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(18) Your pleasure

Fu Yunzhi did not have any intention of showing mercy to the fairer sex. His hand was very heavy, and his pinch caused Mo Orchid's face to turn pale.

"I should ask you that!" Fu Yunzhi sternly said, "What are you doing here? Are you going out with Xiao Jinnan!? Miss Mo, do you remember one month ago, it was raining heavily and your family was in ruins?

I'm begging you to give you a medicine of regret, saying that no matter what the price is, you must take revenge and take back everything that belongs to you! But what are you doing now, wasting your time dating men! "

Moran hissed, "I didn't forget! "It's just as important for me to reclaim Jinnan as it is to reclaim the company. I don't feel like I'm wasting my time!"

She tried her best to struggle free, but Fu Yunzhi only used one hand. It was as if she was nailed to a wall!

Moran cried out in pain.

How strange! Fu Yunzhi did not know what was going on. They were clearly in front of a large crowd, so their voices definitely could cause a commotion. However, the passersby all seemed to be blind and deaf. No one glanced at them!

"Do you know how difficult it is for me to refine a single Repentance Elixir!?" "I've spent so much effort helping you, but you're just trying to enjoy it and wasting your time!"

Fu Yunzhi pinched Mo Lan's throat and said coldly, "Quickly go back and think of a way to protect everything that you have now! "Remember this, I gave you the chance to be reborn. You must live this life without any complaints or regrets in order to be worthy of me!"

"Are you saying that it is still possible for Jin Nan to leave me within the allotted time?" Moran clutched his throat, staring at him in horror.

"How should I know? Foolish mortals who dream of fighting against fate rarely win. " He looked down at her as if he was looking at a speck of dust.

Moran did look exactly like the kitten. However, she was still a mortal after all. She was a mortal who ate five grains and breathed in foul air. She lived on her own body, but she died with a handful of dust in her hands.

Fu Yunzhi had never cared about her.

In fact, he never cared about any mortal. In front of him, even the greatest human was but an ant. He started to leave.

"Wait! Who are you, what do you want my soul to do! "

Moran mustered up his courage and called out to him from behind, "You can even make medicine for regret, you are definitely not an ordinary person! "You don't care if I live or not!"

Fu Yunzhi turned around and lifted the corner of his lips. Interesting, go on. "

"But why would you help me? There are many people in the world who are more miserable and regretful than me, but why did you choose me! " Mo Lan shouted.

Fu Yunzhi walked towards her step by step with a charming smile. He was exceptionally frivolous, like a deity that had descended into the world.

"You have no right to ask questions." He bent down and whispered in her ear. "All you need to know is that I'm honored to choose you."

The call that Xiao Jinnan received was from his mother, Xiao Meixia. She had fallen, she said, and was now lying on the ground, unable to get up.

The taxi driver ate two red lights on the road and was scolded by Xiao.

The last three streets were heavily blocked. Xiao Jinnan got out of the car and ran towards the sixth floor.

Xiao Meixia was indeed lying on the ground, but she was not as miserable as he had imagined. Instead, she looked at the ruby ring on her finger proudly.

"Jin Nan, you came so fast? It just so happens that you can help me put this jewelry box back in the pavilion, so that your damn dad won't see it and can use it to gamble later. " Xiao Meixia asked casually.

Xiao Jinnan's face turned ashen.

"You didn't fall?"

"It fell! What the heck are you saying? However, this ring of mine seems to be real! Jinnan, just now the TV was showing how to appraise the gem for authenticity. I took it out to compare, and it turned out to be true!

Haha, that year when Kaizi said she stole it from her dowry, I thought he bought it from a stall to trick me. That kid is quite infatuated with me! "

She raised her finger in delight and showed her son the dull ruby ring.

It was a trophy given to her when she was young and flirtatious, and the men who had come to her like a hustle and bustle. She was old now, and she was determined to climb up to the attic to find out if the jewels were real or not, to make sure that the men had really loved her.

Even a fall didn't hurt.

Xiao Jinnan felt sad! His heart turned cold!

"Can you get up?" He went to help her.

Xiao Meixia exerted her strength.

"Pain, pain, pain!" she cried, as if she had killed a pig.

"I'll carry you to the hospital." Xiao Jinnan said.

From the sixth floor down, Xiao Meixia talked all the way about her ring and the glorious days associated with it.

"I am not bragging. Back then, I was famous in River City." Even if you have some money now, I might not lose to you in terms of my former glory! Do you know how many celebrities are after me? A date has to be recorded on a calendar, or the day will be wrong! There are even people who have hired me to accompany them to high-class banquets. I have been to the City Hall as well, and even if I am to enter, I would still have to search through my bag! "

Xiao Meixia said complacently, "They are all driving famous cars. The security guards downstairs all know them. They know the cars and they don't know anyone because they are all wearing sunglasses and they are afraid that they will be recognized by the reporters …"

"Stop it!" Xiao Jinnan said in disgust.

He rarely had such close contact with his mother. The perfume on her body was so pungent that he felt a headache, and his stomach began to churn, and he wanted to vomit.

"There was also the principal wife who came over to make a scene. One of them, with his stomach full, cried until his nose was covered with snot and tears, pointed at me and scolded me for seducing him. I am not afraid of her. I will scold her, and if you have the ability to watch your man grow legs on his body, then he will run over to me. If you don't scold him, then you can scold me.

Xiao Meixia continued to blabber, "Later on, guess what? She was so angry that she miscarried! But his man only went to the hospital for a symbolic visit, and that night he still came back to spend the night with me, ha! "

"Have you said enough? If you don't want face, I still want face!" Xiao Jinnan roared, he almost wanted to throw her on the ground!

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