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Moran wanted to help Xiao Jinnan back to the master bedroom. Although he was sick, Xiao Jinnan's hands were still very strong. He grabbed her by the waist like a pair of steel pincers and forcefully pushed her into the guest room.

However, he was truly exhausted. After entering, he collapsed on the bed, exhausted and unable to move. He couldn't even say a single word. He could only close his eyes and let out a low cough.

Moran looked at him.

Xiao Jinnan was good-looking and handsome. He was cold and aloof towards others, but he was always smiling at her. That was how he had fallen in love with Xiao Jinnan, Moran remembered. He had loved Xiao Jinnan to the death without knowing anything about him, and had given Xiao Jinnan his entire body and mind.

Like him, he should only love this piece of skin.

The two superficial people, however, loved each other deeply in the end, and their blood was flowing. Heh heh, that's hilarious.

Thinking that Xiao Jinnan had fallen asleep, she got up to get him a blanket. After taking two steps, Xiao Jinnan suddenly opened his eyes and said with a deep voice, "Where are you going?"

"I'll get you something to cover it."

Xiao Jinnan's brows twitched, but his voice had clearly softened. I'm not cold, come here. "

Moran walked up to him.

"Sit here." "Move in," he ordered.

Thinking of making him lie down more comfortably, Moran sat down next to him.

Xiao Jinnan glared fiercely and grabbed her hand, clenching it tightly! His hands were strong, and although he was weak after his illness, he pulled Moran close to him.

"Ah, Jinan, you …" "Be gentle!" Mo Lan cried out in pain.

Xiao Jinnan humphed and did not stop. He tried his best to pull her up into his embrace and whispered fiercely in her ear, "Listen carefully, you're not allowed to go anywhere!"

Xiao Jinnan felt that if he were to go crazy one day, he would definitely be driven mad by Mo Lan.

He did not know what he had done in his previous life. Why such a calm and collected person like him, who would not change his expression even if Mount Tai collapsed, would always be enraged by Mo Lan's words and not return home. He completely lost control of his emotions.

And because of her laughter, she would act coquettishly again, instantly turning anger into joy.

For example, today, when he heard Gu Yi Yi Yi say that Mo Lan had gone with A'Mai, he hated her so much that he wanted to kill her. And just now, when he saw her crying because she was worried about him, he felt that the world was wonderful.

I should have locked you up and chained you to me with seventeen or eighteen chains! Xiao Jinnan looked at Moran and thought.

The first rays of the morning sun slowly seeped in, shining on Moran's beautiful face. Xiao Jinnan couldn't help lowering his head and giving her a gentle kiss. The person in his embrace hadn't woken up yet, and instead, he crossed one of his snow-white legs and placed it on top of his stomach.

Xiao Jinnan hissed and could not help but bite his lips.

They had been separated for a long time.

And he was only twenty-eight years old, a man of blood and vigor.

He had only been holding her for a short time when he reacted, and Shaw was standing guard in the middle of the night in high spirits, still refusing to rest. With her eyes closed, she bumped into Xiao Xiao's pitiful little brother.

"Oh, Jinnan, what happened to you? Do I hurt you? " The culprit finally opened his eyes.

"Nope." Xiao Jinnan said hoarsely.

His voice was originally cold, but after a night of insomnia, even his voice carried traces of lust.

Moran smiled slyly.

After all, they had been husband and wife for many years. Xiao Jinnan's body was currently burning with a raging fire. If she were to provoke him even a little, it would destroy the heavens and the earth. How could she not know?

Moran took hold of him.

"Ugh …" Xiao Jinnan wanted to refuse, but his body was much more fragile than his Will. He could hardly wait for the words to come out of his mouth.

"Let go." He grit his teeth and grimaced. But the voice was shaky, and the last note changed, becoming a shameful begging.

Moran's heart ached.

Not only did he not listen, he even lightly played around with it.

"Ugh …" Xiao Jinnan groaned in pain again as his whole body suddenly trembled.

Moran knew all his fragility and desire, all his sensitivity and pride. The instinct he had to forcefully suppress was like a flood that had collapsed a dam, instantly destroying the dam of reason. He practically grabbed Mo Lan and pressed him down!

This time, it felt like a lifetime had passed.

Mo Lan's entire body was aching. It was as if his bones had been broken, and he looked completely new from head to toe.

She was reborn! Only now did she truly believe that she had been reborn!

She rolled around in Xiao Jinnan's arms, baring her fangs and brandishing her claws at him. She was as content as a full kitten.

"Jin Nan, I only have you." She put her head in his arms and said in a voice like a mosquito, "Although I've done a lot of darn things, but really... Only you! "

"You're still talking!" He lightly bit on her earlobe as punishment and snorted, "If there really was someone here, I would have killed him a long time ago!"

His voice was very calm, without any emotion. However, Mo Lan knew of his temper and couldn't help but shiver.

So dangerous!

She still remembered how, half a year ago, she and Ajay had been drunk in the night. Somehow, they had been photographed and presented in front of Xiao Jinnan. Before she arrived home, Xiao had broken her legs and left her with a lifelong disability.

But he couldn't bear to leave her.

He was so angry that he fell ill. In the end, he didn't get a divorce. From that day onwards, he resigned as president of the Mogao Group, and he had nothing to do with her.

From the looks of it, this was definitely not a fluke. It was definitely Gu Yiyi's doing with the wine!

With just a thought, she had managed to slip into the trap! Leaving Xiao Jinnan alive and leaving him for a dead end!

She pretended to act like a spoiled child as she buried her head in his embrace. She seemed to be extremely fond of his body, but in reality, she was already crying to the point of being unable to control herself.

"What happened to Lan Lan? Why are you trembling?" Xiao Jinnan felt her shoulders twitch. He gently lifted her head and realized that she was already in tears.

"I... I am finally with Jin Nan again! "

Moran gave up concealing it and cried like a child, "I really want to go south! I really want to go to South China! Yes, I did it on purpose. I hate it when you are always not accompanying me and always refusing to speak nicely …

That's when I... That's why I made you angry on purpose! I just wanted to piss you off, but I've actually... I always liked Jinnan! "

A flash of gentleness appeared in Xiao Jinnan's eyes but he did not smile. He frowned slightly and said, "You obviously let me down. You cry first every time as if I bullied you."

He sighed, touched her head and took out a delicate jewelry box from his suit pocket. "Close your eyes."

Inside the box was an egret diamond necklace, chosen a few months ago, and he almost thought he wouldn't be able to give it away.

"Mine? A birthday present? " Mo Lan said happily.

"Well, do you like it?"

"I like it!" Mo Lan's tears turned into smiles, "Jin Nan, help me put it on."

She lowered her head and pushed her hair aside. Although she tried her best to hold on to the ends of her green hair, the tattoo on her back still stung Xiao Jinnan's eyes.

Don't be silly, she just came back to tease you a little bit. She'll be back to normal in less than three days. Xiao Jinnan thought to himself.

"Wear it yourself, I'll go to the company."

He threw the necklace on the table, and his usual indifference returned.

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