Sex is You/C9 Mishap
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Sex is You/C9 Mishap
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C9 Mishap

Dianne and I kissed passionately.

It felt like all the suppressed lust and frustration from me came gushing out like a flood.

It was so passionate and aggressive that I can hear the occasional soft moans coming out of her mouth.

Hearing that, with her shirt on, my right hand found its way on her left boob and it really felt good. Even my huge hands can't cover everything with my grasp. She really has ample size of breasts.

By the way, she is still in her work shirt but without the coat.

We kissed even more aggressively and I can't help but be more energized.

I am not that versed with undressing women but it is surprising that it has flowed smoothly.

First, while still kissing, I unbuttoned her shirt and maybe she felt that I want to take it off from her, so she did it herself.

Next, I directly slid my right hand below her bra and that prompted her to moan cutely. And maybe she knows that it hinders my hand to fully touch her breasts, so she also took it off herself.

She did not lose out and she in return unbuttoned my shirt and I took it off completely myself.

All these things happened while she still kept her eyes closed.

Seeing her like that, I can't help but stop kissing her and just stare at her beautiful face.

She looks very innocent and ethereal. And knowing that is more stimulation for me.

Then my eyes shift their vision towards her body and I can only stare at it in admiration.


I subconsciously gulped a mouthful of saliva when I saw her naked top again.

The beastly desires within me were like struck bewitched with the masterpiece that the universe made in front of me.

She still had her eyes closed but maybe due to a long time that I did not get back to kissing her, she opened it and saw me staring at her like a statue.

Maybe feeling my intense gaze on her, she may have felt embarrassed or whatnot.

She then extended her soft hands towards my head and tilted it slightly guiding the left side to rest on her voluptuous chest.

Then what I heard made my eyes wide -

Lub dub lub dub lub dub

Yes. I can hear her heartbeat very clearly!

Is she excited?

Or is she nervous?

Then I heard her say -

'Sir. This is my first time so I do not know much about what to do. I am nervous but I am okay because it is you. Please take care of me.'

Boom! Hearing that made a huge ripple in my lustful conscious.

My already wild beastly desires even ignited to their fullest after hearing that personally from her.

I did not know what to say, or it is more like I can't say anything due to my lustful side getting the better of me hence I can't think straight.

With the engines revving inside me, I hurriedly kissed her and held her hair with my left hand then made a very passionate kiss.

This is the way that I can let her know. That I assure her of my utmost care during this; whatever mishap this is.

I hope she felt that intention.

After that, I quickly stopped the kiss and did not say anything.

I positioned myself correctly on the couch and seated.

Then I guided her to sit on my lap.

We stared at the eyes of each other for a long time and the temperature rose up to another level.

She kissed me of her own volition and I reciprocated.

Not long after, I switched to kissing and licking her nipples and that made her lose out very intense moans of pleasure.

I kept on going at it while my left hand is holding her back and my right hand caressing her left nipple.

With all the things I did, she was not able to take it and her fingers and hands kept on digging on my back or gripping my head and hair.

Knowing that reaction from her, I felt very inclined to do more of this.

She suddenly said, 'Sir. Please let me make you feel good as well.'

My ears perked up right away.

She did even let me continue when she had noticed that I paused slightly when I heard her say that.

Taking advantage of that moment, she hurriedly got off me and she positioned herself between my legs.

Her hands quickly found their way on my crotch area.

She then unbuttoned my slacks and took them off.

My rock-hard weapon is now crazily pulsating in my underwear and like last time, a part of it is currently protruding out.

I only stared at Dianne. Right now, she is really bewitching and stunning.

I can also see on her face that she is trying her best to make this a wonderful experience.

She then took off my underwear and my rod just whipped out like a rubber tower.

Without further ado, she held it with her two hands and got closer.

I guess it is the first time that we did it like this and this caused her to comment -

'Sir. I know that it is big but it looks even bigger at this angle. I am not sure if I can take it.'

I can only meekly smile in embarrassment. I am not that big. I just think that I am average. I did not comment but I held her hand to let her know that I will do my best.

She then started her business and

Ahh! This is what I dreamt of just now when I took the nap!

It is happening! Now!

This is very stimulating. I can totally feel the warmth of her mouth while swallowing my thing.

I leaned back on the couch and stared at the ceiling. All I can imagine are the next things that Dianne and I will do.

I was lost in my imagination and when I imagined something very exciting, my rod felt like it pulsates unknown energy, and maybe Dianne felt that irregularity.

She kept on doing her best when suddenly -

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Yes. Somebody's phone is ringing!

Wait! It is mine!!!

Dianne stopped licking my rod and just wanked it instead then asked -

'Are you not gonna answer that sir?'

I did not answer and maybe after 10 seconds, Dianne got back to swallowing my manhood.

I am quite surprised as well but I chose to ignore the call. It was usually the director Rey calling me at this hour checking on Dianne so it is okay to ignore it.


Ring! Ring! Ring!

So obstinate!

Just ignore!

After ringing, my phone became silent again and we got back to this very hot situation.

I looked at Dianne and it made me very moved. Seeing her with my manhood inside her mouth is stimulation on a whole different level.

Maybe she felt my intense stare and that made her pause.

She suddenly asked,

'I feel very hot sir. Did you feel good? I wonder who in the past is very lucky to experience this with you?'

Bam! My mind jolted because of her question!

There a few women. But I can only think of another person, right now.

Not Dianne, Sarah!

Could she be the one who called?

Did she call to give me another chance?

Probably not right?

Then my phone suddenly lit up and ringed -




Text messages! Who could it be?

Please. Let it be Sarah! - I wished.

But that momentary lapse in my thinking caused my manhood to show disinterest and that shocked Dianne.

She hurriedly asked, 'Sir, what happened? Did I do something wrong?'

Hearing her question, I suddenly got back to my senses and was shocked as well. What did I do?

Shoot! Sarah! I thought of Sarah.

I was embarrassed and guilty.

My mind is very complicated now.

I don't want to hurt Dianne's feelings so I said to her -

'I am sorry. I was just distracted by the calls and texts. I should check them out first then turn it off. And maybe we can resume.'

Dianne nodded and did not say or ask anything.

I quickly got up and checked my phone on the desk.

I looked up my messages and when I read what it is and who sent it made me smile in glee.

It was like a smile of redemption!


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