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Xiao Jin Nan's eyes shot out killing intent and said sternly: "Don't be afraid! Whoever dares to touch you, I will not let any of them off! "

"I'm in the wrong myself." Moran looked up at him with deer-like, watery eyes. "I've been in pain here all morning, and I regret it all morning. I wish I could wash away all those unhappy memories like I washed my tattoo! Even if I have to skin it, I am not afraid! "

"Idiot, I can't bear to part from you." Xiao Jinnan said in heartache.

"No, definitely! In my previous life, I was too willful. Since I was young, I didn't know how to treasure anything that I wanted. I argue with you every day because you love me. No matter how much you mess with me, you will still love me. I never thought that one day you would also leave me! "

It was hard to tell if Mo Lan was in pain or not, but the more he said, the more heartbroken he became. He threw himself into Xiao Jin Nan's embrace and cried, "You don't know how much I regret it! That day, you were so heartless. You didn't even look at me when you were sitting in the car! You just left with Gu Yiyi like that. It's raining so heavily, I feel like I'm going to die soon! "

Xiao Jinnan held her gently and kissed her over and over again, "Lan Lan, what are you talking about? How could I leave you? "

Moran still couldn't hold back his tears. He said like a child, "No, you will! You do! You obviously don't want me anymore! "

Xiao Jinnan's heart felt like it was being stabbed by a knife.

Lan Lan really cared about herself. She went through so much suffering just for her look. He had actually suspected her because of a few words and a few photos from an outsider, and decided that she was betraying him!

"No one can separate us! This life, will never be the same! "

He held her tight. The fiery kiss burned her heart.

Gu Yiyi returned home with a sullen face.

As soon as she entered the house, she smelled the strong aroma of Chinese medicine. She quickly opened the bedroom door downstairs and saw her mother holding a bowl of Chinese medicine and feeding a spoonful of it to the person on the bed.

Gu Yi Yi was angry to begin with, she stepped forward and upended the medicine bowl, then scolded the person on the bed: "Why aren't you dead yet! If you don't die from simmering like this every day, I'll be the first to be burnt to death! "

Sis Fen screamed.

She threw herself onto the bed, and the scalding herbs sprinkled onto her arms. The person on the bed was safe and sound. However, that person didn't seem to feel anything. Such a frightening scene occurred, yet his blurry eyes were still foolishly staring at the sky, not knowing how to make a sound.

"Yiyi, you're crazy! How could he do this to his wife? Sin... "What a sin!" She looked at the rapidly rising red mark on her arm and said in horror, like a rabbit at a loss of what to do.

"Sin? I think you're the one who did the wrong thing! " Gu Yiyi sneered, "Serving a living corpse like that every day! Does she not have a daughter of her own? Do you want us to work hard for her? "

"Even Eldest Miss herself needs someone to service her. How can she do this?" Sister-in-Law Fen nagged, "As a man, one must not forget his roots. Your father and I, we were given this life by our lord and mistress. "You went to university because you were offered to do so by your master, and this house was also bought by your master …"

"Serving! Reward! Are you done yet! " Gu Yi Yi Yi said sharply, "These words almost made my ears hurt!" "Mom, you have some dignity. Don't always act like a servant!"

Pow! A resounding slap landed on Gu Yiyi's face!

A red-faced man with a cane came in and slapped Gu Yiyi so hard that she fell to the ground.

"Dad!" Gu Yiyi cried out in alarm.

"Don't call me Dad! I don't have an ungrateful daughter like you! " Gu Yong said angrily. Our Gu family has been loyal servants of the Mo family for generations, I didn't think that a vile spawn like you would appear! Saying such outrageous things! "

"How am I wrong!" Gu Yiyi covered her face and cried, "I don't care what happened in the past, but you saved Mo Tianqi's life and crippled his legs!" It's obvious that the one with the surname Mo owes us! "

Just like his wife, Gu Yongfan was not good with words. His hand trembled uncontrollably as it was raised in the air. He wanted to slap his daughter again, but in the end, he couldn't bear to do so when he saw his daughter on the verge of tears.

"Scram!" he said, trembling.

"If you want to leave, then leave. This has never been my home!"

Gu Yiyi's face was covered in tears as she stared at the unconscious Madam Mo on the bed, gritting her teeth. "But let me tell you this, the world will change! There will be no eternal wife, nor will there be an eternal servant! "

She picked up her bag and rushed out the door.

What is home? No matter how poor they were, their parents loved their daughter and were proud of her. He wasn't like an outsider who couldn't see his daughter's hard work. He only knew how to surround her.

Gu Yiyi had never felt like she had a home.

Her father, Gu Yong, was Master Mo's driver, and her mother, Zhang Yufen, was a maidservant of Madam Mo. She, Gu Yiyi, was born into the Mo family's servant's room.

She would never forget the frightened look on her parents' faces when, on Moran's birthday, she was mistaken for Miss Mo because she was wearing the same red dress as Moran.

They took her home at once, ordered her to take off her dress, put on the ugliest of clothes, and forbade her to wear a red dress from now on.

"That is Miss's favorite color! You actually stole my lady's limelight, it's simply … "How arrogant!" His mother was so scared that she was about to cry, and with a servile face, she surrounded Moran and said she was sorry for the whole night.

The young Gu Yiyi didn't understand why Moran had such great authority. She could get the wind and the rain, and now she liked red, and she couldn't even wear red.

She didn't understand, so she worked even harder. She thought that as long as she was outstanding enough, she could really change her fate and make everyone like her, standing on equal footing with Moran.

She was always reading in the dark, early in the morning, not afraid of getting dirty or smelly, so she helped the teachers clean the toilet in the school, saving her pocket money to buy gifts for every student in the class …

But it was useless.

At the end of the term, the teacher talked to her and asked her to give up her place as one of the three best students.

The teacher said that Moran was so hot at school that he went home and asked his father why there was no air conditioning. The next day, Mo Tianqi sent someone to the school and air-conditioned every classroom and teacher's office.

Gu Yiyi smiled and said, "Teacher, you're right. Moran is warm-hearted and kind, and he deserves the title of one of the three best students."

She finally understood that the world was never fair.

As she was driving on the high stand, her cell phone rang. She glanced at the caller ID and immediately turned off the music to pick up the call. "Hello, Auntie Xiao. It's me."

Xiao Meixia said from the other end of the phone, "Yiyi, Jinnan is not with you?"

"Hur hur, not yet. What's the matter, Auntie, you're looking for him? "

"Sigh, hehe …" "Yeah, it's a little trivial."

Hearing Xiao Meixia's hesitant tone, Gu Yiyi didn't need to guess to know what had happened. She immediately smiled brightly, "Auntie, did you lose again?" How much do you want me to send you? "Aiya, it's just a small sum of money, why are you being so courteous!"

Gu Yiyi found an opening and got off the platform, then headed towards Xiao Jinnan's home.

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