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C4 Devilish Angel

The kiss was hot and needy, Kristen did not mind that he had to be a stranger. While she kissed him hungrily, she tagged at his shirt and ran her fingers wherever she could get skin contact with him. His shirt was restricting her feeling him like she wants it.

She was sitting on the floor and had her hands wrapped around Frederick who was not getting enough of the kiss. Both of them were kissing so hard and breathless, not giving a chance to each other to let air into their lungs. It was like both are in a game of chase, each not wanting the other to win.

Frederick pulled away after a few seconds and stared at the lady breathing heavily under him. She had this Victorious smirk on her face, she was giving him a secret message he is not sure he understood.

Regardless of what she is telling him silently, he was rock hard and would not think twice before having hot steamy sex with her.

Kristen kind of understood him and smirked again. She could sense his desire by the beating of his heart.

She pushed him on the floor gently and got over him.

"I have something to show you"

She told him and licked her lips which turned Frederick on the most.

Kristen, while her stares lingered on Frederick, grabbed his belt and unbuckled it then pulled his Pant together with his brief and his hard dick sprang freely from its hold, seeking her attention.

Frederick had something else in mind but decided to let see what she had got to show him.

Kristen grabbed his dick with her two hands and stroked it for a while before she bent down and ran her tongue over him. He jacked up at the impact of her hot breath on him. She smiled and repeated it before kissing the tip of his dick.

Her hot breath on him had the kind of sensation it sent to him each time her breath touches him.

Giving head, Kristen hates that with passion but would love to be eaten up by dudes who she sleeps with but in Frederick's case, she is ready to please him which to her, she doesn't know why. It's unlike her.

Kristen was done playing around so she kissed his balls and after massaging them for a while then she began running her tongue over him from the base to the tip for some time before taking him in her mouth.

She did not fail to keep her stares on him while gagging him up.

Frederick involuntary held her hair and aid her as she deep throat fuck him.

Frederick was having the best of it because this is the first time a lady was actually giving him head willingly, not just a girl, a total stranger. None of his girlfriends has ever made an attempt and if he wants he has to beg before it's given to him.

Kristen continued doing what she was doing until he felt he was about to release and he did not want that so fast he flipped over and she was under him, with his hand still at the back of her head, he started thrusting hard and first in her mouth.

He did not mind she was choking and continued at a fast pace, Kristen was not minding at all because seeing Frederick moan was driving her insane and she imagined unimaginable things she can do with him.

When Frederick could not hold himself after thrusting for a while, he cummed all over her face, almost blinding her.

Kristen swallowed almost everything and made sure that none on her face was left out.

Frederick was fascinated by how clean she swallowed his loads. She did not mind and that alone warmed his heart.

He bent over her lips and kissed her then ran his tongue on her face then fixed his eyes on hers,

"It's my turn"

Kristen chuckled and rolled away from under him and got on the bed.

"I can't wait for you to show me what you have got baby boy"

She smirked and unclasped her bra and let free her boobs which bounced back to her.

"I wonder what you are doing there staring at me?"

Frederick got hold of himself and got off his pants and briefs totally and climbed the bed.

He just released a while ago but looking at her naked, he was hard in a short space of time.

"You are beautiful, do you know that"

Frederick said sincerely, gaining a genuine smile from Kristen.

"I have heard that a couple of times but hearing it from you gave me a special kind of feeling."

She pulled him to herself and repositioned herself well on the bed ready to be sent to cloud9 by The Stranger dude, whose name she does not know.

"But you are not here to say how beautiful I am, you are here to make me feel beautiful so begin"

She ordered him but Frederick was far from doing what she told him to do.

He just saw the devilish Angel out of her clothes and realized that she is more than who she presents with that outfit of hers.

The light was not too dim so he could make out how beautiful she is.

The lady under him is far different from the lady he met at the bar.

"What's your name?"

He asked out of the blue which took Kristen by surprise. She was not expecting him to ask her what her name is.

What has her name got to do with how she is feeling right now?

"I am burning down there, kindly quench the fire with your tongue"

She murmured impatiently.

Frederick, who felt she was not ready to tell him, did not persuade her, rather he pinched one of her nipples then bent over the other boobs and began sucking her like a baby.

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