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C7 Chapter 7


Once I parked my car in front of the nightclub gate, all the bodyguards rushed to me immediately, gasps and admirers all over my car. Sure it was so expensive after all. And places like this respect only rich and famous people.

But once I stepped out of my car, all the eyes turned into me. Yes, I was looking so sexy as hell.

And even my self-confidence hit the top! I was a different person completely from the outside and inside.

But I wasn’t an egoistic person at all.

I hurriedly asked the valet to park my car away, and I stepped side by side next to the manager who welcomed me cheerfully as if he didn’t see a beautiful woman ever in his life.

He asked me politely “so, madam, where do you want to…”

I cut him off immediately. “There's a reservation for Mr. Zeus melton.”

He made or shaped by his mouth “ooooh, yes sure. Mr. Zeus' table. Please follow me.”

I trailed his pace until we reached the top of the club, it was obviously for VIP's and it was the best table over there.

I found a man, handsome and elegant sitting on a couch surrounded by guards and sexy women. Looked like sluts. But inexpensive clothes.

I checked my eyes for Mr. Alex but I didn't find him.

I was confused and embarrassed, how could I sit with him? I didn’t even know him.

But the manager did “Mr. Zeus, she’s here for you.”

Zeus widened his eyes “for me? Who are you? I didn't expect anyone to come…”

I nodded playing shyly with my long hair “yes, I’m Mr. Alex's new assistant. He asked me to wait for him here.”

Mr. Zeus gestured to me “okay have a seat then.”

He was talking from the tip of his nose, but he just ignored me for a while and started kissing another girl in front of me.

I glared away from them, I grabbed my cellphone to call Mr. Alex “yes, Mr. Alex, I’m inside.”

“sorry caramel, I won’t be able to come tonight. Something important occurred. Could you please ask Mr. Zeus to delay our meeting until tomorrow morning at the company?” Mr. Alex said to me.

I politely replied “yes sure.”

And we hang up.

I stood up, and coughed to grab Mr. Zeus who was busy doing nasty things to those girls “Mr. Zeus,”

He raised his brows to me “yes,”

“Mr. Alex will not be able to come, so he wants me to ask you to delay the meeting… and …” and he raised his hands to my face arrogantly and rudely.

Then he blurted out “tomorrow morning then.”

I nodded and took my purse and walked away, I wanted to get out of that place immediately.

I didn’t like him and I just wanted to tell him who I am to not treat me like trash but I just didn’t want to ruin everything and lose my job. I just started!

Once I turned my high heels away, he made me froze by his words “I want to fuck you!”

I just thought something happened to my ears and assumed that he was talking to his sluts.

So I neglected what I had just heard and walked away. I walked to the bathroom first, I wanted to call Jack and tell him that the meeting was canceled because he wanted to meet me after that.

But once I stepped inside the bathroom, I found myself pinned to the wall, and surprisingly it was Mr. Zeus. He narrowed his eyes in a weird way to me “who are you?”

I gulped nervously trying to push him away but he didn’t move an inch “dr Zeus, I told you. I’m Mr. Alex's assistant and my name is caramel.”

He slammed the wall with his both hands next to my head and groaned “then why in the hell did you ignore my words and walked away?”

I flinched “excuse me! Did you say something?”

He leaned closer to my lips and said emphasizing his words “I said I want to fuck you.”

I dumbfoundedly but bravely kneeled him in his balls and he was pulled away from me. I glanced back to see who did that and only found Jack.

He dragged me out of there and we rushed out of that place.

I was shivering from the hard shock, and the tight grip on my wrist almost squeezed my hand “Jack, slow down. You are hurting me.”

He halted in his walk and rubbed his chin, blowing a deep breath away and trying to calm himself. He muttered, staring away from my eyes, “I’m sorry.”

I placed my hand on his chest “calm down! Why are you here?”

He swallowed and slowly swung his head to look deeply and intensely to me “to protect you!”

I do like him a lot! But as a brother! As a friend and following me was a bad sign. That might ruin our friendship because I had no intention to be with him. Not because he was poor but my heart didn’t beat even once for him.

Widnes my eyes and stayed silent, he noticed that and covered up his words “okay, I was closer and decided to say hi to you and suddenly I saw Zeus checking your body up and down and followed you so… I couldn’t control myself. We are friends right?” he explained and I could tell he was lying but I was glad that he lied this time because I won’t be able to lose him as a friend.

I nodded and kissed his cheeks softly “okay, thank you. I’m hungry, what about you?” I diverted the subject, he took the key of my car from the valet and opened the door of the passenger for me “please have a seat. I will drive you to a special place.”

I nodded and actually I had no nerve to drive. Thank god that he was there for me. I’m so grateful for the angels that have sent someone like him to be my savior.

He drove until we reached a nice restaurant but a small one. Once we stepped inside, and we sat down, I noticed that a limo was out there. I couldn’t tell who he was. Until I heard noises and guards barged inside. Smashing things and Jack was pulled and dragged by them out of the restaurant. I tried to help him. But Mr. Zeus melton blocked my path. He appeared from nowhere “stay out of this. I’m giving him what he deserves.”

I grabbed a glass of water in front of me and threw the water to Mr Zeus face and in a second I was flipped to his shoulder! He roared “now I will really fuck you so hard.”

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