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Gu Yiyi took the time to collect her tears and bid farewell to Xiao Meixia. She rushed to meet Xiao Jinnan before he entered the elevator.

"Jin Nan!" Gu Yi Yi Yi seemed to have forgotten her previous displeasure as she called out to him generously.

"Why are you here?" Xiao Jinnan frowned, "Who allowed you to come to my house!"

"Auntie Xiao told me to come. She called you first, but you didn't answer, so she called me. " Gu Yi Yi said frankly.

Xiao Jinnan's face was gloomy as he approached her step by step.

The elevator was very small. With just a single step, Xiao Jinnan forced her into a corner.

His voice came from above her head.

"Stop your dirty thoughts! "Don't think that I don't know what you did. You wanted to wrongly accuse Lan Lan, and purposely let people take pictures to frame her. But she wasn't at the amusement park that day!"

"This is what Moran told you, isn't it?" Did she also tell you that I tricked her into going to the bar and that I drugged her to make her lose her virginity? "

Gu Yiyi bit back and said aggressively: "Xiao Jinnan, a man's heart is separated from a man's stomach! Moran, how many times have she lied to you before? How many times have she played with you? You were so angry at her that you took advantage of the alcohol to sleep by the side of the road. And who sent you home, who took care of you night and day, have you forgotten all about this!? "

"Shut up!" "Lan Lan is my wife. I believe in her. I won't allow anyone to slander her!"

"Stop lying to yourself! "If you really believe her, you can't just look at the photo and be so angry that you turn white and throw everything away and run out to find her?"

Gu Yiyi walked away on her high heels and spoke the heartless truth.

"You dare not believe her. If you call a wolf once, you might call it a second time, a third time … Xiao Jinnan, you can't win against her! Because you love her, you are destined to lose! "

I wish the kitten a good day.

All she did was put on Moran's clothes and pretend to be her, and there was a little brother who was willing to take her to the playground and have fun.

When Fu Yunzhi picked her up and brought her home, she was still not satisfied and became furious.

"I don't want to go home! "The little brother said that he will take me to dinner tonight and then play some other games!" She was extremely dissatisfied and wanted to rush to the door.

Fu Yun coaxed her, "Little Cat, be good. It's dark. You can't go out."

"Why not! "The little brother said that it would only be fun when it's dark, he's going to take me to sing and drink!"

Fu Yunzhi frowned. "You're still young. What are you drinking?"

"Little Cat is not small anymore. Little Cat has already lived for hundreds of years! "Yun Qi hates it the most. He always treats me like a child!" "F * ck off!" Little Cat Zhu said angrily. Suddenly, he gave Fu Yunzhi a hard shove and dashed out the door.

Fu Yunzhi had not fully recovered. He was pushed back two steps and almost fell to the ground.

"Cat, you can't go out!" He was worried, but the kitten was long gone.

"Haha …" Chase after me, chase after me! " Wishing the kitten to make a face at Fu Yun, like a successful child escaping home for the first time, he ran forward in high spirits.

But before she had run more than a few steps, she felt her legs go numb and her head grow drowsy. She forced herself to move a few steps, then her body swayed and she fell backwards.

He fell into a embrace that was as cold as jade and sniffed. The medicinal fragrance that he was used to smelling ever since he could remember.

"Yun Qi?" she said dreamily.


Fu Yunzhi carried her back to her room, placed her on the bed and lifted the blanket.

"Yun Qi, I'm sleepy." Wishing the kitten a yawn.

"Good girl, sleep if you're tired."

"But why do I always want to sleep? Why are both Yun Qi and I able to live for so long, never dying and never growing old? "

"Because Fu Yunzhi is invincible in this world. "Yun Qi loves the kitten, so the kitten will live a long life with him."

"But, I think... "Grow …"

Before the little kitten could finish, she had already pulled his sleeve and safely entered her dreams.

Fu Yunzhi tucked her in and gazed at her sleeping appearance.

It was an extremely beautiful face.

He had an almost identical face to Mo Lan, but his eyes were much purer than Mo Lan's. She really was like a child.

A carefree child, a hollow, ignorant body.

Yes, if you can't search those souls. She would always be like this. Whether several hundred or several thousand years had passed, she would never grow up. She was so weak that even the dark night could hurt her.

She was empty, without a soul.

When people said that she had three souls and seven souls, she didn't have a single one.

No one knew how much Fu Yunzhi had paid for the past few thousand years in order to let her know how cold and hungry she was, how cold and hot she was, how speaking and how to walk.

Every day, his progress had been minuscule. It had taken him a hundred years to make her call him Yun Qi and say a complete sentence at the most difficult time.

But he never gave up.

He had always believed that one day, his little kitten would be reborn and become a completely different person.

Sleep well. You will grow up soon, and you will no longer be muddleheaded or stupid.

Fu Yunzhi lifted the strands of hair in front of her forehead and gave her a gentle kiss.

That pot of Burning Heart Grass was still in its cage, listless and listless. The small leaves had already been nibbled away, leaving behind a few big leaves, and all the tumor had shriveled up.

In this world, Mo Lan was the only one who had Cat's Soul Fragment. When Fu Yunzhi refined the medicine for her, the pain he experienced was also several times more excruciating than usual.

He rested for several days, but was still unable to fully recover. He truly had no strength of heart to continue feeding them. When he entered the house, he felt a wave of desolation. When the Burning Heart Grass saw him, it actually started to sob, and started to cry like a baby.

With a sigh, Fu Yunzhi waved his hand to close the door and the window, opening the cage's lock.

The Burning Heart Grass was excited to the point of leaping up, and it let out a whooshing cheer. It seemed as if it had been suppressed for far too long. At almost the same instant that the bird cage was removed, every single branch and leaf suddenly swelled up by 10 feet! All the small branches and leaves that had been devoured were reborn, and with a series of "ga ga ga ga", they expanded horizontally once again!

If the one from before could be considered a potted plant, then this was definitely a pitch black forest! In the blink of an eye, Fu Yunzhi's spacious bedroom covered the skies and the sun. The leaves and leaves were like bizarre tentacles swaying in the air, growing in disorder!

Fu Yunzhi's black hair fluttered, and his white robes fluttered as he lay in the middle of the gigantic spider web.

The several hundred branches and leaves were like nestling birds waiting to be fed, circling around Fu Yun as he rose to his feet. Evil and greedy.

They were clearly very afraid of him. However, they were unable to resist the temptation of the delicacies. They all crowded together, and no one dared to be the first one out. However, they did not want to fall behind.

Fu Yunzhi untied his sleeves.

Although he was thin, his bones and muscles were very good. His bones were strange and his muscles were well-proportioned. However, there was a piece of gauze over his heart and mouth that was slightly red in color.

Without looking, he tore off the cloth and revealed the scar underneath.

It was as if he had been bitten by a poisonous snake or something like that. Those scars were extremely numerous, as if there were hundreds or even thousands of them. Some of them had not even formed scabs yet, and their new wounds were piled on their old ones, causing blood to flow out.

When the Burning Heart Grass saw the blood, it became even harder to control, and began to twist and contort frantically.

"Come! It's just that my body is not fully recovered yet. You all have some sense of propriety, so don't suck me dry! " He closed his eyes.

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