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It was a very neat bedroom, one bed at a time.

There was a huge birdcage, about half the height of a man. It was decorated with gold and jade. It was very luxurious and beautiful. However, the cage did not contain any precious flying beasts, and instead planted a potted plant.

That potted plant was also strange. Usually, the potted plants were graceful and full of artistic conception – to it, there was nothing at all.

Although it was sturdy and had numerous leaves, its shape was ugly and hideous. Its thick branches extended outwards in all directions, and its round leaves were like thorns in a poisonous tumor, strangely hanging in the middle of the leaves. He smelled it recently, and it even brought with it a fishy stench.

The birdcage outside was like a cage, as if the moment it was opened, that terrifying thing would jump out and give you a fatal blow.

May the kitten put the bowl of porridge on the table and tilt its head to look at the plants in the cage.

The Burning Heart Grass was savage and greedy. For the past two days, Fu Yunzhi's body had been in a state of discomfort, and he had not been able to provide sufficient nourishment. Some of the thicker, bigger leaves had already started nibbling away at the young leaves.

He wished the kitten's mischievousness and turned his chopsticks to the side, then knocked on the large, domineering leaf.

Big Leaf felt pain and immediately dropped the sprout to escape.

She laughed.

The small bud had only sprouted for less than a day, yet it still did not grow any ferocious and terrifying thorny hands. Its entire body was tender and tender, green to the point of transparency. Wishing the kitten an interest, he passed his hand through the cage, and it came up to him with its chubby little body, as if to thank him for saving its life.

"Cat, no!" Fu Yunzhi shouted as a cold light shot towards the Burning Heart Grass!

A golden light flashed on top of the birdcage!

It was too late — with a "Ah!", the kitten had been bitten. The chopsticks fell to the ground and its fingers were dripping with blood!

"How many times have I told you not to touch it? Why are you being so careless!" Fu Yunzhi took the medicine box and bandaged her wounds. He was terrified that this Burning Heart Grass didn't spit out bones from eating people. If he hadn't saved her in time, the kitten's fingers would have been gone.

The moment he pinched his fingers, the kitten instinctively shrank back.

"What, is it painful?" Fu Yunzhi asked.

She shook her head and said with pouted lips, "Yun Qi's hands are so cold."

Perhaps it was just an illusion. Fu Yunzhi could hear a hint of affection within those words and could not help but smile.

He had the demeanor of a man of heaven. Although his blood was not good year in and year out, it still did not affect his peerless beauty. He looked at her with deep eyes that surged with complicated emotions, both joy and sadness.

"Yunqi, how long will it take for you to recover?" Little Cat Zhu said suddenly.

The color in Fu Yunzhi's eyes deepened. A beam of light seemed to have ignited at the bottom of his unfathomable gaze.

"Yun Qi, hurry up! If it was ready, he could take the kitten out to play! Staying at home with you every day is so boring! "

Fu Yunzhi continued to smile at her, but the light in his eyes had already disappeared.

His kitten was still unenlightened. He had just concocted medicine a few days ago, and now he felt as if he had no strength left in him at all. However, she only cared about herself and continued to play.

Forget it, let's take it slow. At least she knew now what pain was, and that my hands were cold. When he first found her, she was really just an empty shell with a human shape, not knowing anything at all.

No love, no feeling of love.

Grief, anger, happiness, fear... She could not feel any of these emotions that everyone easily grasped.

Fu Yunzhi's smile grew wider, and his voice became gentler. "You want to go out and play, right?"


"Today's already much better. If you'll obediently comb your hair, I'll take you out."

He wished the kitten a pleasant smile as soon as he heard him loosen up, moved a stool over and sat down, rubbing his head on his knees to please him.

She had the appearance of an old lady with a head of silver strands. When paired with her innocent and charming demeanor, it was truly a strange sight to behold.

Fu Yunzhi smiled and gently caressed her face. His technique was extremely fast, and he was not able to see it clearly. A thin mask, along with a white hair hood, was taken off his head.

Wishing the kitten to reveal its true self, with its thick jet-black hair flowing down like a waterfall, bright eyes and red lips, and its young age —

And that face was actually Moran!

Gu Yi Yi raised her hand to slap Ajie, who took three steps back.

"Sister Yi Yi, you … Why did you slap my face! " Ajay said, covering his face.

"What's the use of having that face of yours? If I don't hit you, I won't!" Gu Yiyi said angrily, "I told you to stall Moran at the bar yesterday! Why did he let her go home? "You've messed up all my plans!"

"How would I know!" Ah Jie said aggrieved, "She clearly drank that bottle of wine and started leaning on me. But somehow, I seem to have regained consciousness again! "

"You must have concocted a fake medicine, but it has no effect!"

"Xiao Jinnan is a proud and arrogant man. If he were to see the beautiful picture of Mo Lan, he would definitely go crazy with anger! At that time, if I play some tricks on them, I can get them divorced! But you — you've ruined everything! "

Ajay was trembling with fear. He was a head taller than Gu Yiyi, but the aura of death exuding from her made him have no choice but to lower his body and prostrate himself before her.

"Sister Yi Yi, please give me another chance. I …" I'll definitely do well this time. " he begged.

"Gu Yi Yi Yi pulled on his tie like she was holding a dog." Do you really like Moran? "

"No." Ajie nodded, but shook his head in fear. No... "No."

"On what basis! What was so good about her!? Are you all blind! " Gu Yi Yi Yi didn't even listen to him. She tugged on her tie and hissed, "She's stupid, stupid, and willful! Why do you all love her! Jin Nan loves her and you love him, so what right do you have! "

The tie tightened and Ajie almost suffocated. He said in shock, "Sister Yi Yi, you …" Cough cough, let go of me! "

Gu Yi Yi Yi's eyes were filled with a mad hatred. But she only uses you as a substitute! Do you understand? You are just a substitute for Xiao Jinnan! She asked you to wear a suit and buy you a watch. She just wanted to turn you into a puppet like Xiao Jinnan! She'll never really fall in love with you!

"Save …" "Save me …"

"I'll give you one last chance. Get me an indecent photo of Moran today. The bigger the standard, the better!" Otherwise, I will send you in front of Xiao Jinnan!

What do you think he will do to you? Cut off one of your hands, or a leg? Or perhaps he had cut down something else that was even more annoying? "Hahahaha …"

She finally let go. Ajay bent over, coughed miserably, and quickly fled the room.

At this moment, it was time for work. The elites of the Mo Gao group came in one by one from outside the door. In the crowd, Xiao Jinnan stood upright with his arms around several assistants and bodyguards in black suits. His expression was cold like ice.

Ajay ducked his head and fled through the side door like a street rat, his heart still pounding as he waited for the door to open.

Just as he was lost in thought, someone suddenly slapped his back in a mischievous manner. He laughed heartily, "Ah Jie, it's me! Today's weather is good, quickly take me to play! "

Ajie's eyes lit up. "Moran!"

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