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Xiao Jinnan borrowed the alcohol from Mo Lan several times. Due to his hangover, it was already noon the next day when he woke up.

Moran was cooking porridge in the kitchen.

Xiao Jinnan gently hugged her, pushing away the hair she deliberately let down, and then lovingly kissed the bruise on her neck.

Moran smiled sweetly, but the smile soon froze on his face.

She saw the cup of water and the medicine that Xiao Jinnan had passed to her.

"Sorry, I was too excited last night to do anything about it." Xiao Jinnan apologized.

Mo Lan was slightly displeased.

They had been in love for ten years and had always been in harmony with each other. Even when their relationship had fallen to freezing point, they had maintained a high frequency of sex.

However, Xiao Jinnan was very, very, very cautious.

Regardless of whether it was before or after the marriage, if there was a time when she forgot to use any tricks like last night, she would definitely be watched after the fact.

"I don't want to eat it." "Yesterday was a safe day."

"The safe period isn't safe either. It's still a matter of insurance."

"What's so safe about that!" We are a legal couple, so what if we have one? " Moran said angrily, "I've been married for five years. I want children!"

Perhaps it was the reflection from the kitchen, but Mo Lan felt that Xiao Jin Nan's face was a little pale. It was as if there was something hard to say. His thin lips moved a few times before returning to normal.

"In two years, let me sort out the company." he said quietly.

"That's what you always say! Jinnan, in the past I was insensible, always want to have a grudge with you, you don't want children I can understand. "But now …" Her throat was a little tight, and her eyes were red, "Our relationship is already so good, why are you still unwilling to have children? Just … Just what are you afraid of?! "

"As I said, I don't like children."

Xiao Jinnan's voice was low to the point of hoarseness, he pushed the medicine towards Moran again. "Be good and take the medicine. I don't want to fight, don't force me. "

In the end, Moran took the medicine.

It wasn't that she believed Xiao Jinnan's words, but his last sentence, which was also her inner monologue.

She didn't want to fight either.

In his previous life, they had argued enough. They had argued to the point where their hearts had been torn out of their chests. Both of them had suffered heavy losses. She couldn't bear to part with the current him that she had exchanged her soul for.

Take your time. Fortunately, the two of them are still young. As long as you have a good relationship, having children is only a matter of time.

After Xiao Jinnan left, Mo Lan was lost in thought while holding the bowl of porridge.

Jin Nan most likely had some sort of knot in his heart. Many books said so, because of childhood trauma, one would hate children to the extreme, and even choose to be infertile for life. Would Jin Nan also be like this?

He never talked about his family. He had been married for five years and didn't bring himself home, which meant that his family was indifferent.

Should he take the initiative to go see his mother? If he improved his relationship with his mother, would he change his mind and want children?

As he was leaving, Moran asked him where he was going. He thought about it and said he was going to see a friend.

That was true, because Yang Xiaoqian was indeed a good friend of his when he was studying in America.

But he also had another identity: his personal doctor.

In Yang Xiaoqian's clinic, Xiao Jinnan was holding an appraisal report.


Surprise flashed through Xiao Jinnan's eyes, followed by disappointment.

"Don't be fooled by medical terms. If it doesn't match, then it might not be true. "

"What do you mean?"

"Don't worry, listen to me. Parent identification is easy to do, but an appraisal between brothers like you isn't something all brothers can identify. Same father, same mother, half brother, or half sister, these are all easy to do, matching is just matching, not matching. "

Yang Xiaoqian peeled the candy and popped a heart chocolate into his mouth. He chewed it and said, "But other than these three, for example, brothers from the same mother couldn't be identified by genetic testing."

Xiao Jinnan's eyes lit up again, "So, there might be a possibility that he is my brother, but I am unable to appraise it with medical skills right?"

"Yes." "You told me earlier that you were from the same mother and father. If I don't give you a test, I'll have wasted a tube of your blood." He smilingly patted Xiao Jinnan on the shoulder, "Actually, there's no need to be so superstitious about medicine. Your brother must have been five years old when he left, right?

Sigh, if you two could recognize each other, that would be great! Jin Nan, you have suffered from cancer of the blood. If you have a brother with the right bone marrow for you, you will always be prepared. "

"I have completely recovered, I don't need any brothers." Xiao Jinnan said coldly.

"Of course, you don't need to." Yang Xiaoqian had known him for many years, so he was familiar with his temperament. He had never fought with him head on. Thus, he changed the topic and asked, "How have you been recently?"

"Very good."

"Don't let your guard down. You haven't done this year's review."

"Peter, let me ask you something." Xiao Jinnan interrupted him.

However, those words were hard to say. Yang Xiaoqian waited for a long time, but Xiao Jinnan did not say anything.

"What is it?"

"Like me... Under these circumstances, can they have children? "

Peter thought for a moment.

He could tell that Xiao Jinnan had spent a lot of courage to ask that question. With his proud personality, asking him to humbly ask a question about a man's dignity was almost like killing him.

He already knew the answer.

He already knew the answer a long time ago, but now that he had asked again, was he still unwilling to give up?

Seeing that Yang Xiaoqian was not going to answer directly, Xiao Jinnan suddenly became agitated and said in a harsh tone, "If you have something to say, just say it, don't stutter!"

"From a medical point of view, it is more difficult. Those chemotherapeutic drugs you used when you were a child have life-long effects on your body. Even if Moran is pregnant, the chances of a healthy child are very small. "

"I'm going to have a freak, is that what you mean?" Xiao Jinnan ruthlessly mocked himself.

"It's not absolute. I'm just talking about the high probability. Jin Nan, there are so many ways to make medicine nowadays. If you like children very much, you can consider going to the sperm bank to find one that's similar to your genes, so that Moran … "

"With other people's sperm? Why didn't you tell me to die! " Xiao Jinnan laughed hysterically as he punched the surface of the glass, blood dripping down.

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