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C3 Kristen Chase

Kristen returned a few moments later with a black rubber belt and smiled cozy at Frederick who was obviously lost in the moment.

The lady standing in front of him had captured him with everything in her. She is gorgeous and a dare Devil too.

His friends were nowhere to be seen. Each has left with the girls leaving only him at their table.

The club was filled now and loud music could be heard and people were dancing and screaming. It was what it should be every Friday night.

"Oh poor boy, your friends left you"

She said and climbed onto the table. Frederick followed her every movement with his eyes.

Kristen ran her tongue on her lips and pulled her gown a bit up, revealing her pinky pantie.

Frederick swallowed at the sight of her pantie. He couldn't tear his eyes off her.

"Do you want to know what I can do?"

She asked seductively but was disappointed he did not answer her rather he moped at her. Something like this is a huge turn-off for her.

She rolled her eyes and got down from the table.

"You look like a log of wood. You simply don't want what I can offer"

She said and started walking off.

Frederick caught her wrist unconsciously and pulled her to himself.

"Can you show me please"

He begged and she smiled.

"I know you can't resist me"

She murmured and pulled him up to his feet then ran her hand over his face, smiling.

"You handsome and I seem to want you very much. If you can trust me, I have got something for you"

Kristen said and pulled away from him then started walking away. Frederick blindly followed her without having a clue of where they were going until they arrived at what looked like an inn built off the club.

A lot of things always go on after the clubhouse so an inn was built off the clubhouse and the owner has to see that it was one of the best decisions he has made because that made people come clubbing there so they could pass a night there if there is a need and people like Kristen has taken advantage of it.

Kristen smiled at the Front Desk attendant who smiled and handed a key to her.

"I was beginning to think you would not come by today"

The young attendant said and Kristen smirked.

"You know, this is my favorite place so I can't miss it each time I come here. Thank you anyway"

The attendant nodded his head and she left.

Who would not know her at Little Castle? Every worker there knows her because she is their regular customer.

Kristen Chase is a well-known name and most ladies wondered why she has got to sleep with so many men, like how does she do it?

"Here we are"

She said and slid the key and kicked the door open afterward then walked into the room.

She breathed into the fragrance. She met the room as she left it last time.

It's more like her second place because she always pays for a year whether in use or not. Her lifestyle is so crazy that you wouldn't understand her.

Who goes to an inn and pays for one of the rooms for a year? That's pure craziness.

"Come on in boy"

She said and turned towards the door to find Frederick staring at her sheepishly.

She pulled him in and closed the door then sat him on the chair at the center of the room.

Then walked to the stereo and turned on 'would you mind' by Janet Jackson. She doesn't normally do this but she feels she wants to do something different for the handsome guy.

Giving him an erotic dance might be a bonus for him and her also or maybe he is extremely handsome so she wants to give him special treatment.

She stood in his front and stripped off every damn clothes on her slowly and seductively with Frederick's eyes glued on her.

She was left only in her pantie, bra, and boots then slowly and steadily, she started rocking her body for him, making sure to follow the song rhythm.

Frederick felt every vein in his body popping out and his heart rising and falling, coupled with the effect of the alcohol in his brain. All he ever wants is to pin her down and take her right on the floor but he could not move.

She was holding him down on the chair with her body, he was afraid of what would happen if he should get up. He is not sure if this is his reality or his dream.

The gracefulness with which she moves her body keeps him captive.

Kristen could see what she is doing is really turning him on. The desire in his eyes was undoubtedly there and she smiled and continued dancing for him.

She was losing herself too but she was determined to give him a good dance before she could give him the other one.

For five minutes more she was sitting dancing and when she finally stopped every hold she had on Frederick got loosened.

He stood up and walked to her where she sat on the floor. His erection was evident in his pant.

Kristen lift off her eyes to his face and came face to face with his lips, nothing was ever going to hold Frederick back from having crazy sex that evening.

The lady who he knows nothing about had ended up taking him to the edge and he is not letting her go regardless of who she is or her medical records.

His brain screamed at him to stop but he gave no heed to it.

"You just brought out the lion in me, I hope you can take what I can offer"

He said gently and she smiled,

"I don't think you can match me in my own game"

She said, challenging him.

"Let's see about..."

Kristen did not let him finish and smashed her lips against him, hungrily.

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