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The next day.

When my back prickled as I arranged my flowers, I knew he was here again.

He is watching me. Watching my every movement. I don't know him, but I've come to recognize his presence.

His presence is almost so familiar to me like my Rosary. I turned my back from the window and made the sign of the cross.

Is it stupid that I feel safe whenever I feel his presence?

Maybe I'll ask sister Benedetta, although I don't really want to.

After spending twenty three years of my life in the convent, which is my home where the sisters raised me, I'm really happy that they finally accepted to my wishes to come out of the convent, from under their wings and try to make my own way.

Sister Benedetta is like a mother to me and she was the hardest one to persuade, but later she agreed.

Asking her something of this nature—what it means for a man to look at me the way he does—would only get her worried.

"Lani, honey!"

I turned towards the entrance of the store and saw my neighbour, Jonathan. I gave him a smile and waved at him.

"Jonathan. What are you doing here? Is anything wrong at home?" I asked curiously.

His arm around me didn't move, he gave me a little smile. "Everything is great, Lani. How is it going today?"

I brightened at the question as I past by another flower, I ran my finger on the daisies and smiled.

"Everything's great." While growing up, I discovered my love for flower and told sister Benedetta. She had encouraged me to study as a florist.

Staring at my store now and all the flowers in it, I feel happy and fulfilled. I love it here.

Jonathan finally took his hands away from me but he stayed close. "So, I was just passing and decided to come and see my star."

I grinned up at him. He calls me his star and I don't know why. He also looks at me unnervingly sometimes. It's a look I've seen in a lot of men, but I don't understand what it means.

Even the man in the car has that look. Only that his, is much more intent and.....dark.

A shiver ran down my spine and I shook it off. I've never seen the face of the man in the car clearly because of the distance where he packs his car and my flower store.

I pushed him to the back of my mind and focused on my neighbour. I smiled, "I'm doing well."

He raised his hand and caressed the rose petals I pinned to my hair. I almost shrank from his touch but I stilled myself.

Even after six months outside the convent, I never get used to a man touching my body, but I'm trying to learn.


I wanted to kill the bastard touching her, sniffling her. I curled my hands into fist as I watched wrap his arms around her.

Bastard wants to die. Should I make it slow and painful? Or quick and easy?

He leaned even closer and ran his sneaky hand through her hair.

Slow and very painful, I chose.

Lani pulled slightly away from him, the confusion in her innocent eyes were palatable.

Didn't she realize the hunger in the bastard's eyes? The desire? Can't she read his body language and find out that the sneaky asshole wants to stick his cock into her and fill her with his come?

Another thorough glance at her, the knowledge that she really doesn't know was like a sucker-punch to my jaw.

My cock hardened so painfully. So fucking innocent. So pure.

And that bastard is soiling her by putting his dirty hands on her? He. Will. Die. First.

No one dirties her up but me. If she's going to suck cock it would be mine. If some motherfucker will snuff out that light radiating from her, it will be me.

I opened the door of the damn car and got out.

It's fucking time I mark my territory.


"I-I have to check the new flowers I brought in yesterday. It's time I put them in a vast." I said uncomfortably when Jonathan won't stop touching me.

He smiled and nodded, taking his hand away from my hair and finally stepping away from me.

"Okay, my star. I'll see you in the evening." He turned to leave and stopped to smile at me again in that slightly creepy smile.

"Don't I get a hug before going?" He drawled.

I bit my lips, indecision spreading over me.

"No, you don't." A deep voice spoke behind him, drawing my eyes away from Jonathan.

My breath halted when I stared at the blackest eyes I've ever seen.....the scariest man I've ever laid eyes on.

Somehow I knew. It's him!

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