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Xiao Jinnan took Xiao Meixia to the hospital and made a film. Luckily, she didn't break her bones, but only her soft tissue was bruised. The doctor said he didn't need to be in the hospital, he just needed to go home and rest in bed. Xiao Meixia glanced at Xiao Jinnan and said that there was no one at home to service her, so it was better for her to be hospitalized.

She asked Xiao Jinnan to book the best private ward, and asked him to do the admission procedures for her.

When Xiao Jinnan returned, he heard his mother's ambiguous voice coming from the ward.

Xiao Meixia was lying on the bed, and a male nurse wearing purple clothes lightly rubbed her buttocks. Xiao Meixia closed her eyes and let out a comfortable and reverential moan.

"What are you doing!" Xiao Jinnan's face was ashen as he shouted.

The male nurse jumped in shock, dropped Xiao Meixia, and ran for her life.

"Jin Nan, why didn't you knock on the door?" Xiao Meixia felt slightly awkward as she said, "My butt is hurting, why don't you find someone to massage it for me? Don't let your imagination run wild."

"Massage? "So many professional nurses, you're not looking for one? You're looking for a nurse who does odd jobs in the hospital?"

Xiao Jinnan looked up at the sky and laughed miserably. He was in so much pain that his throat was bleeding. "Can you save some face for yourself, and for me as well?!" Didn't you hear what others are saying about you! "

"Let them talk. I'm afraid of them!"

"Slut — they say you're a slut, have you heard them?"

Xiao Jinnan tried to shout with all his might, but his voice was barely audible. Those words were like sharp swords. Just as he wanted to say them, he swallowed them back. They penetrated his internal organs and left him dripping with blood.

He stood upright in front of his mother's bed, his whole body convulsing with pain that rendered him speechless.

"It's not your turn to teach me a lesson! "If it wasn't for you, this old lady would have long been your life. You don't even need to be looked down upon by your own son today!" Xiao Meixia reacted and slapped Xiao Jinnan!

"You have no right to hit me!" Xiao Jinnan grabbed her hand and used a bit of strength, causing Xiao Meixia's expression to change from the pain.

"You simply gave birth to me, never raised me, never loved me! What right do you have to be my mother? " He sneered, forced himself to endure the heart-wrenching pain, and ridiculed, "I'm only reminding you that this is a public place, if you want to go crazy, just wait for me to leave. Don't make me look disgusting!"

"AHH!" Xiao Meixia suddenly spouted out, kicking up her legs as she tried to cry out loud on the bed, "My life is miserable, I've given birth to such a vile child! Not only did you drag me down for a lifetime, you even kidnapped my little brother! "Oh god, why didn't you just take him away? You should have taken him back then, so as to avoid harming your entire family …

Xiao Jinnan stopped walking and turned his head slowly.

"You've always wanted me dead, haven't you?" His voice was hoarse. "The color in my eyes is dark, the veins on my pale forehead are popping." You had a baby, but it didn't work. After I was born, you refused to recognize me. "

Xiao Meixia looked embarrassed. She no longer beat her chest and stamped her feet to make a scene. Instead, she glared hatefully at Xiao Jinnan. Gritting her teeth, she screamed.

"Yeah, I really miss you so much!" You forced me to be a mother in my best year! After I finally got married and lost my brother, you turned that dead man into a drunkard and wouldn't forgive me for the rest of my life!

A disaster like you, why can't leukemia kill you?! God, why can't I take your life in exchange for my Xiao Fei, who is my most beloved son! "

When Moran returned from the cinema, he seemed preoccupied. Xiao Jinnan was not back yet, and she did not call to ask. She only stayed in her room to read. When dinner time arrived, the butler asked if they should start the meal. Moran then called Xiao Jinnan.

Xiao Jinnan did not pick up even after calling several times.

When he saw him again, it was already midnight. Moran woke from his sleep and felt a heavy weight press down on him.

Moran sniffed. "You drank?"

In her memory, Xiao Jinnan was one of the few young people who took care of their health. He never stayed up late after work, never drank or smoked, and often worked out.

She thought he wanted children.

"To socialize with friends." He puffed alcohol into her ear.

Perhaps it was because he had drunk too much, Xiao Jinnan didn't say much. He quickly took off their clothes and felt for her lips in the darkness.

A hot kiss swept over her, reaching into her soft mouth and tangling with her.

Perhaps it was the alcohol, but Moran felt an extraordinary heat, as if he had sweated a great deal, and his back was wet.

"Jin Nan, take a bath first." She knew he was in love with her, but he was still a germaphobe.

Xiao Jinnan did not move an inch and instead kissed her even deeper. The smell of alcohol wafted around her neck, making her feel extremely numb.

"What's going on? You never drink." She felt something strange about him.

"Say, do you love me?" His voice was muffled in her soft, elastic chest, even more ambiguous and low.

"Yes." She kissed him back on his wet hair.

"You really think so?" He suddenly sneered and said hoarsely, "Perhaps all I have in front of you is appearance? Perhaps I am much worse than you think. I can do anything to get love. "

"Jin Nan, you drank too much …" Moran was a little unhappy. She did not like his unrealistic assumption, but she stopped midsentence because she noticed that Xiao Jinnan did not look like he was drinking too much.

He was very pale, and his handsome eyes were embedded with a deep pain, just like when he thought he was going to lose himself. He tried hard to suppress his fear.

"Jin Nan, what's wrong with you? What exactly happened, speak up! " She was afraid, hugging his trembling body, as if she were afraid that he really would disappear.

"No, I'm just … a little drunk." He panted heavily. Her embrace seemed to give him strength, and he calmed down a little and tightened his grip on her waist.

"Don't give me back! I love you, and you only love me, okay? Don't trade me for it, please! "

As the alcohol gushed up, his deeply buried fear of retaliating madly in an extreme way! He almost couldn't wait to open her, barbaric intrusion, as if only in this way, like a madman, could he prove that her love was real.

Sweet, soft, and tight around him!

He suppressed it and let out a low roar like a wild beast. He exerted so much force that every time he did, she was almost pierced through!

I love you, Jinan! You don't know how much I love you. For you, I have sacrificed my soul!

She bit her lip and trembled, hugging him like a flower at the end of time.

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