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C4 Chapter 4


I stayed almost the full day staring at that man who wore his cell phone number. Thinking and hesitated to go for that huge step.

Yes, what if he was a thief or something or serial killer and he might kill me!

Too many evil thoughts roamed inside my thick skull. Until midnight, I grabbed my cellphone and decided to call him “yes, mr…. sex!” yes his nickname was Mr sex!

He chuckled “yes, it’s me… so any help?”

“yes, I want you. I mean I will pay you anything you want.” I offered instantly.

He whistled “oh, madam… okay.. so where and when? But I have to warn you… I’m such a highly paid escort!” he warned me.

I agreed immediately and suggested to him “don’t worry about money, ten thousand dollars for tonight! How about that? and by the way, I'm still a Miss and your mission is to… take my virginity.” I sighed. It was too bad to say that I’m still a virgin!

He replied “okay, send me the address, I will be so happy to do that. But please don’t tell me that you are underage.” he worriedly said.

“no, don’t worry, I will send you the address of the hotel. I’m twenty-five years old. I will be waiting for you after one hour.” I told him.

“Okay, miss… I will come on time… just be ready in the bed for me. I don’t want to waste a lot of time. Especially that you are still virgin.” he said in a serious tone as he kind of commanded me.

I said yes and I hung up, I booked a room in a hotel and sent him the room number and the address.

I rushed to the hotel and once I stepped inside the room, I took off my clothes. And laid my body in the bed waiting for him. I was so desperate!

Slut?! no! But if I don't do that, I will die a virgin! Seriously. I didn’t care if he was ugly or if he was a murderer. All I wanted to do was live one day of my miserable life as a real wanted woman even if I paid for that night.

I waited for him and before I could call him back, he knocked on the door room “please come in.”

And yes, he stepped inside and closed the door behind him.

He freaked out when he saw me “you are…”

I narrated my eyes and huffed “fat and ugly! I will pay for you.”

He smiled and stepped closer to the edge of the bed. Then handed me my clothes “please wear your clothes. I can’t do that.”

I started crying again “why? Even you! I told you I would pay you a lot of money.”

He gently patted my shoulder and hugged me like a brother “miss… it’s not what you are thinking. Could you please wear your clothes first because we need to talk.”

I don’t know why I trusted him, he was so handsome, I can’t deny that. But he was manwhore got paid to fuck! So why he didn’t want to fuck me?!

I wore my clothes, and he sat on a chair and asked me to sit in front of him.

He smiled nicely and then started talking “why I don’t want to sleep with you, that not because you are fat or ugly.”

I widened my eyes and asked him in curiosity “then what’s your reason?” I crossed my arms over my chest, assuming that he would start lying to me.

He pulled my hand and patted it softly “because I could see why you want that. Everyone already hurt your feelings and ignored you. So… it’s not a solution. But instead… I could help you.” he raised an eyebrow and stared at me waiting for my reply.

I nodded immediately “yes, sure… if you have a solution to my horrible life.”

He stood up and grabbed my hand “then you should meet me daily at the gymnastic. I’m a trainer and I will help you to lose weight fast and become so hot and sexy.. only if…” he lingered his words in the air and stared at me.

Then he raised his fingers to my face “only if you worked hard! You need to be a fighter. Are you ready to miss?”

“yes, ready, my name is caramel.” I shake hands with him.

He smiled innocently and shook hands with me “nice to meet you, my new friend. My name is Jack… now let’s go.”

I gasped and was shocked “now?”

He nodded “yes, now and then and every day and every hour. I will make you sexy as hell.” he winked and actually his words raised my self-esteem again. He was like my savior! Someone who came back to my lonely world from nowhere to help me.

I was so glad that I called him.

And yes, my impossible mission started.

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