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Miss Ellen Cross kissed me.

On the cheek!

I was dumbfounded!

How could she just do something like that?

I just got back to my senses when the culprit suddenly said -

'You are very interesting Architect East. I look forward to working with you. And do not mind what I did, I was just testing you. I apologize. See you later.', she said while walking out of the director's room.

I looked like I was smitten by lightning.

Yes, I did not move, not until she was out of the room.

It's not that I was only petrified about what happened but it puzzled me to the core when she said she just tested me.

Do other people test others by kissing them on their cheek by the time they meet?

And what was she testing me for?

Ugh! this feeling of uncertainty makes me wonder now.

Sigh! I better get out of here and shrug off the unnecessary thoughts.

But this is a very bizarre meeting.

I am not numb or without feelings and honestly, it took me some perseverance to not show any hint of admiration when she was at the close range of my vision and smell.

I would be lying if I will say that she is not beautiful and sexy up close.

She even smelled very refreshing which is way out of my expectations as I imagined her to be heavily using luxury perfumes.

I thought that I have been good at reading people now, especially with my experience working with a lot of people already but I think I still have a lot to learn.

Nonetheless, I am sure that I will be able to read and understand her in no time and all this uncertainty will collapse and be calm again.

Time passed by really fast and two days later, we planned to have our team building ahead of schedule.

So as expected, Team 1 will be led by Architect Ellen Cross and Team 2 will be led by me.

These will be the two teams to pioneer the second branch of the Architecture firm in our city.

It was tasked that our teams are to collaborate on the design of the branch and it would be depending on Architect Ellen's decision if she'll manage the branch or give it to other Team Leads.

I am very excited about this expansion as this will bring a lot of opportunities for me and the people that I know.

It is within my belief that whatever opportunities come our way, let's grab them as fast as we can as long as we find it in ourselves that we are suited for the position.

I also would like to help others go up especially for people who I think are really deserving.

And one good example of this is Dianne.

That's right, I recommended her for the team of Architects under my team for the expansion and not as a secretary but as a fellow architect.

She was really happy about the news and that prompted her to hug me during the time I told her about the good news then she almost cried with joy.

The next day came -

'Hello everyone! My name is Architect Ellen Cross. I will be the Team Leader of Team 1. And as you know, our firm will have a second branch in this city and it also means opportunities to climb up the career ladder. I hereby announce the team members under me that will pioneer the 2nd branch. Once you hear your names, come to my left side.', Ellen spoke with an intermediate and modulated voice.

'Glen, Sofia, Richard, Koon, Mark, Jim, John. You will be the Architects under me and you will each have subteams under you as well. But only the seven of you will go with me tomorrow for a simple team familiarization. Next up, let's welcome Architect Shaun East', she announced.

While Ellen is talking, I was just silently staring at her and kept on asking why she kissed or sized me up last three days ago. Is she messing with me? But we don't have enmity or whatsoever.

But I was awoken from wondering when I heard my name so I hurriedly walked towards the front of the conference hall.

'Hi everyone! It's a good thing that all of us are here during this expansion, and Team Lead Ellen is right, opportunities are coming our way so let's do our best.'

'Here are the people under my Team 2' -

'Drake, Cane, Christine, Roxy, Cha. The same thing, you will each lead a sub-team and the five of you will be with us tomorrow for the familiarization and planning.', I announced as calmly as I could.

When I finished speaking my part, I hurriedly went back to the table I was in.

I tried to be calm.

But I can't shake off the guilty feeling.

Dianne! I said that she will be under my team but sadly, she was asked by the director to be her secretary but have the same salary grade as an architect.

I feel bad.

I know how much she liked to work as an architect and it is a false promise on my part that she'll be one.

It is good that she has a salary of an entry-level architect but she doesn't work as one yet, it may be just a matter of time but I know it should be her time now.

Sigh! I better talk to the director about this or maybe Ellen can do something. -

I thought.

Then I decided to talk to the director first.

I walked my way to the Director's room afterward.

As I was about the knock at his door, I suddenly heard a noise inside. Something like a book or a pile of papers dropped on the floor.

I was confused as the director is not that type of person to be silly enough and drop his things and he does not bring any book or bunch of papers with him.

So I decided to just be outside as maybe he is talking to another big shot from the headquarters aside from Ellen.

'Director! Please don't. I want to work here but I am not doing this kind of thing!

My ears perked up and my eyes widened.

Dianne! It is her voice! What did she mean? Is she being forcefully coerced into doing something against her will? Is she being sexually harassed?

'Dianne. I know that you like Architect Shaun. But he is already with someone. He is very secretive so you might not know. It would be better for you you be my secretary as I won't treat you wrong. I can give you anything better than Shaun. You've done it with him already, right? Even if not, what will happen if his wife or girlfriend hears something of a sexual relationship with your boss? Hahaha'

I was taken aback by what the Director said. Is this the catalyst for the changes that will storm my earned steady life?

Things are getting out of hand now.

Is the director such a bad person? I thought highly of him but now, he even lusted for Dianne. How can such a person be in that high position?

I better save Dianne!

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