village by the sea. If you go out and fish in the sea, I'll take you to the market to sell my fish. I also like selling things."

"Okay, when you're better, we'll move to the beach." He leaned on her.

"Yup, Yunzhi, do you know how to fish?"

"I've never fought before, but it shouldn't be too difficult."

"That's good. I heard that there was a type of fish in the sea with a big head and a lantern hanging above its head. "Cough, cough, cough …" Her voice trailed off and she began to cough again.

He immediately pressed his palm against her back and channeled spirit energy into her.

"Stop wasting your strength. I don't know how much of your cultivation I've expended in the past few days. I feel like you've gotten thinner as well." She touched his cheek gently with her fingers, only to feel a wetness.

"Yun Qi, are you crying?"

"Nope." He turned his face away and quickly wiped away the tears.

She threw herself into his arms and let him stroke her hair. What are your thoughts about what you said in the afternoon? "

Fu Yunzhi fell silent.

"Yun Qi, promise me!" Anxious, she looked up at him with empty eyes, urging him on.

"I can actually do that." He said slowly, "Cat, I've thought of a way. Let me execute the punishment. After I scatter your soul, it will scatter throughout the Three Realms. As long as you remember the location of each soul, you will be able to find them one by one after that. "

Seeing that she did not make a sound, he added, "Including your current body, as long as I have time, I will definitely be able to repair it! "Little Cat, just treat it as sleeping for a long time. When you wake up, we'll start over, okay?"

The little kitten remained silent for a long while, until Fu Yunzhi thought she had fainted once again.

Finally, she said, "I don't want to start again."

His heart jerked so hard that he almost bent over.

"Why?" He said in a trembling voice, "Cat, believe me, I definitely have a way to revive you! It's the same as before, including the happy days when we were together, you'll still remember! "

"I don't want to be reborn, and I don't want to love you anymore. Clouds, I'm too tired. I can't move. " she said.

Fu Yunzhi blankly stared at her.

"I am actually quite happy to hear that my soul will be broken and that I will never be able to reincarnate, because I feel that I have finally seen the end this time. Though I'm happy with you, yes, I've never been so happy. But, you've also made me pay with everything I have. "

"You mean, you regret it?" His face was as white as paper, and his breathing was heavy.

"Yeah, sort of." She could not see his face, so she continued, "That's why I felt it was good when they said they did not have a next life after dispersing their souls.

At least I won't fall in love with anyone, and I don't need to be loved by anyone. Whether I become a gust of wind or a cloud, I'll be free to go wherever I want. "Haha, it seems that I can't wait anymore …"

"Don't even think about it!"

"I will never agree to let you become a wind, or some damned cloud! You are the only woman I, Fu Yunzhi, have ever loved. Even if you turn to dust, you must still be with me! "

Two thousand four hundred years passed.

He really did what he said he would do, allowing her to stand in front of him alive and well again.

Right now, she was slim and graceful, like a lotus flower in clear water that was alluring and alluring. On the other hand, even though he was extremely handsome, it was still difficult to conceal his pale and sickly face.

"You already know about it?" Fu Yunzhi asked.

"Got it."

"I was in the wrong in doing that. I went against your last wishes back then. Cough, cough, cough …"

He turned his head around and coughed twice, forcefully suppressing it as he continued, "But back then, I really didn't have any other way. I really couldn't just watch you die …"

"So, you wanted to hide my memories?" Wishing the kitten a sneer, "Don't let me know you're a married man! To curry favor with your new bride, you personally destroyed my soul and spirit, so that I would never be able to reincarnate! "

"Cat, you … Cough cough …" Is there something wrong with that? " He bent down, unable to speak properly. "Apart from that, we have a lot of other memories …"

Why was there such a reaction!

The kitten had taken the Nether Soul and Corpse Dog Soul, and it had also gotten the painful memory that it had wanted to hide! But why did she now forget all the romantic love that had passed, and only remember how much he had hurt her!

"I really did have my own selfish thoughts. At that time, you were determined not to be reborn, but I … I can't bear to part with you, so I still insist on putting you back together and searching for your lost soul in the Three Realms. "

He suppressed the surging blood in his chest and said while panting, "The reason why I refined the medicine for regret is because I didn't want you to remember that painful past. It is of no use to you or me. "I am also afraid that you will remember your past grievances and run to my sect to seek revenge. Although the Heaven's Punishment Sect has declined, its security is still tight. I am afraid that you will suffer a loss …"

"So you're doing this for me?" Her eyes sparkled as she looked at him.

He whispered, "I just want to protect you."

"Use three hundred years of days and nights to protect me! Why don't you just tie me up in front of that adorable Princess Wugou and have her scare me out of my wits to protect me!? " She screamed.

Unknowingly, a dagger had appeared in his hand. Every word he spoke was stabbed into Fu Yunzhi's stomach!

Three lines, three blood-red lights!

The spurting blood quickly dyed Fu Yunzhi's white robe red.

He didn't make a sound as if he didn't feel any pain. He bent his body and covered his mouth to suppress a cough. A trace of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

"I won't be soft-hearted anymore!" Wish the kitten to look at him coldly.

"Since the first time we met, you have already been engaged. However, you never told me about it, which is why I couldn't help but fall in love with you."

She looked at him and spoke with hatred, "And in this life, you still choose to deceive me! You made me a ignorant fool, and you made me think you were the best person in the world!

Fu Yunzhi, you don't love me at all! You just treat me like a doll and then turn me into the way you like! "

"I'm sorry." He smiled ruefully.

The contrast between his pale lips and the bright red blood was so strong that it made him smile with a sad, desperate beauty, as if there were endless sorrow hidden deep within that smile, both wanting to know and afraid to know.

The little kitten was a little dazed. Suddenly, she felt that this scene was very familiar, as if she had seen it somewhere before, but could not recall it at all.

"I don't want to hear you say sorry!" She hardened her heart and stabbed at him again!

"Just as the tip of the blade was about to sink into his body, she heard his voice." Little Cat, do you remember the Peach Blossom Village and the Wind and Rain City? "

She was stunned.

"I've never been to a place like that! Fu Yunzhi, I know that you are immortal and have an endless lifespan. But I promise, from now on, if I see you again, I'll kill you once! "In the past, blood will be repaid in debt of blood!"

She dropped the dagger on the ground and turned to leave.

— — End of this Volume

New chapter is coming soon
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