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"Auntie Xiao, open the door, I'm Yiyi!" Gu Yiyi, who was holding a fruit basket and two boxes of high-end beauty suits, knocked on the door politely.

The door was not closed, and there was a heated argument coming from inside.

The woman cried and shouted, "Xiao Fei's father can't take this! This is what my mother left for Jinnan! "

The man flung the woman to the ground and cursed, "Don't mention that bastard! He deliberately lost my son! "

"You rotten thing! You and your bastard are not good people! " The man raised his head and took a gulp of white wine. With red eyes, he grabbed the woman's hair and pressed her onto the cold ground.

"I've truly been struck with bad luck for eight lifetimes. I will take you and your mother in and bring them into my house!" The man scolded, "I fed him and taught him to go to school, but in the end, his conscience was eaten by a dog and he purposely lost Xiaofei! That's my son, the one I only got when I was in my thirties! "

The more he spoke, the angrier he got. His actions were extremely reckless. The woman's nose and eyes were bruised and swollen not long after, and the corners of her eyes were wide open.

"Jin Nan is my son, and Xiao Fei is also my son! If you want money, go find Jinnan and don't act so rude to me! " On the other hand, the woman was quite shrewd. Although she was beaten up to the point where she couldn't even open her eyes, her mouth didn't stop there and she even bit the man.

The man finally stopped beating in pain.

Panting, he grabbed the woman's collar and threatened, "I'm telling you, I don't have the time to bother with these ingrate! I have to get ten thousand dollars before I go home, or I'll beat you to a pulp tonight! "

He drained the bottle of white wine in one gulp, then threw the bottle away and patted his butt as he walked out the door.

Gu Yiyi had heard the commotion coming from behind the door and knew that Xiao Meixia was being beaten by her man again.

This was a common occurrence. Not to mention Gu Yiyi, even Xiao Meixia herself did not feel ashamed.

Gu Yiyi found a corner and waited for the show to end. "He waited until he saw Xiao Jinnan's stepfather wobbling out of the room before politely knocking on the door again." Auntie Xiao, I'm Yiyi. "

Xiao Meixia did not try to hide anything and came out soon after. Seeing the gift in Gu Yiyi's hand, and the color still hanging on her face, she couldn't help but smile happily again. Yiyi, you're here? Sit inside. "Aiyo, since you've come, then come! Why are you buying gifts from auntie? It's not good at all!"

"Yes, Auntie is an elder. For juniors to visit their seniors, there must always be etiquette. "

"We're still as obedient as before, unlike that damned girl that Jin Nan married. Her eyes are on top of her head, and she hasn't come to see me or called me 'Mama' in all these years!" Xiao Meixia complained, secretly glancing at the two boxes of cosmetics brands, estimating the price.

Gu Yiyi obediently smiled and looked around.

This house was bought by Xiao Jinnan. Although she was big, she had been decked out into a vulgar state by Xiao Meixia. Furthermore, she was not proficient in household chores, causing a house to be filled with messy cardboard boxes. Her underwear was then ungracefully hung on the sofa. She shouted for Gu Yiyi to sit, but there was no place for her to sit.

"Aiyo, I had a fight with that damn guy just now and I made Yi Yi look like a joke. Yi Yi, wait a moment. Auntie will go and clean up. " Xiao Meixia hurriedly carried the two boxes of cosmetics into the bedroom.

What she meant was to clean herself up.

Xiao Meixia was a beauty when she was young, and when she was in her teens, she had spread throughout the entire River City. At that time, everyone in the rich and young circle was proud to have been able to catch up with Xiao Meixia. A single date or a night of love was hard to come by.

In those years, she did want to get the wind and rain, to live like a princess.

But somehow, she was pregnant.

Xiao Jinnan was an illegitimate child that she gave birth to at the age of 17. She did not know who her father was and she had never given birth to him for a day. She left her child with her old mother, and before she had done her dirty work, she began to flex her body in an attempt to catch one or two talented diamond men by virtue of her young and beautiful appearance, leaving her clothes untouched in the next life.

But the reality is heartless.

In the six months she had been pregnant, a younger and more beautiful girl had taken her place. As for someone who had given birth to a child, a man was even less interested.

She did not marry into the Wealthy Class, not even the Wealthy Class mistress. She only found a man with ordinary conditions and married into a Wealthy Class family.

"Auntie is really beautiful, beautiful and fashionable! I've also bought this brand of cosmetics for my mom and it's been two years and she still won't use it.

Gu Yiyi had already rolled up her sleeves and started to clean up the room. When she saw Xiao Meixia come out, she praised her.

Actually, the bruises on Xiao Meixia's face were still very obvious, and the foundation could not be covered, but Gu Yiyi acted as if she did not see it at all.

"Yi Yi is filial! "Hehe, I won't hide it from you. With auntie's face and body, if it were a few years earlier, she would have already become a movie star!" Xiao Meixia crossed her hands on her waist as she narcissistically admired the charm of a middle-aged lady in the mirror. In the end, she hatefully said, "Pei! It was all dragged down by that little brat!"

Gu Yiyi pursed her lips into a smile, took out a stack of notes from her bag, and handed it over to Xiao Meixia, "Here's 10,000 yuan. Auntie, if you need money in the future, just let me know. Jin Nan doesn't like to gamble, so you and uncle can look for me whenever you need money. "

Xiao Meixia's eyes widened, "Aiyo, this..." How can I accept this! "

Gu Yi Yi Yi stuffed another handful of money into her hand and laughed, "What does it matter? "Auntie and I are fated to be together. I feel like I'm closer than my own mother, so just treat it as me being filial to you."

Xiao Meixia said a few polite words and quickly put the money in her pocket. She affectionately pulled Gu Yiyi's hand and sighed with emotion, "Yiyi is so obedient and sensible. Sigh, I don't know which eye of our Jinnan City is blind to leave behind such a good girl like you, but to pick a young miss and watch her every day. "

Gu Yi brushed her hair at the side of her head, an almost imperceptible smile appearing on her lips. She choked with sobs and said, "Auntie, I'm very satisfied with how much you love me." Unfortunately, I don't have the good fortune to call you mother. "

"Who said you have no luck!" Xiao Meixia shouted, "I've long disliked that damned girl Mo Lan. I really want to change wives!"

"Auntie …" Gu Yiyi simply laid down on Xiao Meixia's knees and cried out incessantly. I really like Jinnan. I can do anything for him! "

Xiao Meixia stroked Gu Yi Yi Yi's hair and sighed: "Yi Yi, you are too kind. That's why you are always bullied by that Miss Mo! Auntie will tell you, find a man here, not treat him to a meal. If you see it, no matter what method you use, it will be yours to snatch it away! "

Gu Yi Yi nodded mournfully, but out of the corner of her eye, she saw that Xiao Jinnan's car was parked downstairs.

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