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C5 Chapter 5


And yes, our mission and daily training started. He was so stern like a general in the military. Commanding me to do that and run like that and eat nothing. And he asked me to take a break and leave my parents house for a few months. Just to come back as a newborn sexy lady.

And seriously he was my only and my last hope. Especially when I offered him a big advance and he refused to take any. He was treating me as his friend. and I really was comfortable with him.

We didn’t discuss how we met again and I said my temporary goodbyes to my parents and I told them I will come back thin and sexy. They didn’t stop me but they just asked me to call them daily.

And yes I did that every time before I got to sleep.

I rented a room next to the gym and we started training every single day and night.

For six months until I have reached my real target! 60 kg! Perfect for my height, I was 173 cm.

That day, Jack told me to not meet him at the gym and asked me to meet him at the shopping mall. I was curious but excited too.

I was finally able to look at myself in the mirror checking my perfect ideal body.

I thought that would be impossible but seriously as Jack has told me from day one, nothing is impossible.

He was right and I was so grateful for him. That's why I drove early to the shopping mall to buy some gifts for him as a way of thanking him for his great help.

I walked to a jewelry store and I bought a lot of things for him. He didn’t take a penny from me for six months. Even my meals, he was paying for all of that. He was such a nice guy actually and we were the same exact age.

Once he arrived, I handed him the boxes immediately “Jack, please take it. And thank you for your great help.”

He squealed, surprised and stammered “but it’s too much!”

“Please, accept it as my trainer. You did a very good job.” I hugged him and he hugged me back but whispered: “no, I will accept the gifts as your friend caramel, not as your trainer.”

I cheerfully kissed his cheeks “I would love to be friends with you. Seriously. You are the best.” I praised him but I meant it.

He nodded and chuckled “okay, enough about me. Now it’s your day to be a full sexy lady. The last touches miss caramel.”

My heart fluttered in my chest dinging deeply, I knew what he meant by that. He means it’s time to buy sexy dresses for me and finally walk like a real sexy lady.

I followed him and I let him choose for me, I already had a nice taste in clothes. But I trusted him and I wanted him to choose by the eye of a man. I did all of that to grab the men attention towards me after all.

I tried a lot of dresses and guess what! My size was one! Yes, a real model.

All of the dresses looked so nice and amazing on me.

I bought all of them and some sexy underwear. I wore a white short casual dress as he asked me to throw my old clothes.

And once we stepped hand in hand out of the shopping mall, all the eyes tried on us! “why are they looking at us this way?” I clutched in his shirt.

He chuckled “us?!” he raised an eyebrow and rotated me in circles and then all the guys whistled “see! They are looking at the sexiest girl ever! Go girl and rock the men's hearts!”

I drove to my parents' house and asked Jack to come with me. I Wanted eagerly to introduce him to my parents as my first and my best friend.

But once they saw me, they almost screamed and cried and guess what! My blind rude date that left me six months ago and humiliated me before even shaking hands with me was there.

He dropped his jaw “What? Are you caramel? You look…. sexy as hell…”

But Jack pulled me to his chest and threw the guy with up and down looks “and you look average! Sorry but you have zero chance with her.” Jack teased him.

And I ignored the guy and dragged Jack with me to my room to put my new clothes and replace them with the old one. While my parents followed us excited to know what I have done to be like that.

They were so happy for me! Finally, I really felt like a queen! Not even average.

And while I was telling my parents everything, Jack captured a picture for me “what was that Jack?”

He smirked sheepishly “just to show you, that any job will accept you to work with them immediately. Wait a few minutes and you will see.”

And he was right again! He sent my picture with no details at all to one of the companies.

His cellphone rang and he answered, I couldn’t hear anything he hung up and bit his lips “I told you! They accepted you! You are hired, girl”



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