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Moran carried the box of food into the staff dining room.

She came a little late, and this place was already filled with people. She walked around for a long time, only to find a seat behind one of the pillars.

The pillar was wide, completely covering her petite body.

So she sat down and heard gossip again.

"Hey, do you know anything big?"

"What? Tell me!"

A few tables nearby gathered around.

That person lowered his voice and mysteriously said, "A new girl from the Administration Department. She managed to get Xiao Jinnan to sleep after only working for a day!"

"Ah, so fierce!"


"Pui, shameless!"

The reaction of the people who were eating the melon...

"How did you know? Xiao Jinnan told you?" "Haha …"

"That's right. Xiao Jinnan is already a workaholic, but look at his abstinent look. That might not be the case." You even want to have a one-night stand with a girl?

"That's right, that's right. If he really could, how could his wife be so wild outside? If I had to do it earlier, I would have done it myself, the shame of men! "

"Married for more than five years. Not even a child." A pregnant woman sneered as she puffed her stomach.

The first person was displeased, "Tsk! I knew you wouldn't believe it, but I saw it with my own eyes this morning, and I even took it on camera! "

He angrily took out his cell phone and clicked on a photo.

Moran was shocked.

So working was such an exciting thing.

She had previously seen some professional gossip in a television novel, but who would have thought that one day, she would actually become the main character!

She was slightly excited.

She even wanted to immediately go out and sign everyone's names, telling them that not only was Xiao Jinnan very good, but he was also very skilled.

But she restrained herself.

She sneaked out half her body and took a group photo of the gossipy, salivating, gourd-eating crowd.

At the same time, Xiao Jinnan, who was in the president's office, received a message from Moran on WeChat.

"Hubby, have you eaten?"

Xiao Jinnan was speechless. Moran had a bad taste, a fine young lady who liked to look up and ask, "Have you eaten?" But it was also good, as she was always in a good mood when she said it.

"Not yet. Eat later." Xiao Jinnan answered, "What about you?"

"I ate it. Can't you see that I'm in the employee dining hall?"

"Oh, I've never been there."

Mo Lan rolled his eyes and said, "Come down when you're free. You can hear a lot of fun things."


"Yeah, they said I was awesome. I slept with you on the first day of work!"

"Well, aren't you?"

"I …"

Mo Lan was speechless. But when she asked herself, she did sleep every day, and she slept happily, and she could not stop.

"But I am legal!" She rolled her eyes three times and hit three exclamation points.

In the afternoon, it was the monthly meeting of the Ministry of Administration.

Gu Yi Yi Yi sat at the head of the table, with Selina at the side.

Raymond had been sitting at the very end, and the number of chairs was just right for the department. Raymond, on the other hand, was a gentleman. He offered Moran his seat and went out to fetch a chair.

Gu Yi Yi Yi looked meaningfully at Moran. With a half smile, she said, "You sure are capable. There's always someone around to please you wherever you go."

Moran giggled. "Director Gu, you're flattering me. It's probably because I'm kind and cute and don't have any evil schemes, so everyone likes me."

"Go, go, go!" Go, go! How can you talk to Director Gu like that! "

An extremely thin woman sashayed over to Gu Yi Yi's side, her face filled with smiles. "Tsk, tsk, I wanted to say this a long time ago. Why is Chairman Gu's piece of fur so luxurious!?" It's another new version of the Love Cush. It feels different when you touch it! "

The thin woman's name was Fang Fei. She was also the one with the jujube red square-shaped shoes in the washroom.

Fang Fei carefully stroked Gu Yi Yi's mink skin, looking extremely envious. She turned around and scolded Mo Lan, "Did you see that!?" Only like this, Director Gu was the true taste, the symbol of status! "Young people should work hard. If they want to make a name for themselves, they should also spend some of their own money. Who would fall for a body full of treasures!"

Mo Lan sniggered and shook his unremarkable black skirt.

Outsiders had many misconceptions about the Wealthy Class, thinking that the Wealthy Class people were just like Gu Yiyi, dressed from head to toe in famous brands.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

Moran's clothes were rarely branded, and most of them were custom-made by an advanced clothing designer. The style was also very low-key, unlike Gu Yiyi, who would never attract attention like Prada and Chanel.

Brands add value to clothes, but it would be laughable if brands were used to measure people's inferiority.

"Boss Gu, is this Hermès?" Moran knew better than to ask.

"Of course! Herm s is the latest this fall, right? " The square-toed shoes answered first.

"With such a cloak, it would take at least ten mink hides to kill ten minks." Mo Lan looked at the square mouth shoes and said seriously: "Don't wrongly accuse people. How can Director Gu do such a cruel and unenvironmentally friendly thing?

Besides, Herm s announced last year that it would stop hunting wild animals. That's why I think that marten skin is either not leather, or not real! "

The last few crisp words were heard by everyone in the department. They looked at each other in dismay. Some of them could not hide their heads down and started to laugh.

Gu Yi Yi Yi's face was green and white, and she glared at the square shoe one last time, "Meeting!" Are you in space? Just say these things that have nothing to do with your work! "

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...

Moran ran errands, bickered, and a week passed.

Every morning, when she got up, she swore a poison oath that she would sleep in the dark until she woke up.

But at the end of the week, she still opened her eyes at seven.

Why! This was not scientific!

She woke up indignant, and decided to wake Xiao Jinnan up as well.

"Lan Lan, let me sleep for a while …" Xiao Jinnan seemed to be very tired, and he didn't even want to open his eyes.

"Jin Nan, get up. Let's go watch the morning movie!" They say there's a special offer for the movies in the morning... "

Xiao Jinnan didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"I just want you to experience life at work, but... We don't have to live like that. "

He kissed his wife, who was getting more and more stingy recently, and complained, "Spring snacks are worth thousands of gold, but early movies are only so much money. Lan Lan, have you ever studied economics?"

"I learned it. That's why I feel that sleeping with you is too expensive, and not very cost-effective."

Moran quickly got out of bed and lifted Xiao's quilt, "I just got my salary yesterday and decided to treat you to a movie today. But I don't have much money, and if you don't watch the morning break, I won't be able to afford it. "

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